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Friday, 5 July 2013

The Whole Of A Maid's Family - Part II

Hi readers, Thanks for the overwhelming response. This is my second part of the story and i can assure i will continue to write and finish the one week episode as quickly as possible. The day was excellent for me with Parvathy, she has made me her slave and gave me the uttermost joy in this world. I was wondering how the next 2 days would be, because the neighbor will not be there and it is going to be only me and Parvathy for the next 2 days.

Next day Parvathy came early and along with her there were 2 other people, I was wondering who it could be and peeped through the window and found Lakshmi and her daughter Viji school going girl. I was cursing Parvathy to bring these 2 other bitches along with her and felt really disappointed. After sometime I heard a loud argument between the two and Lakshmi was arguing with Parvathy and asking her to leave for other places of work, so that she and her daughter can take care of the work left in my neighbor place. Parvathy was trying her level best to send them out but still she could not do anything. I then realized that since the work at my neighbor place is less Lakshmi is planning to be here and send Parvathy to other places for work.

Finally after some 5 minutes Parvathy came at my back door and called my name..

P: Neeraj
Me: Yes, What happened (in a whisper)
She was looking confused and helpless.
P: I cannot do anything, sorry (in a whisper)
P: My daughter is working in the next house and she will complete the work and then you can lock the main gate.
Me: ok, no problem.

I saw Lakshmi walking towards us and she smiled at me and I smiled back.
P: Once you finish the work, come and inform Neeraj so that he can lock the main gate.
L: You are talking as if I never knew Neeraj or this house routine. You don’t worry, I will take care even Viji will be helping me here.
P: I shall take Viji along with me so that I can finish other works sooner.
L: No need let her be with me.

P: Ok as you wish. Neeraj beta do you have anything to eat or you want me to cook something for you?
Before I could answer Lakshmi intervened
L: Why what about Uncle and Aunt (my parents)?
Me: They have gone to my native and I am alone that’s y.
Me: No need Parvathy I can manage on my own.

Soon after saying this I saw Lakshmi’s face lit up in full glow. About lakshmi, she is medium built with perfect assets at perfect places and a nice curvy body. She is wheatish in color and has a nice face. Her husband left her because of her talks and dominating character.

L: You don’t worry if he needs anything I am there to do it. You finish other works and come back, also as you suggested take Viji along with you.

Hearing this both Parvathy and I are puzzled. Only 5 mins back she said she can’t send her daughter Viji to other places but now she is asking her mother to take her daughter as well.

Parvathy left along with her granddaughter and Lakshmi took the broom and started to clean the neighbor house. With little disappointment I went inside and started preparing for my entrance exams. After some time I came to the kitchen to drink water and casually peeped through the window and could not see Lakshmi anywhere. I thought that she must have left for other works and continued with my studies, suddenly something came to my mind and I forgot to lock the main gate of my neighbor, so I took the keys and went locked the main gate and came back.

The thought of being with Parvathy on the same bed came to my senses and I was day dreaming, suddenly I heard a noise at the back yard and went there. I found Lakshmi sitting there near our well and was looking through our back door, I asked her what she wants and she said she will rest here for sometime till her mother and daughter comes back from work. I said fine and came back to my room, I was feeling lazy and thought of taking bath. I removed all my clothes except my lungi and went to the bathroom and washed the lungi and then started take bath.

After finishing bath I realized that I have not brought the towel, so I have to go out and take the towel from the bedroom, to do so I have to cross through the back door and Lakshmi will see me naked. I thought of giving a try but was scared to do so, as it might result in spoiling the new developments with Parvathy. I thought for a while and came out naked hid myself behind the door and peeped through the back door to check lakshmi’s whereabouts and could not see Lakshmi. I thought that she might have gone somewhere out and started to walk towards the room, suddenly I heard a loud gasp and looked towards the kitchen and found lakshmi standing there cutting vegetables.

She was looking at my naked back and then at my face, I quickly covered myself with the hands and ran towards the bathroom. I was sure that she would have not seen my penis. I did not know what to do and was thinking, then I opened the door and asked lakshmi for a towel.

L: Where is it?
Me: In my room on your left
L: Ok

I saw her giggle while she turned back and walked towards my room. Within minutes she came back with a towel and gave it to me. I hid myself behind the bathroom door and took the towel from her.

Me: Thanks
L: See you are proving it again and again
Me: what?
L: that you have never learnt how to hide
Saying this she started to move back to the kitchen.
Me: Why? Why do you say that again and again?
L: See for yourself

I acted as if I never realized that and came out of bathroom after tying the towel to my hip. I was dripping wet and water droplets are all over my body.

Me: I really do not understand why you say the same thing again and again to me?
L: You are still a kid.
Me: I am a teenager, not a kid anymore, look at my height and physic
L: You are mentally still a kid, Physically you are not a kid anymore especially between your…
Me: Between my?
L: Nothing leave it, I will prepare lunch for you.
Me: Ok
L: Have you dried your hair?
Me: Yes
L: Let me see
Me: No need. I am done

L: you will catch cold if your hair is wet, give me the towel I shall dry it for you.
Saying this she kept her hand on the towel that is tied to my hip. I was shocked and moved away from her and told her
Me: I am not wearing anything underneath.
L: I know and I have just now seen you fully, nothing to be ashamed of.
Me: But you have not seen the main part as yet.
L: Not today but I have seen it before so not an issue.
Me: No way, and when did you see it before?

L: See I have seen many people naked and I am a married woman, so there is nothing wrong. Give me the towel I will dry your hair.
Me: No need.

Without waiting for a second she removed her pallu from the shoulder and made me sit on the sofa and started to wipe my hair I was looking down all this time and hence I did not realize. When she asked me to lift my head to wipe the front part of my hair I lifted my head and oh my god, what am I seeing. She has purposefully opened two buttons of her blouse and her breasts were half open in front of me. She was standstill and showing me her cleavage, when I came back to my sense and saw her face she was directly looked into my eyes and was smiling mischievously. I just looked back at her breasts, it was shiny and smooth, I could not control my erection and it was making a tent in my towel. I stood up and left from there saying

Me: Thanks for your concern I will handle it. You prepare lunch for Parvathy and you people also so that you can have it here and then leave.

L: Ok

Saying this I started moving towards my room fastening heart beat and saw a dejected look in her face, I could not believe my luck, I was about to have an erotic session with Parvathy who is at the age of 50 but now her daughter who is around 30+ is inviting me indirectly.

When I moved swiftly my foot slipped and I fell on the floor with a loud scream. I have injured my back and bum due to the fall and could not move or get up from there. Lakshmi came to my rescue and caught hold of my hands and lifted me up and made me sit on the chair on the hall. I could not move my hands as well because I used my hands for support and it has also got hurt. Suddenly I heard the main gate open and lakshmi went to look who it was, it was her mother Parvathy and daughter Viji, who had come back from other house work. Since the neighbor main gate is locked they have used our gate to come in, Lakshmi opened the door for them and they came inside, looking at my condition Parvathy enquired Lakshmi and she said that after bath while coming back from bathroom I slipped and fell down.

Parvathy with a worrying face asked me how am I feeling? I told her about the pain on my back and hands. She asked lakshmi to help me in getting to the bedroom as we went there they asked me to lay on the bed and only then Parvathy found that I was totally wet. She asked Lakshmi to boil some oil and bring it and closed the door. Parvathy made me sit and started to remove the towel and started drying me, her touch made the magic and my penis started to grow, Parvathy was making fun by saying “Even in this pain your snake is hard” and I just smiled. I was sitting and Parvathy was facing me and the door is just behind Parvathy, Laskhmi barged in with a bang on the door and immediately Parvathy tied the towel and hid my penis.

Lakshmi came in and saw that I was dry and was staring at me and Parvathy continuously, she must have realized that her mom has seen me naked and has dried me. Her face became red in anger and she was totally annoyed by this, since I never exposed me in front of her despite her sincere efforts in the morning, but now I have allowed her mother to do all this. Even Viji was standing next to her not knowing about the intentions of her mother and granny. I was really in pain and could not even sit, so I lied down on my stomach. Parvathy asked lakshmi to leave the room so that she can massage me with the oil….

P: Lakshmi you take Viji and leave right now I will massage Neeraj’s back and cook something for him and then come back home
L: No need I have already finished half of the cooking work, all of us can have food here.
P: Ok then go and finish it I have to massage him now.

L: How can you massage him? you will be tired of all the works since morning and that too you are old now you cannot apply pressure on him to be relieved from his pain.
P: You would not know how to do it and moreover he has got hurt in his lower back and buttocks so it won’t be appropriate for you to do this.
L: Why? Even I am married and elder to him so not to worry. I will do it.

Me: Arrgh please lakshmi, Parvathy is much older and she would know how to do it, you please leave now as I feel shy to be naked in front of you and Parvathy has already seen me naked while wiping the water from my body so it is ok.

Lakshmi left the room without even a reply, she banged the door so hard and expressed her anger but I saw Viji standing there looking curiously.

P: Viji you go and play in the back yard for some time.
Viji: Nothing to play there I will go to the hall and watch TV.
P: ok good.

Viji left and Parvathy went to close the door but she could not latch it as it is so tight. She left it as it is and came back to me and removed the towel and started to give me a massage to my back and then to my ass with the oil. I was feeling much relaxed during the massage and asked for more then she started to massage me again but the oil got empty so she covered my ass with the towel and called viji. Viji came in and Parvathy asked her to bring some more hot oil.

Viji left and Parvathy started the massage again. Parvathy asked me to turn around so that she can massage my hands properly, and I was about to turn but could not do on my own due to pain on my back. Parvathy tied the towel to my hip and I helped her by raising the hip a bit and was holding my hand for support to turn me but she could not do it on her own so she lifted me by putting my one hand on her shoulder and I got up from the bed as I stood the towel which was not tied properly was about to fall, I was about to hold it but it dropped leaving me naked with raging hardon and suddenly the door opened and Viji came in with the hot oil in her hand. She was shocked to see me like that and even Parvathy did not know what to do as she cannot take the towel while she is supporting me.

I tried to cover it with one hand but could not cover it in full. Viji was looking mesmerized at the sight of my cock and she did not move but staring at my penis continuously. Finally Parvathi asked Viji to come inside and tie the towel to my hip, I was really ashamed to be naked in front of a 14yr old girl. Viji came in and bent in front of me to take the towel and tried to tie it to my hip. She was so close to me that my penis was just inches away from her face, her hands were trembling and at one point she looked in my eyes with a sheepish smile on her face. Finally she tied the towel but it was not proper and immediately the towel fell down, Parvathy asked Viji to hold me for support so that she herself can tie the towel properly. Viji came and took my hand around her shoulders and kept her another hand on my hip. When Parvathy bent down to take the towel Viji had her hands all over my ass as if she was feeling me, and she was looking at my penis. Parvathy tied the towel and both of them made me to lie on the bed on my back and my front facing the roof.

P: Ok Viji now you leave now and watch TV
V: It is ok granny I will be here to help you
P: If your mom sees this she will get angry and scold you.
V: No mom is busy in kitchen she would not know.
P: Ok atleast latch the door and come
V: ok

She went and tried to latch the door and finally succeeded. She came back and saw her granny massaging my hand and asked if she can massage my legs.

P: ok start from the foot and don’t go beyond the knee
V: ok

Viji was massaging my legs, she was not that good in massage but her touch made me mad and my penis started to grow inside the towel.
Before Parvathy could finish one of my hand Viji finished massaging both my legs and then asked Parvathy whether she can massage my legs above the knee.

V: I have finished till the knee shall I massage above knee
P: No I will do that you sit tight
V: why granny? It will take more time for you to massage another hand in the mean time I can finish the thigh parts also
P: You are a kid and should not be doing it.
V: I have already seen everything so close and there is nothing to hide, so let me do it.

Saying this she came forward and without waiting for Parvathy’s response she moved the towel little up and started to massage my thighs. She moved the towel in such a manner that it was like underwear to me just hiding my penis. I and Parvathy were shocked but still I was happy to have Viji massaging my legs and thighs, Parvathy saw the happiness in my face and she smiled at me mischievously.

Viji was continuing her massage and was moving her hands to the entire length of my thighs and thereby coming close to my penis region. She moved from one leg to another and this time she was applying more pressure and moving it very fast I was totally lost in the pleasure this kid has been giving me and she purposefully moved her hands inside my towel couple of times and touched by balls. Parvathy was about to finish the massage in my hand and she asked me if that was enough, I was answering that it is enough and suddenly I felt cool breeze over my penis and realized that my towel was open and I am lying without anything. Parvathy saw this and asked

P: Viji what is this? Why did you open the towel ?
V: it is disturbing my massage and moreover I have to massage the left over parts so only I removed that
P: No you finish the massage on his thigh and then leave. His massage is over.
V: Then who will massage here

Saying this she caught hold of my penis with both her hands, I was speechless and Parvathy did not know how to react. Her oily hands were like heaven for me and she was moving her hands all over my penis, I was mesmerized and looking at my reaction Viji told

V: See how anna is enjoying my massage. He likes it so much that is why he has closed his eyes and enjoying it.
I came back to my senses and tried to take her hand from my penis but she was holding it tight
P: No beti it is a private part of a man and you should not touch it.

V: Ok in that case you tell me why is it so hard and solid unlike the one which our neighbor baby boy which is soft
P: Since we are females and he being a male he gets tempted to be naked in front of us and hence his organ has enlarged in excitement. You will learn all this when you grow up. Now let us leave so that he can rest.
V: ok

All the while Viji’s hands were on my penis and Parvathy forcefully removed her hand. Parvathy tied the towel properly and both of them left leaving me high and dry. After some time I dozed off for about half hour and when I woke up I heard some whispers near me, I did not open my eyes and pretended to sleep and was listening.

L: Have you seen it fully
V: Yes
L: Don’t lie, how is it possible? Granny was there and he did not even show me how would he accept to show you?
V: When I came with the oil his towel dropped and granny was holding him so none of them could cover it and I saw him totally naked, without even any hindrance
L: then what happened?

V: they asked me to tie the towel but when I tied it fell down again and then I supported him with my shoulders and granny tied the towel
L: was he naked in front of you till then?
V: Yes, and I even massaged him there
L: What? How is this possible?

V: When granny was massaging his hands I was massaging his legs and the towel was like a hindrance to me so I removed it and massaged him till his stomach from bottom. And after my massage was over for his stomach I caught hold of his penis, It was solid and hard I can’t hold it with my both hands, then granny said I should not be touching him there and then we left.

L: How big was it?
V: It is around 8-9 inch and very thick, and there was some transparent liquid coming out of it slowly
L: Ok ok you go now.

Viji left and Lakshmi was looking at me murmuring, you shameless, you did not even show me but you are willingly enjoying my mom’s touch and my daughter’s massage there. Saying this she moved her hands forward and was about to open my towel but I acted as if I just woke up and opened my eyes. She immediately took back her hands and was looking at me and asked me to have lunch. I had lunch with all of them and they left. I took a deep sleep and when I woke up it was 6:00 in the evening.
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