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Friday, 5 July 2013

Clever Wife - Part II

Friends after the tailor episode with my clever wife spend few month normal .she seem to follow a routine going to primary school give children lesson and in home to me. About 6 month pass by our marriage. She started complain about various shorts of health related problem.
Like she complain about pain in gum , pain in stomach ,pain in left knee joint but i was more curious about it’s dryness in virginal portion . as i am hoping with passing of time this thing will automatically fixed or reduced .as our income just cover our expense , we maintain tight monthly balance sheet .

One day she call me in noon, her pain in the leg is unbearable , i suggest to visit a doctor , she told me come before 5 pm , as she fixed appointment 6 pm in best hospital in town . i was bit angry as it would cost a huge. As we were going toward hospital around 45 min drive from home i explain her their it’s unnecessary to visit best orthopaedic doctor in town as it would cost way above normal. She stated explain me a good doctor better 10 average doctors.

Finally , we reach hospital waiting in lounge , our name was called sila and i entered room , he seem a gentleman wearing a reading glass around 40-45 ages , soft spoken person ,enquires our concerns .my wife explains her pain in joint and she show him previous reports . As he asks sila to go examination table .As sila wearing red silk sari with matching golden blouse she look stunning .

In the examination table Dr.gupta set pillow for her ,and ask her to lay down as their a curtain separator i adjust my position as if i could see doctor or lower portion of my wife. She lifted her sari to her knee length and try to explain problem .doctor check her knee with it’s instrument. In process of testing she sometime display him white panty underneath. He then advice few scan test after a week if her pain persist, then suddenly sila ,ask doctor pain in left stomach ,as doctor check her in stomach suggested it might be from gas or its persist to specialised doctor. All of sudden sila ask about Dr. Gupta degrees , he bit offended and answers MD in orthopaedic from London. Sila you must be MBBS or general doctor before a MD or MS in any disciplined Dr.gupta was spellbound and say , just say yes . my wife says you must help patients other general problem also.

As i went near to see a glance to her ,she smile a bit and went to toilet , and Dr .gupta humbly ask madam what your general problem as i am prescribe medicine pain in stomach & knee problem .she ask about pain in teeth , then doctor take a look ,unwillingly prescriber few medicine , then sila ask for dryness in virginal canal , i can see the doctor face lighten up by this topic , he suggest to have look , she took her sari up to waist ,doctor in a flash put panty down to ankle ,she was lying panty less in front of him. Her pussy which is hair less can make Dr. Gupta imbalance he suddenly put his finger near her pussy hole ,started to stroke hard , my rod on seeing this feel like iron rod ready to explore I can see doctor pant make a huge tent,i can see her legs get stiff ,then doctor ask her do you have any problem in breast , she says that right breast nipple didn’t stand erect .with in few second doctor open her blouse and lift her bra hand stated to squeeze her boobs .

With his finger he try to stretch her nipple ,i could see she feel wetness in between her legs , then doctor put his finger out her hole and instruct her continue the same ,then suddenly i realise phone was ringing i took my previous position , doctor came out of partition answer the call , doctor: yes , lets other patient wait for 15 min, i am in between examination ,hand down the phone ,look at me and hand over a magazine says, she need sometime to examine you please wait here , i innocently gave him fake smile.

He entered behind separation curtain, she continued to closes her eyes and fingering with her delight, i can feel that any moment see can come with her juice.... ,then suddenly doctor put her hand on rest , unzip it’s trouser say i have to check virginal canal , she say hope it will not hurt , he clime to the table put rock solid penis in to her whole ,he was pumping and told my wife to count for record . she saying 11 ufffff 12 aaaaa 15 naaaaaa 16areeeeeee18oraaaa.....90aaaaaaaaaaa 96 busturd........98ufffff... then doctor collapse on her for few min ..

They come to their senses, doctor went to toilet, sila was lying almost naked eyes closed ,then slowly manage to wear her sari. Tied her bra and hook her blouse were her shoes and came out of examination table .sat beside me with broad smile. Doctor sit in opposite chair and start writing in it’s pad , handed over prescription to me tell to collect medicine from counter .and in the counter i found medicine of oral infection to stomach pain , knee pain to virginal lubricant all medicine for free and Rs 1000 consultancy visit of Dr.gupta refunded as goodwill gesture.

My wife extremely happy to get free medicine & also plan to buy a new sari of money received .i asked her how come doctor become so good and help us , she told me ,she taught a good lessen , i enquired sound coming from examination room , she shyly answer , she was counting how many hit in virginals as electronic machine is not working ,told by the doctor.
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