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Friday, 5 July 2013

Money Make Me High Class Gigolo In Mumbai, Now In Pune

Hi readers My name is Vicky, 27yrs from Mumbai with an average physique.But i m goodlooking guy & well educated with great stamina to satisfy any female.(golden rule for ladies who hire me i.e. if ur not satisfied then no need to pay me),Now i m staying in pune & love to meet females in pune who like to hire me,i promise complete safety & satisfaction so if really interested then mail me @ / I am a great lover of this site and a regular visitor of this site.

I was doing my 2 years MBA course from Mumbai university and opted for self study hoping that I will get a good job so that I can help my family, as I belong to a middle class family. I tried searching for jobs and hunting various companies for 3 months, but failed to get one as I was studying none of the companies showed interest.

One fine day I was returning from an interview from Nerul to Dadar(Two stations in Mumbai). I was as usual rejected, so I was bit sad. I decided to take a local train so I went to station. I got into the train and stood at the door. I took a stare at the people sitting inside the compartment and I saw a beautiful lady sitting inside the compartment with a man (might be her husband). She was staring at me like there s something wrong on my face. I diverted my attention towards other commuters as the man sitting beside her also started staring at me.

2 stations passed an idea strike into my mind “I can be a gigolo” the idea was great as being a gigolo I can earn as well as I can fulfill my sexual needs also. I returned home thinking about the same idea and planning how to start with this new idea. After returning home I sat on the internet and searched many sites and blogs for joining any gigolo club. After surfing for more than 3 hours finally I was successful in registering myself with 3 sites.

Now it was time for me to wait for the call

Few days passed there was neither call nor a mail from anyone, so I decided to go and check Bandra Bandstand (A place for gigolo pickup point). I reached there at 8.00 pm in the evening as I wanted to see how it works as it was my first time. After 15 minutes 2 boys with average physique dressed well in casuals came with a handkerchief tied on their right hand and stood near a bus stop which was few steps away from me.

The boys waited there for half an hour chitchatting with each other and suddenly a black honda city came and stopped near the bus stop. The driver came out and went towards the bus stop and started talking to the guys. After few minutes one of the 2 sat in the car and went. Now the second one was waiting for his chance, I decided to go and chat with the other guy and went near the stop but till then another Maruti esteem came and stopped at the same place. I stood near the other guy so that I can hear the talk.

The car stopped 2 minutes and no one came out, after 2 minutes the car slowly came in front of the bus stop and the door was open. I saw a beautiful lady of the age not more than 28 sitting inside. As soon as the door was open the guy went inside the car and the car rushed away and I was left alone at the bus stop. I decided to do the same thing tomorrow as I haven't informed my family members that I will not return at night so I decided to do it the next day.

The next day I reached the same spot at same time but stood at the same bus stop, as usual the same guys came and stood with me and started chatting about their previous night experience. I came to know they charged 2,000/- to 10,000 according to the customers. So finally my rate was clear to me 4,000/-

As usual 2 cars came and both were picked within an hour time and I was left alone. After waiting for 15-20 minutes a black corolla came and stopped in front of the bus stop. A driver with a white uniform got down from the car and came towards me. My body became hot and started burning. The driver came and stood beside me and said

“Do you have a matchbox?”

“No, I don’t smoke” I said

“Fine, then come with me” he said

The driver went towards the backdoor of the car, opened the door and signaled me to get into the car. I entered the car and my eyes were stuck seeing a beautiful face sitting at the right hand side wearing a dark peach colored transparent sari. I was just staring at her while the driver started driving the car.

She was sitting quite and I too was quite looking at the traffic outside the car window. After driving for more than an hour we reached a bungalow outside the city near a beach. I got down from the left door and started having look at the surrounding. She got down and directly went inside the bungalow. The driver asked me to follow her and he waited.

I followed the lady, her bottoms were shaped and toned with good amount of flesh, she was quite young not more then 28-30 years but well maintained like a TV series actress. Her hairs were open and she carried herself well in the way that she looked like a sex goddess. We guided me towards the master bedroom and asked me to wait. While talking to her I saw her face, she was as fair as an egg, her two perfectly round boobs were pointing towards me like a torpedo.

I sat on the bed and started reading magazines kept nearby and waiting desperately for her to come and allow me to enjoy her beautiful body. After 10 minutes she came with a bottle of wine and some fruits, she asked me to have some wine and sat beside me on the bed.

“So what is your name?” She said pouring the wine in the glasses she asked

“my name is Vicky” I said

“and yours?” I asked

“I don’t have any name for you” she said offering a glass to me

We had 3 glasses of wine without even uttering a single word. After finishing the 3rd one while pouring the 4th one she got up from the bed and asked me to stand up. I did the same. She kept the glasses on the table and came towards me from front and started touching and caressing my body from top to bottom. I was nervous but getting harder. I grab her elbow and kissed her on her cheek, but she was busy in touching my body and didn’t bother. This gave me a boost and I kissed her on her lips and started smooch her.

She also started responding as if she was thirsty for this. While kissing I placed my hand on her neck then slowly moved towards her shoulder, suddenly her pallu fall down and her cleavage and breast with blouse exposed. My hands went down from shoulder to her right boob and started squeezing them softly as they were so soft to handle.

Then I moved my kiss from lips to her ears and then down towards her neck and finally I reached at her white cleavage. I hold her both boobs and pressed them so that I can lick her cleavage by inserting my tongue inside. She was caressing my but and pushing her right leg between mine. This went on for 10 minutes and suddenly she pushed me towards the bed.

I was now lying on bed, she came over me and started kissing me from forehead and went down to my legs, she again came up towards my head and grabbed her and started smooching again. She fell on me and started responding. I stared opening her blouse from front while pressing her boobs. Now she was in bra and sari, I started pressing her butt and pushing her body towards mine. During pressing her sari and petticoat got untie and I threw both off the bed.

At the same time she took off my T-Shirt and unbuttoned my jeans. She pulled my jeans with my underwear and made me nude. I became nude in front of a lady. She sat on my lower legs and grabbed my penis and started masturbating it. Till that time I was busy with opening her black bra.

After few 15 minutes I cum, she took my penis in her mouth and swallowed the entire thing and started giving me blow jobs. Oh my god, I was in heaven. She gave me blow jobs for 20 minutes and within that period I cum again. Now it was my turn, I pushed her to right side of the bed and went over her. I kissed her on her lip and went down to suck her boobs. I squeezed them, sucked them while she started making noise like snakes hissss…...

After that I went down and took off her black panty and uncover her beautifully shaved white soft pussy, I touched the upper part of the pussy with my fingers and inserted the longest finger of my right hand while pressing her left boob with my left hand. I inserted my whole finger slowly deep inside her pussy and started giving slow pushes. She started moaning with voices aaahhhhhhaaa oooooa hhhhhmm, now I inserted 2 fingers and did same. I continued to do this for 20 minutes, after that as i m great pussy sucker so i started licking n sucking her pussy very deeply to give her multiple orgasms after 2 orgasms she gave me deep smooch for great sucking & licking as every female always want it. and then I stopped as she started begging me to fuck her.

Now I was god and I inserted the tip of my penis inside her pussy and she started giving jerks, and during that my entire penis went inside. I asked her to be patient and she obeyed, I inserted my entire penis and started giving slow jerks, the pace started increasing and after few minutes I was in full speed.

She started moaning loudly as I was jerking her in full speed. I don’t know what it was, I think it was my frustration which was coming out. After few minutes, she asked me to give her in doggy style, I agreed and allow her to take the position. I held her right round bum with my right hand and inserted my penis into her pussy and started giving jerks in wild way. We both were in heaven for that last 20 minutes and I cum on her bums. She held my penis in her hand and took into her mouth and started sucking.

After taking some rest she asked do u like anal sex, i asked i m good in anal too so she offer her ass,wow it very sexy and then i inserted my 7 inches long n thick monster in her but not succeed after then i applied some oil in her ass hole and on my dick too, then i slowly inserted in her ass hole,and suddenly she screamed loudly and started crying so i hold for few minutes after then when her pain was low i gave her nice shot n my half dick was in her ass hole...she was continuously screaming n also enjoy pleasure with pain after 20 minutes of ass fucking i cum out & gave dick in her mouth as she wanted...

I started fucking her from 10.00 pm at night and the game continued till morning 5.00 am with some breaks. During this period I fucked her in mouth, her ass and her pussy again & again & again…. Finally she thanked me to satisfy her desire and gave me my money as promised and asked my cell phone number to call me again. Now i shifted to pune & have some clients in pune also & looking for more clients,If any female like to satisfy her desire fully with complete satisfaction & secrecy then u can contact me. Contact: / also guys mail me ur lovely & precious comments...
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