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Friday, 5 July 2013

Meeting Up In A Cinema Hall - Part I

Though basically from Trivandrum, I am staying in Chennai for past 3 years and this is my first experience in meeting up an aunty in Chennai. Like most of the unlucky guys I too tried on my luck in internet using my id to get hooked up with someone voluptuous like a horny aunty or a housewife. But my tries always went in vain as I always ended up in failure. Once I even went to meet a person who claimed to be a girl online, but turned out to be a guy. That day I made a quick escape as I was not interested in guys.

It was on one such unlucky day that I got a mail from a women’s id claiming to be interested in me. She got to know me through my profile in one of the many sites I had posted. My posting had me seeking for a women from Chennai for skinship. I had mentioned my interest in a casual meeting at some common place to get to know each other. And if interested, to go in for some foreplays and anything more. She seemed to have apparently got interested in my profile. Especially about my statement requesting and also for guaranteeing complete secrecy. And that no names or details shall be seeked and should not be asked in return. She is apparently happy that I wanted to protect my personal details as well as she wanted to. The other thing that interested her in my profile is my statement that I am a man with boyish looks. She, a housewife herself, apparently had a liking for young guys.

I replied to her mail asking for some time to chat. We fixed a time when we can chat online. At first our chats where cautious. I was cautious because there could be a chance that she could be a ‘he’ in the end. We based our chats generally on our surrounding, our social life, status etc. Then I poured in my likes, and how I looked up to meet a real women in real life just for the sake of physically being close with her, able to touch her if possible. She mostly listened to what I have got to say with some occasional laughter chat symbols here and there. She rarely talked or revealed much about her. Neither I tried to extract from her any personal details which could harm her or reveal her identity unintentionally. Even I was not saying any personal details about me, though I blabbered a lot on my private interests. But with few days of chatting we were able to ease up on each other. I was able to extract much more information from her and started getting better responses from her. The vital things that I came to know is she is not satisfied with her housewife life. That she wanted to do something exciting but at the same time safe. When I poured in topics on sexual interest and my fantasies for mature women, she also opened up a bit telling her interest on guys younger to her age. She told that she is aged 38, moderate complexioned and bit on the heavier side. She is a Marathi girl by origin and is a married girl. To my requests she answered that her bra size is 34 D, but she didn’t know her booty measures. She told that she wears saree as well as salwar kameez and rarely only wears jeans and T-shirt. That she has one child in the primary school etc. Though we got to know a bit about each other like this, still she was not ready to give her mobile number or show up in the cam or even have a voice chat. I tried to convince her into one of these, but she was not ready.

I asked her to show just her body and not her face or her head. But she was not ready, which again raised the fear in me if she could be another he! But the only consolation was that she didn’t neither cheat me with some ladies pic from net that she could have shown as hers. Though I was ready to show my body to her (but not the head), she didn’t ask for it either. When it was going into a stage of no progress, something made her ask if I can show the photo of my thing. I was more than glad for that, and readily took a picture of my thing using the web cam and send across to her. Think that was one little bit of inhibition that she was trying to over come between us. Once she saw the picture of mine she wanted to see my body in nude. That was something I was not that happy to show. It is not that I plan to show my face, but my body I feared would be a let down for her. I was pretty much confident about my cock to get her admiration. As it was a big one, gleaming and nicely shaped too. It could beat any other cock in the competition. But the same I could never tell about my body as it is lean, with not much muscles built in. Just fitting a boy’s body only. But deciding to stick to the facts I decided to show her off my body’s pic. To my relief, she seamed to be okay with it as she signed off promising to come back next day. Next day she had another pleasant request from her. That she wanted to see me masturbating, by looking at any of my favourite picture girls (I had told her before that I masturbates on my favourite heroine pictures often). She wanted to see me on cam doing it. I felt thrilled at thinking of doing it while an aunty watched from distance. That show became the first video streaming between us. I had adjusted the cam in a way that she wont see my head. Then I took one of the south cine magazines and turned to one of my regular masturbation girls. If you think I would tell names like Deepika, Anushka etc, you are wrong. They are my second choices only. My favourites seldom comes in cover pictures of magazines, but like deep inside the back pages of the magazines. Like mumtaz, nagma, sreevidya, kiran, namitha etc. That day I got the picture of namitha with her deep navel and big boobs to fest up on. I slowly did my rhythmic performance for my viewer. By the time I shot my load, my imaginations has taken me into the hands of namitha where she played with my cock, while my head rest deep in between her boobs. My one finger, finger-fucking her navel all the time.

My show got good appreciation from my viewer. For the first time she told that she missed seeing these actions in her life. She said mine is quiet huge and very responsive and that she like it. When she was in her good moods, I again tried my luck and asked for her mobile number so that we can talk. But she was not willing to give. Neither she was ready to show herself up in the net. I later came to know that she didn’t have a cam which made her never accept my offer. But over time the desire to see the person I am chatting with grew in me. Also I wanted to confirm that the person is indeed she and not he. Although I have been asking her about meeting somewhere in the first week of chatting itself, it took almost three weeks to convince her into my point. I was able to drive into her head my idea and convince her that it is safe. Any way we both had a desire to see eachother, which made fixing the appointment easier. She liked my idea on seeing at a public place like cinema hall or beach. I liked the first idea more as cinema hall will gives us some privacy and private moments in its darkened hall. It is the best place where two strangers sitting side by side is perfectly alright in the eyes of public. And in its darkness, we can get bold for any activities and still leave as strangers after the show. And I told her that in such a place her identity will never be revealed. That if she feels I am not good enough, she can always leave any time she feels like. She can even leave even before she has to show up before me. So a cinema date was decided. I volunteered to book the ticket in advance. She didn’t have any choice for the films, except that she want the place to be safe and less crowded. Living in a big city has many plus points. Meeting and going out for cinema with a perfect stranger seams okay in life. That the chances of encountering any known faces are less and even if it happens, they are less nosy and value their privacy enough not to interfere into mine. Still for being on safer side I choose the less popular cinema hall and choose a Hindi film which was not very popular in this part of the world. Though I understand Hindi to an extend, and though she is fairly good in it, still we were not looking forward to the movie at all. One reason is I had watched this movie before, and the second thing is obviously I have more anticipations about the lady than the movie. I booked the ticket online which gave me a chance to select my seats (again another blessing that comes with living in a metro city). As expected since the movie had been running for some time and since it was a weekday matinee show, not many seats has been booked for the movie. I could comfortably get the corner seats in the extreme back end where the entire row was unoccupied. Now the bad part I have to do with is waiting for the day in anticipation.

As we waited and chatted in the days before the movie, I tried to find from her what she is hoping for in our first meeting. But she was not ready to say anything and just said, she don’t have any idea. I asked her what she is going to wear for me. She said she will wear salwar kameez. I asked her to wear saree if she is okay with it. She said she will do. I decide to hang in on that a bit more so that she will have an idea what I will be looking into. So I asked her that she has to wear the saree below her navel. But she said she is not comfortable that way as she has never tried it. I said fine and asked her if she wears sexy undergarments. She said she was not clear what I had in my mind. I asked her if she has pointed bras and laced panties. She understood my point and told she is not sure if she has it, but she will wear if she finds the right one.

Then to gain her confidence I told her that while coming for movie she need not bring her mobile or any other identity cards that she might be having so that she can even avoid the minutest chance to land up in trouble. I told her that she can have her head covered with pallu just like some women do so that she wont get easily noticed. I told her that I will come by the theatre some 10 mts before the movie starts and will stand behind the right most pillar of the theatre. I told her that I will wear a blue shirt with brown light pants and will carry a bag with me. I told her that I will also be wearing a cap so that she can identify me easily. I told her that she don’t have to tell me anything to identify her. She just can come in any saree and watch for me standing over there from a distance. I told her that only after she identifies me and feels I will be okay, then only she needs to approach me. If she feels I wont be good enough, she can go without making an appearance before me. I told her that I wont be sad if she do that (but I would have been for sure any way). If she feels fine she can come and stand beside me, but still she don’t have to ask any thing to me. I told her that it would be bad to make women take initiative. So I would ask her if she is so and so and if she confirms and if she says yes, I will take it as positive that she is willing to see movie with me (date with me), If that happens, then I wanted her to immediately move away from me and stand at some corner away from the eyes of others as if glancing through the movie photos. Before leaving I would have handed over her ticket so that she can enter the movie hall on her own. I would request her to wait for 5 minutes after the movie has started, before she enter the hall. This would make sure that when she enters no one will be able to see her. I would be behind her while entering and we both will enter like couples. Or like a guy and his mother or relative aunt (if age factors is so evident). I was also very careful in my planning that I told her that as soon as the lights are turned on for interval I would go out as if to buy something. This will be another security for her, and she can in turn keep her heads low or keep her pallu on.

So after this heavy amount of planning the “Date” day has come and I stood there waiting anxiously near the pillar of the theatre. I came some 20 mts before the movie and stood by the pillar. I was too anxious that I don’t want to miss her. Occasionally one or two people also stood near the pillar making me worry if I had chosen the wrong waiting place. The last thing I wanted is she getting scared seeing too many people around me and decides to call off the date. Fortunately none of them was really close to me and none was dressed in any similar way as me. Time was ticking by and I tried to control myself from not looking too intensively at any of the women passing by. Since the theatre was a many screen multiplex, I had no idea if these crowds are for that Hindi movie or not. Since I didn’t ask for any identification tips from my ‘date’, all the middle aged girls that passed by in saree felt as my ideal date for the day. I had completely left out the possibility that she could turn out to become a he and cheat me. Because I had developed a sense of trust with this unknown online friend of mine whom I always called by aunt Vandana

It would have been very disappointing now if she didn’t turn up for the day. If she finds me to be unattractive and decides to leave without a word, that would be heartbreaking. Only positive thing that I could think of that moment is I had given her my mobile number. Infact I had given it to her in the first week of our interaction itself. Though she never called me in that, I was sure that she will use it one day when she feels comfortable. So I will never be far away from her, if she decides to call me someday. As time went by, I felt uncomfortable. I think it was just 5 mts before the movie starts, and still there was no sign of her. The crowd had dwindled and nobody was standing near me. I waited in anticipation a few more minutes when a lady emerged from almost no where and started walking in my direction. She was coming from the side of the ticket counter but was not giving any eye contacts with me, except that she was walking in my direction. So I could not have confirmed if she is the Date for me. Earlier a few others also had appeared to me as my date candidates but later turned out to be false. This lady walked past me and stood next to my side where a board was kept on the films to be released. She appeared to be going through the posters, but a slight stealing of a glance in my direction made me suspect if she is my girl. I cautiously went by her side and asked in the most polite voice I could. Excuse me madam, are you Mrs Vandana. I asked, she said yes to my delightment. For a moment we didn’t speak to each other. We were both gauging each other in close quarter. I felt my dream is becoming true. After a moment of gazing at each other, I regained my composure. I showed her the ticket and told. ‘Madam, this is the ticket if you may chose to take’. For a moment she stood still and then quickly grabbed it from my hand and without even saying a word or giving a smile she went inside the theatre complex. It is only after she faded in front of my eyes, I started realizing what I saw just now. She is a real date for me! And she has great looks than what I expected. She always used to tell that she is an average looking medium complexion girl. But that was an understatement as she looked to me a gorgeous lady in her mid 30s. She is plumb on places it has to be and has a great asset which filled out her 34 sized bra nicely. Her buttock also looked great and big. It was in out of proportion with her otherwise plumb hips. And my biggest surprise is she has wore her blue colored saree very low enough that she might be having her navel visible outside. I appreciated her for doing that for me, considering she had told me that she has not done it before and is not comfortable like that. That way she also gave me an ample view of her plumb hips, which I felt like grabbing then and there itself. I only thought all this in a moment’s time and now I had to go after her and make sure that she is always in my vicinity.

When I entered the theatre complex she was glancing at the ticket standing at a remote corner. She glanced behind occasionally and saw me coming. Once she saw me, she decided to get inside the cinema hall as the show would have already begun. So we moved towards the door as two separate people but entering the hall together as if a couple. As the lights have already been put off, we felt more than relaxed and comfortable in moving together. As we knew our seats before hand itself, we didn’t have to search. I was relieved to see that the movie hall was sparsely occupied, especially in the extreme back side. Ours was the right side corner seat in the last row. Only one more couple was sitting on the entire last two rows, that too on the other side of the row in front of us. In the immediate front row’s to that, a few people where sitting and the most interesting fact is most of them appeared to be couples in the dim light. Wondered if all of them are “setups” like mine. We got seated at our place with aunty (I prefer to call her with the suffix aunty as that is how I used to address her in our chats) seated to the side of the wall. It took a minute or so for us to acknowledge each other as we choose to analyse the surroundings first. I was tense throughout the process, not from the surroundings, but by the presence of this voluptuous aunty near me. This was a dream situation for me and I was still not sure what is going to happen. Now we faced each other for the first time inside the theatre. She gave me a smile and I smiled back relieving some tension from me. I asked her how she is and she said she is fine and asked me the same. Then I asked her if she is okay with me, and if I am the type of person she was looking forward to. After saying that I felt the question was too early to ask. What else she could have answered other than the “think so” answer she gave me. Any way , as a way to gain her confidence I told her that if at all she feels like uncomfortable with me at any time, she can tell me straight on my face and I will take it in the right sense only. That I can sit somewhere else without anyone noticing. She told to my happiness that it wont be necessary, that she is fine with me.

After that we had a few minutes of silence as if watching the movie. But my heart, mind and eyes where always on her. I stole a glance at her body as much as I can. She has a carved out bosom which she has elegantly covered up in her plain blue saree. But its mount was big enough for a few head turners. She is fare skinned and is little plump and so voluptuous. She has a nose pierce and had good natural red lips in contrast to her white skin. In my mind I had already caressed her lips putting my middle finger inside her mouth, while my other hand played with her boobys. If given another second to my imagination, I would have inserted my cock on to her pussy. I felt my body heating up by the mere thought of it. Her plump hand from the shoulder to knee where slightly touching mine. I without able to think anything more, turned to her face and bluntly asked her in a low voice. “Can I touch you”. Though I asked the question rather fast, yet she seamed to be not at all surprised and looked like was expecting that question any time. I only expected her to nod in agreement or disagreement. But she surprised me by taking my hand on hers and dragged it over her lap and up above and lead it all the way up to her bosome over her blouse, and under her saree pallu. She left my hand to rest on her right boobs while all the while cautious and in lookout for prying eyes. She then gave me a look indicating that I can do anything with my hands. Everything happened so effortlessly that only after I got my hand laid on her heavy chest that I realized the gravity of the situation. I couldn’t believe myself that I am actually having my hand on her fun bags.

I slowly rested my hand completely on her right boobs putting the full weight of the hand on it. Her boobs are tightly covered by her well stitched blouse. Its fabrics gave electric sensation to my palm. The pallu of her saree acted as a veil to all the naughty activity I wished to do for that day. I slowly started rubbing my hands over the tip of her boobs, all the while glancing at her face. She had kept a stone blank expression and looked like watching the movie and occasionally keeping an eye on the surrounding. But I felt she wont be able to keep that expression for long. Her mount was really huge to be able to grasp in one hand. So I slowly settled for the tip of her mount. And I soon found out her tit protruding from the boobs. Though the bra and the blouse is making its own impressions, I can still feel her nipple and see that it is erect. I started kneading her nipple with my two fingers. When I looked at her I can see that she is enjoying it as she is desperately trying to hide the sensuous feelings I am invoking in her. That made me all the more confident. I continued kneading her nipple for some more time after which I gobbed her boobs as much as I can over her blouse. My one hand was never a match for her big boobs. But I was unable to take my left hand for help. Because if I use my left hand on her right boobs in addition to the right hand I am already using, my seating position will be awkward. Or atleast that is what I assumed. I felt that could be dangerous as in the worst case scenario someone may spot us (though that is highly unlikely). What I didn’t know then was that sooner I will be ending up doing even more dangerous things over there. Soon I was not able to hold myself back and so I took my left hand too and used it to supplement my right hand for sometime. I gave the push for her boobs from bottom using my left hand so that the boobs thrust against my groping right hand palm spilling in-between the gaps of my fingers. I cant explain my feeling over words. I used both my hands to feel her fun bags from all sides. All the while she sat along enjoying and letting me play on with her assets.

After a few moments my left hand withdrew from her boob as it showed the first desire to venture out more and explore deep into the open body of the lush women at hand. When my right hand decided to continue impound on the lush flesh of her boobs, my left hand slowly crawled down from the bottom of her boobs to her open belly under the fabrics. Though she sensed the shifting of my hand, she didn’t have any protest. That made me all the more confident and I started spreading my fingers all over her belly. Her belly is plumb enough to have a cushioning effect, but not a bulged out tummy like a typical Indian housewife. She still retains the general curvature of an ideal women though she is in her late thirties. Her hip has an outward plumpy curvature which is a silent reminder of the big asseted ass that is resting on the cushioned theatre seat. It must be quiet hot, I wondered. I circled in my fingers on to her navel and I could feel the sloping in of the depth of the navel into which I am about to plunge into. And in no time my middle finger became the first to show head on the deep navel of this gorgeous women. And for a moment aunty squiggled in ecstasy. That was the first time aunty moved her body. Till then only the stressed out expression on her face revealed of any hidden feelings that her body was going through. I again grinded my middle finger in her deep navel all the while watching the expressions on her face which she was trying hard to cover. I felt like bending over and kissing her navel and tonguing it to my content. But I refrained myself as I was too afraid of the public in the theatre as well as I was not sure how aunty will take it so suddenly. But then I was not contempt with exploring the open areas of her body. I wanted to go down and deep into the secrets of the inner world and be the conqueror of her hidden world. I didn’t want to be restricted by the hem lines of her saree line or the pavada underneath it. I will never forgive myself if I miss this open chance. I didn’t also want to miss up on her boobs.

So I let my right hand to explore her already swollen and erect right boobs, sometimes by even crossing the hem lines of her blouse and reaching up to her bra (was not able to reach further as her blouse was very tightly fitting and so I would have to apply some good force which may not go well with her). And I left my left hand to wander on the border lines of her saree testing for any response or reaction to it. After finding no resisting efforts I slowly tested the cord line of her pavada, digging slowly underneath it to move into the no mans land. I could see that she must be having that butterfly fluttering feeling in her stomach. Because her belly was twitching in anticipation. My longest fingers crossed the line of pavada and sensed the first traces of small hair patches. My fingers rested there for a moment fondling her tiny hairs. That was my first feel of the forbidden land. Even though the theatre was fully air conditioned I felt my hand sweating. Even her body was also sweating over there.

Finally I moved my fingers even further down, inching slowly to my final destination. My hand moved towards her love triangle with lot of expectations and uncertainty on what I am going to find out there. But what I found there was more than my expectation. I expected to find my hand stumble upon a homely panties which is dirty and filthy. But the aunty surprised me by having nothing underneath her saree and petty coat. Yes, I touched her bare pussy much faster than I expected. I could feel its growth of hair and heat dissipating from it. I could feel my hand getting hotter with the touch. I ran my hand all over her valley feeling the heat and sweat from it. It didn’t took much time before my hands got comfortable on her private valley. Though her valley felt hairy as I felt around, it was still no more than what you may find on a high school girl. Probably she might have shaved of her hair a week before or so. As I approached her cunt I can feel that the hairy valley is slowly curving into a little mount. I suddenly remembered one of the celebrated sex story writer’s phrase, “I have to conquer one more little mount to win the battle. Though it may look a small mountain on a women with high rising mountains, this small mountain holds the fort”. My fingers have almost reached the final destination where I can feel the edges of her lip hidden by a thick growth of hair. I felt bit moist too on my hands. Without thinking too much I pushed my middle finger a bit through the growth and into the lip of the mount and there my finger landed up on a moist chamber half inch depth. Her legs closed upon my hands as if she will never let me go until I further explore into the channel. I slowly pushed my middle finger into the tight but well lubricated channel. I inserted my finger to the maximum depth possible in one go and then let it rest for a second to feel the heat inside the chamber.

Then I slowly but firmly started moving my finger up and down the chamber plunging to the depth of her mount each time. I could see the emotions showing up on auntie’s face. I dug on her mount by slowly increasing the speed like a professional. The confidence and expertise with which I finger fucked her came from the innumerable number of porn videos, porn mangas, magazines, stories, and descriptions that I had come across in my life. When I increased my speed, she reached out to my leg and held on it as if for a support. That was the first time she touched some what sensitive part of my body. That came as an additional encouragement for me. I didn’t slow up any bit and frantically digged on to her cunt. In few moments she showed signs of climax. Her body heated up and her legs opened and closed. She took her other hand and frantically held my hand on her boobs making it dig further on the boobs. Within no time I felt her love hole getting superfluous with her fluid. And then she relaxed up and her hands on me went limb. Finally for the first time I made a women cum on my hands, and I felt great. I hadn’t yet stoped moving my hands in her love hole as I made slow rhythmic motion. Because I knew it is far from over.

My other hand on the boob meanwhile continued to rub on her boobs. At times over her bra and many a time managed to squeeze in between her bra to reach her hard nipple. Earlier while entering the theatre I remembered catching a glimpse of her huge side boobs clinging on to her blouse. Now I am holding a hand full of that. Her boobs are incredibly huge and is well supported by a taught bra and blouse. It is only the big cleavage between her boobs that helped me reach out to her otherwise well tightly packed tit. All the while when my other hand was pondering below on her cunt, my right hand was trying to open up a way to her fleshy boobs. Her boobs where full and filled out like that of actress kushboo or mantra. Though I was having a handful of boobs covered by her blouse, I was not satisfied with it. I wanted to touch it raw. After squeezing on to her boobs to my desire, I made my attempts to touch her boobs raw. I tried my luck from the open top of her blouse. I was not immediately lucky with it as I was afraid to force in too much. Also her blouse was too tight. But I got in touch with her cleavage which was more than enough for me to forget the tits for some time. It was my first contact with a women’s cleavage. Something which I had admired on magazines and aunties in the neighbour hood. I always loved the deep fleshy cleavages flashed by plump aunties involuntarily in front of me. For the first time I got to feel one such cleavage. The auntie’s upper boobs was sweating with my touch and I was able to easily slide in my first finger into the cleavage. It was such a smooth ride oiled with sweat. I realized the depth of her cleavage only after invading it. And that gave me way to reach up her mount to her tits from in-between her cleavage. My fingers could touch her tits barely only and I realized it was hard and erect and is much of a substance than our male counter parts. Though the bra and blouse came as a hindrance to explore further, I continued enjoying her boobs as much as I could while my other hand brought her to climax.

A few minutes would have passed after her climax and I was still fingering her pusy. She had by the time recovered from her orgasm and is relaxed again. She took my hand out and cleaned it up with her kerchief. But I was not ready to keep any of my hand idle as I was having a big hard on. So I took my now freed left hand and in a daring attempt took it behind her, around her to hold on to her left shoulder. Like how husbands do on their wife. I can see that she got surprised. But to me, that was just a stop over before my next step. The next moment I took my hand out of her shoulder and lead it to under her arm squeezing my way between her upper inside arm and her body to reach out to the side of her left boobs. I was damming surprised by my own boldness. May be I got bolder after being able to make her cum using my fingers. I must have felt that she cant put me aside now, after enjoying everything till now. I have gone so far with her, that she cant stop me now. I didn’t feel at all threatened by the presence of others in the theatre, as my left hand is well hidden from the public by her body on one side and the wall on the other side. Even if the lights where on, I would not have taken out my hand. Now I lay with both my hands on her boobs from either sides, under her spreadout saree. This was one of my dream situations, to have both boobs of a girl at the same time at my leisure to play with.

She adjusted to the situation very well and tried to sit calmly as if nothing is happening. She even pushed up her huge boobs on to my hands for my pleasure, making it spill out of my hands and through the finger gaps. I squeezed, taught, and massaged on it like an expert. It is the saree palu that hid all my activities from the naked eyes. I can see that she is getting excited again. She was rubbing her free hand on my inside thighs. She notched up my excitement to another level by bringing her hand over my hard cock and squeezing it once fully. She looked at me for a moment as if in appreciation at its size. Then she began to stroke my cock over my pants in gentle slow movements. My excitement has become double folded. While I digged into her boobs and taunt nipples, she meticulously massaged my dick with her two fingers first then her full palm. She then slowly unzipped my zipper and stretched my underwear to bring out my restrained, stressed cock into the open. Letting it grow to its full magnitude. I thanked my cock for showing out its full magnitude to the first women in my life. She waited some time before she took hold of my cock. Then like a professional she started stroking my cock in full length starting from the tip of my cock. It was so sensuous that I would have cummed in the first stroke itself. She had a vice like grip on my tool but yet was gentile and slow in her strokes. I knew I wont be able to last long if she continues like that. Her sweating hands gave lubrication for my throbbing cock making it slitter within her hand. That was the first time somebody else stroked my cock, that too a women.

I wished if she took it in her mouth too. But I didn’t dare to ask as I might not have liked the idea of taking it in my mouth myself. So when that is the case how could I have asked her to do it. Any way I didn’t have the courage to ask too. She tightened the grip on my thing, increasing the speed and driving me crazy. She seam to know how to best use her hand on a guy. My tool started oozing pre cum giving her further lubrication to work with which in turn drove me nuts. My thing started throbbing in anticipation of cumming. I hugged aunty with my hands holding her boobs from both sides. With the heavenly assets in my hands and the quick action that is happening on my cock, I felt like the sex goddess had herself come down between my legs and blessed me. Then suddenly it happened. Unable to bear the pleasure from her hand job, I cummed in plenty. She had her kerchief ready to restrain all that I shot off. I cummed on her kerchief with no holds until I got exhausted. I leaned on to her, tired from the high adrenalin rush, but happy from the pleasure I went through.

Still I was ready for more. But I realized that the interval for the cinema was just a couple of scenes away. I informed her on that and also reminded her that I will go out at the time of interval and will be back only after the cinema starts. This was part of the plan which was decided before coming to theatres. It is done to leave minimum chances of seeing both of us together in any embracing situation by any people that we knows. So before the lights where switched on, I dashed for the door. I went to the loo, not that I felt the urge, but wanted to relax myself for a moment and also to see the condition of my lucky thing. It was still semi erect as if looking forward for more action. While looking at my dick straining inside the underwear, I got an idea. I went into one of the toilets and took out my underwear. With that my thing can be easily accessible to my aunty back in the theatre. But I didn’t feel like keeping the underwear with me as that is not a good thing if someone catches me with it in my pocket. So I tore a portion of the underwear, wrapped it in a toilet paper found inside, and came out and throwed it into the partially filled dustbin found in the loo. No one will search what all is inside the dustbin, and the cleaning people will conveniently take it out for me. With that I stepped out of the loo, totally free from any restraints. Since aunty said she don’t want anything to eat, I straight away went back to the hall.
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