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Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Life’s True Incidents - Chapter III (Gold Necklace)

Dear All,

Here I m narrating my true experience which you hard to believe. Incidents & Location is real but names are fake. I am married marwari women age: 26 yrs. from Mumbai, accountant. My husband names is Prakash. Our marriage is arrange and no child yet since we get married before 2 yrs. He is as an accountant but he quiet his job and open a Super Kirana Shopee near our house.

I have lots of chapters about my life stories. Whenever I get proper response and comments from you all friends, I will write my stories to you.
Excuse me any mistake in English grammar and spelling. I weak in English but try to write in English because we can express such a dirty words respectively in English.

You can write me in my inbox email id

So now I m narrating here my Third experience happen during last couple of years.


If you unable to find or read chapter 1, here I will tell you in short.

Chapter 1: -

We decided to open a kirana store and ask help for money to my jiju. My jiju agree to give us Rs.ten lacs as a loan. I goes hydrabad my jiju’s home and he gives me Rs. Ten lacs and when I was alone in his home, he squeez my ass and seduce me. That night he made me nude and fucked me for 30mints. On return to Mumbai he arrange his business partner Mr.Rakeshji to a company with me go Mumbai by his new mercidies. Mr.Rakesh and I departed for Mumbai at 6.00am and 7.00am I know by jiju’s sms that my jiju going to fuck Mr.Rakesh’s wife as Mr.Rakesh with me to go to out of town.

Mr.Rakesh is also a rich person 40aged. So I decided to seduce him for our new super shopee business’s cash help. In last two days I relize that I have a good asset i.e. my boobs, ass and vagina to earn money and also get enjoyed fuck sessions.

Now Mr.Rakesh and I long away from hydrabad. Rain is falling and I m thinking to seduce Mr.Rakesh.


If you unable to find or read chapter 2, here I will tell you in short.

Chapter 2: -

I and Mr.Rakeshji departed to Mumbai by his mercidies. On the way we playing adult games in car, not sex, only adult games like adult question, touch, adult task etc.

I won near about above Rs.12000.00 in that adult games, without doing sex. Later Mr.Rakeshji told me that he will stay in hotel whereas I regret his idea and force him to stay at my home instead of hotel. He said me that he wants to stay hotel because there is a escort prostitute facility arrange by manager. Rakeshji told me that he need a women hole badly. I told Rakeshji, I have two holes, one is my choot and other is Ass hole. I commited Mr.Rakeshji that I will be fucked by him tonight but when we entered in my home, there is also a guest staying at home for tonight which is my hubby’s friend Mr.Avinash.

We have 2BHK so its clearly that Avinash & Mr.Rakeshji sleep in guest bedroom and my hubby and I in our bedroom.

Mr.Rakesh think that’s tonight not possible for fuck session but I decided to give him satisfaction. Now CONTINUED……

Lets start third chapter – GOLD NECKLESS

About 12.00am, Mr.Avinash & Mr.Rakeshji sleep in our guest bedroom. I with my hubby doing sex because we are separate from last three days. He takes my C hole. After 10mins pumping he release his load and gone in deep sleep. I sms to Mr.Rakeshji

I Sms: “Mr.Rakesh, please come in bathroom, you will find me there as completely nude so we have only 15-20mints time in bathroom to fucking session.”

Rakeshji sms: “Thanks aruna, I just coming”

(We have only one bathroom in our home, near our hall)

I go in bathroom and remove my gown and standing in dogy style in nude condition. He came and sees me in doggy style posstion. He can see my Ass, vagina from behind in that position. He didn’t waste time and remove his underwear and place his dick in my wet vagina.

He started pumping in my vagina and I controlled my moan because its midnight time and anyone can hear this.

His fucking stroke is too hard. He wants to release his sperm immediate. The sight seeing of the bathroom is now like Black Dog fucking white cat. After 10mints full hard fucking in my vagina, he insert in my ass hole of his wet dick and started fuck in my ass. Again 10mints fucking in my ass he release his load in my ass hole and immediately wear his underwear and disappear. I also wear my gown and came in bedroom and sleep.

In the morning I wake up early and prepare breakfast for everyone. Mr.Avinash goes his home and my hubby is also gone for the office to resigning his job as we are now in process for opening our new shops. I & Mr.Rakeshji only at home. I go in guest bedroom, he is not there then I came in kitchen for doing some work as Mr.Rakeshji in bathroom. Rakeshji called me for towel. I knew that he wants to do naughty things. I take towel and knock the door. He open door and pulled me inside immediately. He planted kiss on my soft lips for 2 minutes.

I - “Mr.Avinash & my hubby gone out for his official work so now you can slice my body as you want.”

Rakeshji – “Aruna, yesterday you asked in my car that you wants to play with my dick, so here I am pulling down my underwear for you to play with my dick”.

While saying this he pulled down his underwear and now he became nude infornt of me. I am in green saree green blouse.

I Nell down and take his dick in my hand and started playing with. His black thick dick became fully erected. And I started smoothly massage and play with his two balls. His dick and balls is bigger then my hubby & jijaji. He moaned.

Rakeshji: “waw!! Ohhhh!! Aruna what a smooth & soft palm fingers you have?. It feels so nice. Last night Aruna you manage very well. I thought that we never have fucking session last night but you did realy well”.

I: its ok fine.
(He holds my head and trying to put his dick in my mouth but I regret to take)

I – “Please Rakeshji , please do not like this. I never do like this.”
Rakeshji – “Please Aruna. I want to feel your throat for my dick, I ll give you what you want, please take it.”
I – (I stand up) “please understand rakeshji , I can’t do this”.“
Rakesh- “ok as you wish”
Now he hugs me tightly and started sqeeze my ass chicks over my saree.
Rakesh – “Aruna I m nude, why don’t you also become completely nude and we take bath together”
I – “ok I ll come within 5 minuts”
Then i try to go out but he pulled me again and told me that
Rakesh – “I am asking you for become nude here, not in your bedroom”.
I: “Ok then you should do this”

Rakesh takes my saree pallu in his hand and removed my saree in just couple of seconds. Then start sqeezing my boobs over my blouse. Removed my blouse, then peticot, bra & panty too. I became totally nude. He made cock low on and water is falling on our bodies slowly. He kissing me, both we are wet in the water. He takes a soap and apply on my boobs while his dick touching my ass. I feel his rod dick is crassing my ass and his hand painting soap on my whole body. He applied soap on my body, boobs, necks, hips, ass, legs, and thighs also on vagina. Then I took soap and applied on his body. Chest area, back area, hands, legs, his ass area, his dick & balls.

Both are in soap wash. Soap smell was too good. Then he grab my ass and up me in the air. I reached above his head so that I applied soap on his head.

Then he became too bold. Down me and start fingering my vagina. He used his middle finger for fucking my pussy. I also take his dick in my hand and start massaging.

Rakesh- (While fingering my pussy) “Aruna you have such a nice choot. I want this choot for everyday”.

I – (While stroking his dick) “Rakeshji its all yours. Ohhhh ya oooohh, please rakeshji I can’t wait now. Please fuck me by your hot dick”.
Then he removes his finger from pussy and start fucking my ass hole by his middle finger. I am moaning too hot.. after couple of minuts he remove his finger from my ass hole and take one leg in his hand and keep my leg in the air and placed his dick in my vagina from behind, his dick smoothly going deep in my vagina.

Then he started fucking me in same posstion. This position I never used. I am in seventh heavan. He fucks me so nice in that posstion. His black rod going & coming out in medium pace, I clearly see his dick & my vagina in our bathroom mirror.

After fucking 5 minuts he changed his position. He sat on pot and I sat on his dick. His dick smoothly goes in my vagina. Now I take charge of fucking pace and fucking my vagina by his dick. He sqeeze my boobs and pinch the nipples. After 5 minutes fucking I came then we change our position and take doggy style posstion. Both our bodies in soap and he put his dick in my ass hole in doggy style and started fucking me. He speed on water cock and now scene is water is falling in our bodies and he fucking me doggy style in my ass on full speed. He gets maximum speed as he has. I moaning too loud because I know no one to hear our fucking sounds.

I: “Ohhhhhhhhh Rakesh.. ohhhhhhh yaayyyyyyyyyyy aaaaahhhhhhhhhh..”

Rakesh – “ohhhhhh Aruna.. haaaaaaaaaaaa yyyyyy u r too good baby; @@@@ yayyayay ohhhhh”

After 10 minutes fucking he unloaded his white cream in my white ass hole. This is the second time he unloaded his cream in my ass. Last night & now. Both we exhausted by hard core fucking sessions. His musculler bodies hold me in his arm and he slowly pressing my ass, boobs and vagina. He get towel, go outside. I get some water then keep my cloths in washing machine and wrap my body in towel and goes in my bedroom.
I weared blue color saree with black color blouse. He also dresses up in decent English color formal shirt pants with tie. I gave him breakfast. We had our breakfast. Then he ready to goes to meet his client and I also ready for my office.

We came to hall and he gives me small kiss on my lips. Keep his hand on my ass.

Rakesh – “Today you will give me blowjob; you will take my whole dick in your mouth. It’s my challenge to you”.

I – “Rakeshji its not possible, I never do like this to anyone”.

I wondered about his statement that how he assured that I will suck his dick. We both departed from home. I go office by auto. And he goes by his mercidies.

Whole day I thinking about him that how he will do to agree me to suck his dirty black dick.

Day off time of office, my one of colloue offer me to drop me at home as he also going by same rout today. I happily agreed because he is a nice guy and also do help me in our office work. His name is sanjay. We moved by his Honda shine. On the way he slowly came back side which I never expect from him. His movement shows that he wants to touch my body. For surprise my heart beat is not getting high. I was normal by his behaviour and thinking that every man is a rat and every rat wants a hole. My home arrived and said him thank you but not given smile because I don’t want to give him wrong signal. He smiled and move to his way.

I entered in home. My hubby & Mr.Rakeshji seating at sofa’s and watching accessories which has been brought by Rakeshji for his wife.
Rakeshji – “Aruna, good to see you. Come here and see a jwellery I purchase for my wife”.

I – “waw !! what a nice gift have you get for your wife? so my hubby prakash look at this and also get for me. Rakeshji how cost it is for this gold neckless?

Rakeshji – “its Rs.Three Lacs only”

I like that gold neckless too much. My hubby also promises me that he will get one for him soon. I go in bedroom and change my cloths. I weared a short skirt and tight t shirt. I always weared t shirt & short skirt at home. My hubby & Mr.Rakeshji chatting general things and I passed from them. Both are looking at my t shirt & skirt. My hubby gets normal thing and never object me.

I go in kitchen and prepare dinner of the same. We were having our dinner while Rakeshji told us that his work is completed here and he going tonight.

Rakeshji – “Prakash, my work is finished and after dinner I m going to hydrabad return”
Prakash – “No Mr.Rakeshji, please stay here tonight and then go tomorrow morning. Its not safe to drive alone at night”.

I also forced Rakeshji that he should live tonight here, and then he agrees to stay.

In the night around 11pm my hubby is gone in deep sleep. I sms Rakeshji.
I sms – “Whats you doing”
Rakeshji sms - “Waiting for your sms”
I sms – “Whats up?”
Rakeshji sms – “you want this gold neckless?”
I sms – “Yes but how?”

Rakeshji sms – “Give me a blowjob, suck my dick for once and I ll give you”
I sms – “I knew that you will be demanding the same thing. Ok give me some time I ll think about it”.
I go in kitchen and get a carot and starting practice of blowjob. I closed my eyes and suck carot as a thinking that I sucking his dick. Then I came to my bedroom and check my hubby that is he in deep sleep?
In the midnight I go to guest room and knock the door. He immdiatly get me inside and close the door.
Rakeshji - “Aruna you are looking hot in skirt. Well I told you that you will give me blowjob”.

I – “ok I ll give you by only one condition that you should use condom and put off lights all otherwise I will not do this”.
Rakeshji – “Ok “
He removed his boxer and put condom. He put off lights. Room is now totally dark.

I bend down and open my mouth, take his dick in my hand then mouth and starting slowly sucking. I give him a chocalte flovored condom. In my life first time I was sucking a dick. Suddenly he stoped me and hand over me a gold neckless. I m happy to take gold neckless and thinking that waw what a gift. In that time he removed condom and put his dick directly to my mouth. I feel immediately but he holds my hair and started stroking his dick in my mouth which I can’t escape. After two minutes of struggling I surrender myself and sucking his dick smoothly. He hold my head and started fucking my mouth badly.

Rakeshji – “Waw Aruna you have such a nice, smooth throat. I am coming baby.ohhhhhhhh yayyyyy ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.
He came in my mouth, some of the cream gone inside my stomach, rest of cream I spited outside.

I go in bathroom clean myself and then tiles of guest bedroom also. I take gold neckless happily said thanks to him and come in my bedroom and keep neckless in safety place where my husband will not see.

In the morning I early get up and prepare breakfast for Mr.Rakeshji & my hubby. I have a cute smile on my face in the morning. My vagina is still wet and always wet because my hubby never fucked me too much in vagina. He always fucks me in my ass because we don’t want child yet. I never used pills and my hubby regret to use condom that’s why I always feel horny in my vagina. But since last week my life has been changed. I fucked by two mans other then my husband and earn things what cost is 1yrs salary of my hubby.

My husband completed all formalities for opening a kirana super shopee. Rakeshji goes to hydrabad. We invited him also jijaji for opening ceremony of our shops.

After opening a shop till time I have been fucked by more another mans. I will narrate in next part of my stories after getting some comments from you all friends.

You can write me in my inbox email id

Here are highlights of Chapter 4. I will narrate chapter about 1) How I seduced Mr.Raghu Bhai (One of political leader) to come our shop opening ceremony? 2) How I get fingered by my husband’ mamaji at multimplex while watching movie “Spectrum”? 3) How I decorated myself i.e. new blouse stitich from Javed Tailor and Legs Waxing also vagina cleaning from beauty parlor boy Ramesh for the occasion? 4) How my husband fucks me and gives an idea to seduce customers to increase our business?


So please comment fast and you can give feed back by comments or email me my email id is
Thanks & Regards,
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