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Friday, 5 July 2013

Usha And Nitin Sexual Benefits

This is all about my sexual experience with one of my oldest friend and somewhere I feel that this wonderful blog is responsible for whatever happened with me or whatever I did because, I am much more hornier then what I was before I started reading this blog.

Anyway I am Rohan and I am regular reader of this blog from very long time and I continued reading this blog even after my marriage, to keep my sexual hormones high and like who have written and posted their experience to this blog I too had a desire to write in this blog from very long time, but as such till now I did not have anything interesting to write in, as I am happily married and have usual sex life with my wife as most men have.

Though there is a difference in level of sexual desire between me and my wife and as expected I stand with more active sex drive then her and undoubtedly this blog has helped me a lot to retain my sex drive up even after monotones sex life with my wife.

Anyway I am not trying to find a hide by saying this that difference between level of sexual desire between me and my wife was all the reason for which I got indulged in this extra marital affair, certainly I have cheated my partner and it just happened and I enjoyed whatever happened. In the begging itself I can say that this is going to be long write up and at certain places I will write Hindi words written in English because it has its own sensuality and flair.

All this has happened hardly few weeks back, but I can say that foundation stone of this incident was kept long, long time back, more than 3 decades back, when my parents admitted me in first standard of particular school. There were many children, booth girls and boys and Usha was one of them.

We studied together till 10th standard and after that I changed my stream and studied for two more years in the same school but in different section, and somehow after school I got detached from my childhood friends. Time passed, almost two more decades and I got married, life further moved on and we, I and my wife entered into our parenthood. Till then everything was fine.

Rather by then two-three more years passed when suddenly one of my male childhood friend hunted me on net and found me, here I will say thanks to Facebook and that was the key to my happiness, within next few hours I was connected to my whole gang and this girl Usha was the leader of whole group.

Truly speaking in these long years not for a fraction of moment I remembered her, though I could easily recall her face and everything about her, she was one of the most intelligent student of the class and from the beginning I was not all part of studious group. Rather I was one of the back benchers and I use to hesitate to talk to girls at that time.

Anyway I joined the group on FB and got connected with my old friends and stories of school time started coming out, gradually we all came to knew about each other’s profession and marital status and like me most of my friends were married and settled except four, two guys and two girls and Usha was one of the girl.

Truly speaking I was shocked when I came to knew that at the age of 33, still four are unmarried, especially the females. Anyway jokes kept on going in the group and sometimes it use to go vulgar. Some more time passed and we all friends decided to meet and that was first time after 16-17 years I met all my friends and delighted with joy and I could see that everyone among us were in more or less same mental state including Usha.

In our first meeting we, I and Usha spoke to each other casually as by now we were connected to each other from 3-4 months and truly speaking it was casual conversation and everything was roaming around our past and childhood. If I had to define Usha in words then I would say that according to me, she is the girl with a figure every guy desire for his fuck mate.

Not especially beautiful or good-looking, Usha is nonetheless attractive enough to tempt a man. She is not short, must be 5’5” or an inch less, and dark in color, with softly molded features: a straight nose, a small, yet full mouth, even and clean teeth and darkly lustrous eyes. Her hairs are very long and thick ending below her waist.

I won’t say that Usha is slim, but her body is firm, with full breasts nearly with a size of muskmelons or Khabuja we call it in Hindi, with almost a flat belly and well shaped thighs having bit of extra flesh over them. As I said her belly was not flat, not much but she has bit of tummy and her hips and buttocks are curved and flared neatly.

Truly speaking that day when I met her first time I could not guess that somehow I will ever get on her my bed. I met her casually and behaved like a gentlemen, and slowly we got mixed up and soon from AAP, we reached to TUM and soon it was TU sometimes while talking to each other.
Certainly I had eyes full of her figure and assets and not only she there were more females who were part of our group, mostly married and they too were in good shape, so as such I was not attracted just towards her.

Anyway some more time passed, being on FB I got more and more frank with my friends and soon there was nothing like we call it formality between us and bit of non-veg jokes and comments started flowing freely on FB and later on SMS’s.

We all started meeting frequently say once in 3-4 months and things moved on and I came to knew that Usha’s parents were looking for her match but somehow things are not getting fixed and source of this information was nothing other than she herself. Though I did not asked her, but being a male, reason which I could guess for this was her color complexion.

As I said she is dark in color and if she would have been bit fairer, then instead of average looking she would have landed in the category of beautiful girls. As far as education was concerned then I will say that she is most educated among all of us and was into the profession of teaching to post graduates.

Slowly things moved and one among two male friends who were not married got fixed and we all got invited in the marriage. Almost we all met again in the marriage and this time most of us were with our spouses.

Almost one more year passed like this, we kept on meeting regularly and in this time; apart from connected on FB we started talking to each other on phone. As such our conversations were casual, about our professional life and bit of personal life like her marriage and all, it was yet not fixed and now it was major concern of her parent’s life.

Must tell you that It was not only me rather she use to talk to everyone who could give her time on phone and use to tell me that she has spoken to him or her. I don’t know how and when our frequency of talking to each other rose significantly and Usha started occupying my mind in that way.

I remember once my longest call to her was more than half an hour long and I was realizing that she did not want to end the conversation. Anyway being a male now I could not stop thinking about her with that perspective and I use to stare at her assets whenever I met her,
moreover I saved whatever pictures she uploaded on FB and use to see her face and body frequently on computer and as I said earlier there is difference of level of desire of sex between me and my wife, I use to masturbate regularly to tranquilize my urge and because of her free and casual nature Usha became my fantasy girl about whom I use to think while doing masturbation.

Anyway I did not realize when I got closer and closer to her casually and we started massaging each other full fledge non-veg jokes using Hindi slang words like LUND, CHUT and all. Things moved bit more and on one weekend of peak summers she called me and we started chit chatting casually.

She was alone at home and at end my spouse was gone to her parents in the same town. Now here I would like to tell you friends that I am trying to detail my conversation with her which I think is base of whatever happened between us two, moreover I would like to tell this too that each and every dialog written here is almost word to word as from this conversation I started to feel that something is going to happen between us if she will not get married soon and first thing which came next in mind was this that if it will happen then certainly I will get something to write for this wonderful blog and I wrote down everything

I spoke to her that day and from next telephonic conversations I started recording our verbal conversations to write it down comfortably. Anyway as I said it was a peak summer afternoon of a weekend when Usha called me and we started talking casually, I detailed her that why I am alone and she told me that she too was alone at that time.

After casual conversation I asked her about her that when is she getting married and she spoke in disappointed fashion “nahi ho rahi yaar meri Shaadi….. tu hi dhoondh de koi ladka” I laughed on that and casually replied while making fun of her by saying, “ho jaayegi….ho jaayegi…why are you getting desperate”

“desperate hone waali baat to hai…..I have already spent half of my age….life ko enjoy kabb karungi” I further laughed on that and spoke, “ho jaayegi…don’t worry…tell me kahin baat chal rahi hai.. ya nahi” “Chal rahi thi..abhi do din pahle hi ek chapter close hua hai….” She replied, “chapter kisne close kiya.. tumne ya ladke ne?” I asked her, “forget it” she tried to avoid,

“Come on tell me…. Aisi kya baat hai?” I tried to ask her again, “nothing…. Chapter to ussi ne close kiya hai…” she replied, “Reason” I asked her, “reason.... wo jo bhi de..actual reason to mujhe maaloom hai” she replied, “what?” “kuch nahi…. Forget it” Usha tried to avoid it again, “fine…don’t tell me if you are not comfortable….koi problem nahi hai” I replied casually,

“Mind karr gayaa kya” Usha asked me back, “nahi yaar….iss mein mind karne waali kya baat hai… it’s your personal life…..” I replied relaxing her, “nahi..personal life waali koi baat nahi hai, …it’s just same thing….” Usha spoke back, “what same thing?” I asked in bit of curiosity, “I am hundred percent sure, ussne mere color complexion ki wajah se hi naa kaha hai” she replied,

“Koi baat nahi…koi na koi aisa zaroor milega…jo tumhara color complexion na dekh kar, kuch aur dekhega” I replied and did not realized that my this statement can be taken as in double meaning sentence, truly speaking from “kuch aur” I meant her nature. Anyway she laughed on my statement and spoke, “kuch aur se tera kya matlab hai”,

I realized my mistake and I too laughed on that and spoke “ I mean tumhara nature…”, “jhoot matt bol..tera matlab kuch aur tha” she tried to dominate me, “bilkul bhi nahi….seriously mera kuch aur matlab nahi tha” I tried to protect myself, “achha…mujhe lagga kuch aur se tera matlab body se hai” Usha spoke frankly what she thought, “no way…. you are absolutely wrong…”

“Ok…ok” finally she surrendered, and then spoke again after a long pause, “by the way tell me, what you guys look in a girl in this type of meeting…. I mean tu bhi mila hi hoga ek-do ladkiyon se…rishtey ke liye?” I got speechless for a fraction and then spoke, “nothing much… bass ladki ka nature kaisa hai and all, educated hai ya nahi?” I replied, “don’t lie…. Tell me…

I very well know ki half an hour ki meeting mein koi kisi ki nature nahi judge kar sakta…” she tried to dominate me again, “I know ki half an hour is not enough for that, but ek Idea to ho hi jata hai” I replied confidently, “ok agreed…you got an Idea about her nature, what else you see…?” “that’s it…. Long run mein to wohi matter karti hai na” I replied back

“Ok…you mean you guys don’t look at girl’s body” she spoke again and asked me whatever she wanted to ask me straight forward, “we do… obviously ek baar to nazar jaati hi hai body par…. But personally, nature is a main thing I saw in my wife” “ok…” she accepted and for a fraction there was a silence, this time I started and asked her,

“Tu kiss baat ki tension le rahi hai…you are just perfect…don’t bother about all this aur mast rah” “mast nahi raha jaa sakta yaar…bahut tension hai” Usha spoke with bit of worry, “kya tension hai…shaadi ho jaayegi yaar” I replied as she ended, “patta nahi kabb hogi….” Usha spoke with disheartening voice and then spoke again “I think I can ask you….”, “what…” I asked back “do I need to lose weight?” “no, not at all……, you listened what I said”, “you are just perfect…ek dum mast rah…sab kuch theek ho jaayega” I replied casually and by now I was getting little uncomfortable in my lower, as I said that I use to masturbate while thinking about her and now in the hot summer after noon I wanted fantasize her to masturbate as my wife was not with me at that time.

“I think…main slim hoti to shayad meri Shaadi mein itni problem nahi hoti” she spoke again “are you crazy….don’t take it otherwise but I am telling you are just perfect in that way” I replied and tried to keep myself in limit, “iss mein otherwise lene waali kya baat hai…iss baat ka ek hi meaning hai” Usha replied and spoke in same fashion, keeping herself in limit while talking to me.

“I know but still….don’t think ki main tere baare mein uss tarah se sochta hun” I tried to clear my words, “agar uss tarah se nahi sochta, to fir kiss tarah se sochta hai…” she tried to pull my leg and spoke with bit of laughter, I could hear that in her speech. “what do you mean…I take you as a friend…that’s it” I replied without losing confidence, “ok….that means you don’t look at my body…when we meet?” this time she tried to get over me even more, “I look at you…but not with that perspective”…I replied confidently “hai re…kya baat hai….mujhe maaloom hai tu kitna shareef hai…I have seen you staring at my body… and I very well know…ki tu mujhe kiss perspective se dekh raha tha..”

Usha spoke straight forward and it was flat allegation that she has seen me staring at her body. “Are you crazy…. Tell me when you saw me staring at you” I was not ready to lose my ground, “it’s not once or twice,….. you stared every time we met…. And don’t lie…..because you cannot” Usha was much more confident in her speech and I could feel that she has caught me staring at her assets.

“You know…. we females have sixth sense….. we can easily judge a man…ki wo humen kiss nazar se dekh raha hai” Usha spoke again just after a small pause, and I went speechless, while feeling embarrassed, “don’t feel embarrassed….. This shows that you are normal….opposite sex ki taraf,… attraction to hoga hi….mujhe bhi hota hai” she spoke again and this time even more frankly, “tumhe kya hota hai?” I asked back though I knew what she meant, “attraction aur kya?” she replied instantly “you mean you are attracted towards me…” this time it was my turn to trap her in words, “no….I mean opposite sex ki taraf attraction hona natural hai…aur mujhe bhi hota hai” Usha tried to clear what she meant, “ok… that means you get attracted towards every male you come across”

I spoke and tried to make fun of her statement and she laughed a bit on that and before she would have said anything I spoke again, “I think you should marry as soon as possible…. Nahi to bahut gadbad ho jaayegi you are getting attracted towards every man” “shut up….kuch bhi bole jaa raha hai” Usha tried to stop me for going further in this but I could see that she was laughing while saying that, “ok…Ok I am sorry….please don’t mind….aise hi thoda sa vulgar ho gaya tha” I tried to calm her down, “iss mein kya vulgar hai….tune mere sms nahi pade kya?” Usha replied, “sms ki baat aur hai…. Aur face to face bolne ki baat aur hai” I replied, “we are not face to face, hum to phone pe hain” she instantly replied back, “whatever…its more or less same thing” I replied,

“I want to ask you something…. Ab itni baat ho hi gayi hai to puchh hi leti hun….and if I will not ask my friend then whom I will ask…but tu seriously batana and don’t take it otherwise” Usha spoke for long, she wanted to ask me something and she could feel that now she is bit free to me to ask that, and told me to reply truly. “ok… ask me… otherwise lene waali koi baat nahi hai, feel free to say anything” I replied and tried to relax her, “being a male…do you think I am sexy,.. you know what I mean……do I need to change something in me…. Jaise should I lose weight or something else… to….you know to attract someone”

Usha spoke with lot of hesitation and I could feel that she was very conscious and I wanted to comfort her, “iss mein to otherwise lene waali koi baat hi nahi hai…isska ek hi matlab hai” I spoke while laughing, “tell me na...and don’t laugh…” Usha stopped me from laughing, “Ok” I stopped and then spoke again, “just relax yaar…Don’t evaluate yourself from his perspective, he is an idiot” I spoke casually,“who is idiot?” she asked back, “wohi…the one who has said no to you…for marriage” I replied, “forget him…I am not at all bothered about him…you just tell me what I asked you,…. Do I need to change myself physically” Usha asked me again same question and almost ridiculed what I said.

Anyway I spoke after a fraction “see as far as weight is concerned… I think you are perfect…don’t bother” “anything else…I mean weight ke alava…do I need to change anything else in my appearance…” she asked me again and I could feel bit of hesitation in her voice, “anything what… what can you do except losing weight…aur kya karegi….plastic surgery karwa ke fair hona chaahti hai kya?”

I asked her whatever came in my mind, “nahi…I mean….meri breasts chhoti hain kya?.....should I do something for them” Usha spoke with lot of hesitation and seriously guys I was not expecting that from her and as I said earlier that I was little uneasy in my lower while talking to her on phone, but now suddenly I started gaining erection and within seconds I was fully erect.“who said that….?...jisne abhi shaadi ke liye naa kiya hai?” I asked her back and laughed on my question, “nahi….yaar….tu pagal hai kya…wo aisa bolega kya?” Usha replied she was not expecting that from me, “then who said that….?” I asked her again, “you just tell me…do I need to enlarge them” she asked me again with bit of less hesitation,
“no… you are just perfect…. aur Wo shaadi ke baad apne aap ho jaayega” I replied, “kya shaadi ke baad apne aap ho jaayega” she asked me back in confusion, “enlargement…..aur kya….Shaadi ke baad bahut saare hormonal changes aate hain…because of sex”

I replied and rephrased my statement,“I know that….. maine bhi anatomy padhi hai…. Par Shaadi to ho meri….tabhi to hormonal changes aayenge” I laughed a lot on that and spoke after a second, “you look desperate”…. “yes I am desperate….. meri friends have became mothers and I am yet not married” she spoke instantly in desperation, “ok let me tell you one thing…it’s not marriage jo hormonal changes laata hai, it’s sex or we call it intercourse in technical feel relaxed after doing that, that is why almost everyone gains weight after marriage” I spoke to make platform for something else, “I know that…what can I do in that…meri Shaadi to ho pahle” she spoke in eagerness before I would have gone ahead, “relax….let me finish and try to understand what I am saying…” I spoke calmly “ok”…. Once again I started “see it’s all about sex…. And it’s very relaxing….” I paused and then spoke again, “why don’t you look for a boy friend…… have an affair and on later stage….. get involve with him… sexually…. And relax…” I finished my statement, “you are mad… tu pagal ho gaya hai”

Usha replied back “think hatt ke….” I tried to crack a joke and said think different in a way, she laughed a bit on that and then spoke, “iss age mein affair karungi to uss se shaadi kab karungi…aur do saal baad?” “who is saying…ki tujhe ussi se Shaadi karni hai….if he will be ok then you can marry him…otherwise leave him when you are fixed with someone else ”

I replied, “you mean bina Marriage ke baare mein soche hi…usske saath sex kar lun?” she asked me what I mean in clear words, “haan…. What is the harm… just try to relax yourself… aur sex se achhaa stress buster kuch bhi nahi hai” I was getting bolder and bolder with my words and I could see that I am hard like Iron rod in my lower.

Truly speaking friends I was not at all trying to give her hint that I want to have sex with her by suggesting her all this weird things, can say I was just making fun of her and even she could feel that after my last statement, and spoke bit in frustration, “just shut up yaar…tu to mera mazzak udda raha hai” “no I am serious…..think about it….” I replied, “if you are serious…then you have gone mad…..what if he will start blackmailing me after my marriage” she replied and that was something bit shocking for me that she had started thinking about that seriously, “that’s what you have to look in a guy… he safe or not…?”

I spoke and then after a small pause I spoke again, “spend time with him, talk to him on phone for long…ask everything about his family and all… and evaluate” once again I paused and spoke again, “and if you think that he is not safe..then step back before going ahead, up to that stage” Usha was silently listening to me, I paused and then spoke again, “isske do faayede hain…first is you will remain busy in evaluating a guy and you will not get time to take tensions, which are running in the house, and if you will succeed you will find a match for you” I don’t know what I was saying and from where I was getting this in my mind,

I spoke whatever I thought, “and what if my evaluation for that guy will go wrong….aur wo bhi sexually indulge hone ke baad” she asked back, I could not believe whatever I was discussing with Usha, in my perspective it was baseless conversation but I was enjoying talking to her on this subject and I continued with serious gesture, “no…don’t go forward if you are not sure that you are safe….” “Getting involved with a unmarried guy can never be safe…I know this very well” she replied “hmmmm…I can’t say that….ye sabb tumhe evaluate karna hai…”

I replied and then spoke again “and if you think he is safe…go ahead…don’t think about marrying him…wo sabb baad mein dekhna…. If you can spend whole life with him” before I finished I had something in my mind to say, bit funnier and bit erotic in a way and I spoke again “isske bhi do faayede hain, first is you will start feeling relaxed after indulging with him, and you will be able to judge him whether he can satisfy you sexually throughout life or not” and I started laughing on my statement, “you are mad” that’s what I heard from her while she was laughing, “no…no… it is a matter of concern…” I replied, “I know it is very important, at least for me….” Usha replied, and before I would have thought what she said, she spoke again, “mujhe laggta hai I am abnormal ….mujhe kuch jayada hi desire hai isski” I was little shocked and I could see that there is no way my penis will calm down in my lower, “that’s great….this means jo bhi tujhse shaadi karega wo bahut lucky hoga…usko puchhne ki zaroorat nahi padegi” I replied, and then spoke again, “yahan to haan bulwaane mein half an hour nikal jaata hai”

I somewhat hinted her about my sex life with my wife and Usha started laughing loud, “seriously…sach bol raha hai?” she asked in curiosity “haan…haan… and I am sure ye har mard ki kahani hai….” She further laughed on my statement. Finally I asked her when she calmed down, “so…. kaisa lagga mera idea?” “Idea….it was very interesting…baat karne mein mazza aaya…but practical nahi hai”

Usha replied, “why….? ek dum practical hai….are you afraid of premarital sex?” I asked her…”no…I am not afraid of sex… I am just afraid ki future mein koi blackmailing na honi shuru ho jaaye” Usha replied casually without any hesitation and then spoke again “and as far as if I have to think about relaxing myself by doing this…then I will prefer ki main kisi married ladke ke saath affair karun…he will be much safer than single” for a fraction I was shocked, I thought she has not thought before saying all that, but Usha continued “single ladkon ka koi bharosa nahi hota… kahin MMS hi banna de” “MMS to married ladka bhi banna sakta hai..”

I replied, “haan…but still married guy will be afraid for his marriage too, he will not blackmail at least” she spoke back, “yes, that way it can be considered, moreover married experienced bhi hoga…so it will be better in that way too” I replied back and now I could feel that things are going too weird between us and I could not stopping massaging my hard penis over the cloth while lying on bed. “Anyway think about it seriously, and go ahead… jab Shaadi fix hogi, tab ki tab dekhna.....abhi jo theek laage wo kar”

I replied and tried to end the conversation as now I wanted to masturbate fantasizing her. “Shaadi to jaldi nahi hone waali….Mom has met one Panditji, he is saying, abhi samay lagega” Usha replied, “Kitna samay lagega…?” I asked back, “May be one more year…may be bit more” she replied in low voice, “I think you should go for what I suggested, enjoy this time as much as possible” I replied with bit of smile in the end, “I know….but let’s see….” Usha spoke back and then spoke again, “seriously yaar….I can’t handle this…” “kya…. Parents ki Tension?” I asked back “Haan wo bhi, aur wo bhi” she replied “one is parent’s tension, what is this second wo bhi….” I asked, “wohi jo meri life mein missing hai….”She replied and then spoke again, “you know iss age mein pahunch kar….sex karna bahut zaroori hota hai…nahi to bahut frustration hoti hai life se”. I could see that Usha was slowly getting open in talking to me; and I could sense her condition that she is in desperate need of sex but cannot do anything for that, and I was really getting aroused because of her this state.

For a fraction I thought about giving her hint that I am interested in getting in bed with her and as she is thinking I am married and very safe in that perspective, but before I would have thought what I should say, Usha spoke again, “you know…Seema ki bhi Shaadi fix ho gayi hai” “achha when…”

I asked her back in enthusiasm, Seema was the other girl who was yet not married and now she too was fixed, “yesterday evening….she has not declared yet…to anybody…. So don’t call her” Usha replied without any excitement, “Ok… but that’s great…” I spoke back, “haan… ab sirf main hi bachi hun…..” she replied again and then spoke again, “you know mujhe bahut jealousy ho rahi hai” “don’t feel jealous…teri bhi ho jaayegi” I replied and tried to console her, “ I know…thanks anyway…. Bahut achha lagga tujhse baat karke… bahut depression ho raha tha…I am feeling much better now….. Especially wo suggestion sunkar” Usha replied and then Usha and Nitin sexual benefits - I.

Next thing I did was, I switched on my laptop and browsed Usha’s pictures in a slideshow and started masturbating while lying on bed partially and cummed heavily in the end.Anyway rest of the day I was in dilemma that weather I should approach her or not, for few minutes I thought that by doing this I will be cheating my wife but the whole matter was so erotic and I was getting so desperate for Usha that this guilt feeling did not lasted in my mind for long and I decided to try my luck while being in limit, so that I can step back if required.

Anyway within a week our next meeting got fixed and once again we all got together, after a weeks time and I could see that Usha was looking at me again and again and whenever our eyes met she passed a smile without any reason. And truly speaking I was also looking at her again and again, because she was looking really very sexy and seductive in typical Indian outfit of patialla salwar kamiz, in which her top was ending just below her waist and I could feel the thickness of her thighs and broadness of her bottom, moreover most of the time throughout the event I was trying to visualize her face while talking to me all those things which she spoke in our last telephonic conversation.

After some time, Seema (friend whose marriage was fixed few days back) declared that she is engaged and we all congratulated her. Finally by the end of the event Usha got some time with me and she asked me initially if my wife has came back and how is she and all, I replied with yes, she is back and she is fine, after few casual conversation I asked her casually “aur tu batta, koi ladka milla evaluate karne ke liye?” Usha smiled a bit on that and said “haan, ek hai to sahi….but I am not sure he will get indulge with me or not” “unmarried hai?” I asked her, “nahi…married hai….” She replied, “are you serious…I mean married ke saath…. Koi future nahi hoga is reletion ka” I tried to make her understand,

“See right now this thought is at very primary stage in me itself … and I am not sure even I will go for it or not..... waise bhi who is thinking about future….I am not at all thinking about marriage….. wo jab hogi tabb hogi….” Usha replied confidently and I could feel my words in it, spoken to her in last telephonic conversation, “good….then be sure first…nahi to bahut embarrassing situation ho jaayegi”

I replied casually to end the conversation as I could see that another friend was approaching us, “hmm…..” Usha just hummed to say yes. Within half an hour we started leaving as the event was about to end and once again Usha came to me and asked me if I can drop her home, and by then everything was casual and I cannot say that I could read her brain but soon she took my attention when another friend of ours asked me which side I am going and asked me to drop him too. Before I would have said yes to him, Usha said no to him and made excuse that we two are going through that particular route instead of going straight and suggested him someone else who was going in that direction,

I remained silent as I could not think why she did that because we had a plan to go through the same route that guy was suppose to go. Anyway at the end just we two moved from there and after a while, say 5-6 minutes of casual conversation about the event and who among all friends missed this event, she once again asked me about my wife and I replied same that she is fine, next question from her side was little unexpected for me, “aur…. abhi bhi waise hi chal raha hai…” she asked me, “kya waise hi chal raha hai….?” I asked back because I could not expect what she wanted to know, “abb bhi…half an hour laggta ussko agree karne mein….?” and she asked again and this time it was clear what she wanted to know, I smiled on her question and said “haan….now it’s a part of my life” ….“Don’t you feel embarrassed jab wo manna kar deti hai….?” Usha asked again and now she was taking my attention,

I could feel that she wants to talk about sex with me and I too was prepared for fun of sex chat and fortunately it was long way to go because road was over crowded. “nahi iss mein embarrass hone waali koi baat nahi hai, mood ki baat hoti hai…..aur har cheez ka solution hota hai” I replied casually, I knew what she will ask next and I was ready with a reply, “isska kya solution hai…..?” she asked what I expected, “apna haath jagannaath…” I replied casually, an old Hindi one liner which says self working is best but in slang it is used for Masturbation, and as I expected she started laughing loud and finally uttered “you are mad…..” she spoke again after a small interval “seriously yaar…mujhe bahut achha lagta hai tujhse baat karke…. I can talk to you on any subject…. Aur ye easiness har ek ke saath nahi feel kar satki”,

I smiled on her reply as she was taking me as her best friend with whom she could talk on any subject including sex and that’s what we were doing at that time “hmmmmm…. Ok now tell me… wo kaun hai jisko tu fasane waali hai….” I spoke and gave it a thought and added few more words further in my question, “apne husn ke jaal mein” actually now it was a matter of my concern, “main kisko fasaane waali hun…apne husn ke jaal mein?” she asked back casually with bit of smile without minding my statement, “wo hi…. married aadmi.. jiske saath tu affair karne waali hai…?” I rephrased my question “ohhh…who.. Forget it yaar… I am not sure hamare beech mein kuch hogga bhi ya nahi…but I think he is safe, future mein koi blackmailing nahi hogi mere saath” she replied initially saying forget it but I could see that she wanted to go into the matter, “ok…but who is he…” I asked her again, “hai ek… jab setting ho jaayegi to milwa dungi….itni jaldi kya hai… abhi to maine ussko evaluate karna shuru kiya hai” she replied, “I mean, I can suggest you whether you should go ahead or not,…with that man…you know…I can suggest wo tere layak hai ya nahi….and all”

I replied and tried to explain that why I want to know that guy, “I am almost sure ki he is safe, what else you will suggest me” Usha replied back instantly and I could see that she wanted to go ahead in this conversation, I could read her brain from her smile, “I can suggest whether he is technically fit or not….you know what I mean…wo tujhe poori tarah satisfy karr paayega ya nahi?”

I replied and this time I was clear with my words and she smiled on my reply and spoke in sarcastic tone, “thank you very much…wo main decide karungi….I don’t need your help” I replied with just “fine” with a big smile. Truly speaking somewhere I was feeling that Usha is joking that she is trying to attract a married male, just to keep the matter in the conversation and somewhere I was feeling that it is me about whom she is talking.

“If you are sure that he is safe then what is the delay…ask him” once again I uttered after a short interval assuming it’s me she is talking about, “nahi yaar aise nahi…..let me see wo bhi interested hai ya nahi?” Usha replied, “only a fool will not be interested…. You go ahead, ek dum bindaas” I replied, “nahi yaar kuch husbands, faithful hote hain apne partner ke saath…..”

Usha replied with bit of laughter, “that’s what I said, only a fool will not take this opportunity” I replied and her giggle increased a lot and we both laughed loud for couple of more minutes on this. “achha hua batta diya tune….I didn’t knew this…..I am sure he is not fool, I will try without any fear”. Usha replied casually and from her reply I was totally lost, somewhere I was getting sure that she is talking about me, but still somewhere I was feeling that she is just hanging on the baseless conversation and she is not at serious about all this that she is planning to have an affair with a married guy. Truly speaking by this time I desperately wanted to be that guy, in spite of the fact that I love my wife and consider myself happily married. Pls comment me on I am in mumbai now.
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