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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cleverly Planned Wife Swap – Master Plan To Convince Conservative Couple – Part Ii

This is real story of a two friends where we exchanged our wife with each other for bit lengthier live in relationship. Usually in swinging/exchanging wife with others, generally people will exchange partner for just a fucking session in just a week end visit or night visit to one of the couple’s home.

In our case, to make our life spicy and have more thrill and adventure, we have decided to do this for bit longer period of time, where my wife will be with my friend for 2 months and where as his wife will be with me for two months just living as husband and wife. We purposefully decided for this approach to enjoy a complete feel of living with a new partner 24/7 enjoying every aspect of life and not just only sex.

We decided that this will give more excitement and happy as we can spent time with a new partner sexually and non-sexually, like going out, trips, tours, new honey moon etc. It will also open the door for natural bond and relationship with new partner. Moreover we both couple knows each other for longer period and each other like other person’s wife so there are not much concerns/issues living with other person for longer time.

Advantage for us is that we are not in home country (India) where we need to be worried about parents and relatives. As we are in Canada, nobody is around to question/suspect us. This becomes as advantage for us.

First thing, I like to tell that this incidents though I term it as story will not be shorter one like many other fiction stories, this will be definitely lengthy as there are lot of things needs to described in detail. This is not a fiction story where in the first paragraph narrates about the beauty of wives and in second paragraph where one couple boldly tells to other couple and instantly they agree and gets into sex in front of each other without any logic and authentic. Last paragraph explains fuck and suck and put end to the story in one pager.

Everybody knows in real life swinging/swapping wife is near impossible thing, and one needs to have a lot of guts to open up this idea to his own spouse and convince her and then finding a polite way to communicate to other friendly couple without being spitted on face. That too with a moderate and conservative couples like us it is big challenge, we are not wild couple going to pub, dance etc. Our wives offer prayers, puja and god fearing.

In our real life, it took complete 2 months’ time from the date when this idea budded and slowly progressed and reached final stage of making it happen. In this course of journey, there are lot of interesting events, debates, conversations, planning, sentiments, seductions, threats, blackmails, crying, romance, sex happened. So it needs several pages to explain every bit of the detail so this story will be lengthy but truly authentic and surely arouse you like anything, and you will not be able to resist cum/masturbate at least 10 times before you completely read this story.

Events, emotion and planning we had in this wife exchange journey will exceed a thriller movie’s suspense, I’m excited to explain here in this story. I tried to recall every minor discussions, plans, conversations happen in real time and presented it here.

We want to share our experience here with concealing our identity, all the names in this story are not original names. This whole incidents are narrated from both the couple’s perspective. I’ve organized as logical episodes, time to time the story will be narrated by different person.
I believe that will be the best way to explain this story as incidents, debates, discussions happen in houses of both couples.

Moreover our experience can be an FAQ for people interested in swinging and planning in future. You will see common challenges and solutions from our experience that you can be benefited from. You will also learn cunning and smart tricks/tips to convince conservative wife to agree for swap.

Kindly apologize if any grammar issues especially tenses. Please share your feedback to my email Your feedback will encourage me to write my few other experiences. Without boring further, jumping into the story.

This is Multi Part Story – This is Part 2, you will be able to understand story if you read part 2 without part1, still I recommend you to read part 1 before proceeding with Part 2 to understand it completely.

Coming to story

Day dawned – Swathi got ready at 8 AM in one of the best glamorous outfit explained earlier and I too got ready and started waiting for Vinod to arrive at 9. At exact 9.10 calling bell rang, I know this is Vinod, so I asked Swathi to stay in bedroom and I went and opened the door and invited him casually.

Vinod: Are you ready, shall we leave to office.

Rajesh(Me): No Vinod, I called our manager and said that we will work from home today. So stay here and let us work from my home itself today. I have few works to discuss and do. This is usual many times, in workwise I have bit authority to work from home and also support/authorize Vinod working from home, so me asking Vinod to work with me from my home is not something new and in fact going further this work from home will be frequent to achieve what we are planning. After opening door for Vinod, just casually before Vinod reaches to hall i started bit ahead of him and occupied the single seater sofa. Both the sofa has small tea table in front. We use to keep laptops on tea table or on lap and work. So casually Vinod came and sat on double seater sofa without any surprise or puzzle. To avoid suspicion, we started talking about real project stuff and work related things in serious note. All these time Swathi in her killing costume staying in bedroom waiting for the next steps in our planned drama. After 15 to 20 minutes of casual work related discussions and Vinod itself casually asked where is Swathi as she is not around.

I started thinking yes, drama is working as planned and I casually told that she ordered new dress online and it got delivered today and so she is trying the dress. I expressed in false frustration , all these girls are like this, if they go for make up or dressing they will take hours together, see she went 1 hour before and not yet out. I shouted a bit loud facing bedroom, “hey Swathi, what are you doing? How long you will try your titanic dress, please come out soon and bring me and Vinod a tea, Vinod is here.” Swathi shouted from inside, hey be patient this dress is something new and strange and taking time to wear, please wait I will come soon. Vinod, sorry for keeping you wait. Will come soon.

Vinod shouted “No problem Swathi take your time”

I said to Vinod sarcastically, she these girls are fond of dresses, she tried all Indian attires and now trying with American costume, she saw titanic Kate winslet kind of costume on eBay and liked it so much and ordered a dozen dress and started wearing it and killing my patient. I started to see his face and there is no suspicion or any strange feeling, he is as normal and just smiled with comment ” vidunga(leave it) boss”. then we both started working and talked work related things. After 10 minutes there was sound of bedroom door open and Swathi started coming out. Vinod is seriously looking into his laptop on some design work related thing and his attention is not on open of bedroom. Swathi came to hall and said “Sorry for keeping you waiting”, distracted by her voice Vinod lifted his head to respond to her Literally we could see he is bit stunned to see Swathi with such extraordinary glamorous costume and to further avoid embracing him with either with our silence or by staring at him, Me and Swathi started talking to each other so that he can see her without any disturbance or distraction. I said to Swathi, “Hey Swathi, sooper this dress is excellent, and naughtily said You are looking like Indian version of Kate Vinslet” She responded with false angry “don’t pass sarcastic comments, tell me really how this dress looks”

We purposefully kept the conversation within between me and Swathi without pulling in Vinod into the conversation as we want to let him enjoy our conversation and have a glance of Swathis glamorous assets without disturbance, and our plan is working well, he has not moved his eyes from her. His face was bit surprised to see her in such revealing costume and bare shoulder to breast top is something his eyes are wandering he never tried to take out the eyes off her. I’m noticing him in my side view.

I started feeling this wicket may fall easily. After giving him ample time of 10 to 15 minutes while I and Swathi are conversing, we now started pulling Vinod in our conversation. Swathi Looked at Vinod, sorry without noticing you I’m chit chatting with Rajesh, she casually enquired how he is and how Harini is doing. Vinod responded as Harini is doing well, this time he started looking her in face and eyes and trying to be as a good boy. She casually continued, Vinod I saw this dress on eBay so purchased, Rajesh is teasing and passing sarcastic comments. You are the neutral person, tell me is this dress looking good on me? while asking this question, she kept her both hands on her hip and just posed like fashion model and just casually posed all side, left side facing him, few seconds later right side facing him and totally showing back side to him. All these she did very casually without creating anything fishy
like a trained actress.

Vinod doesn’t have any chance to think anything bad as this is casually happening in front of her husband (me) while I’m laughing and teasing her and without indicating any discomfort with her conversation with Vinod asking for his feedback for the dress. To further encourage him, I casually looked at him and sarcastically said, Yes Vinod is fashion TV judge and he is going to see you are put marks, and winkled at Vinod and said, hey don’t give her marks because of she is your friends wife. Give her zero marks and laughed. Swathi with false angry, thrown a paper ball at me and looked at Vinod, Vinod don’t listen to this idiot Rajesh’s words, you tell me frankly and give your genuine marks, this Rajesh idiot will always be like that.

While Swathi conversing with Vinod, she kept her voice in friendly mode, whenever she called Vinod, she used his name “Vinod” to create a friendly atmosphere. With these kind of conversation we are trying to establish with him casually that we are open minded couple and indirectly giving him the liberty to look my wife freely and pass his comments. Vinod bit embarrassed and but immediately managed the situation and said,

“Swathi This dress is really looking good for you, as Rajesh said you are Indian Kate Winslet”

I started laughing and said to Swathi see he is also teasing you like me.

Vinod Interrupted and said, “No Swathi, I’m really saying you are looking too good in this dress, really this attire looks like made exactly measured and stitched for you”

He started adding few more words to praise her, this sound for me and Swathi that we are traveling in the correct direction. Swathi doesn’t stop there, and asked Vinod “Vinod don’t say as just “Good” or “Bad”. I want to put black on Rajesh’s face, tell me how much marks you can give for me with this dress, Rajesh idiot said it is 0 marks.

Vinod without hesitation said “Ok if you ask for marks, I will say 200 out of 100″

Now Swathi faced me and said with playful excitement “hey what you will do now, see Vinod gave me 200 marks”, and we left the topic there without further extending around, just to make things normal, we got back into work and started talking about work related things. This is also that something we planned earlier, we want to try our plan/drama in smaller chunks, if we try everything in one long attempt that will create suspicion with Vinod.

So we stopped this funny topic of dress stuff and started getting into work, Swathi also left this place and started doing usual house hold things in kitchen and other places but occasionally Swathi wandered here and there and came to hall frequently and purposefully, on her every pass, Vinod casually looked at her and when she noticed him he smiled and Swathi reciprocated the smile. We spent couple of sincere hours of working and not discussing off topic stuff. Swathi served us tea and snacks frequently.

Now it is time to unfold the next steps of drama, episode now is Swathi to sit next to Vinod in closer proximity and create a magnetic field. Swathi came with three cups of tea and placed on tea table and gave 1 cup to me 1 cup to Vinod, she picked up a cup and casually seated next to Vinod. Again there is no room for suspicion for Vinod, as there are no seat to sit, Swathi sat next to Vinod casually Our two seater sofa is not so wide it comfortably just fits only two person, so she casually seated next to him. While seating she not left too much place in between or not went too rubbing him at the first sitting itself, just casually sat next him where definitely he can feel the fragrance of her and his body can feel the proximity of sexy lady sitting next to him.

I was closely watching the reaction of Vinod as soon as Swathi sat next to him. His first reaction is mix of shock and happy and immediately turned his head towards me to see, I pretending looking at my laptop screen while he looked at me, he is bit tensed and thinking if she sitting next to him will embarrass me. After few seconds politely I turned towards him and casually looked at him and spoke few work related things and I just pretended that I didn’t care of Swathi sitting next to him. He felt bit relaxed as I was talking to him casually while my sexy wife Swathi sitting with him rubbing her sleeveless shoulders occasionally on him. So far it is progressing as we planned, now this is our next step of drama, reduce the proximity further between Swathi and Vinod. I started purposefully laughing looking at my laptop screen, both Swathi and Vinod looked at me and started asking what happened? I said “Very funny and interesting video in facebook and I said “Vinod I just have shared it with you, login to Facebook and see it, you will also laugh”.

Vinod and me are facebook friends too, Vinod started to login to facebook and Swathi started her acting and said, oh is it, Vinod open it let us see. Vinod logged into facebook, To see Vinod’s laptop screen, casually Swathi started inclining towards Vinod, in this act she had to press her bare shoulders on his arms, she kept in that pressed mode without moving too further, as this video will run for 4 minutes, she kept her shoulders and side of her entire body slightly pressed against Vinod, and occasionally slightly bended forwarded towards to laptop screen so that to gives an angle to Vinod if he wants to have a closer look of popping out breasts and cleavage on top of her dress, I noticed that Vinod for split fraction of seconds multiples times starred at her popping boobs and cleavage on top of her dress. All these things she pretended doing casually, along with pressing her side of the body moved her face bit towards him so that they can stare the laptop screen together. As she moved her face side wards to stare the laptop screen, her cheek and his cheek are just few inches away.

We purposefully planned this posture so that she can feel the closer proximity of her and her fragrance. As this video runs for more than 5 minutes with lot of funny things, she kept in same posture for all the 5+ minutes, while watching the video Harini adjusted her pose casually so that her soft boobs rubs on Vinod’s arms for split fraction seconds. I pretended that I don’t mind their proximity, and just talking about the funniness of video alone. I’m sure Vinod is not in this world and he is not concentrating the video, he is just enjoying Swathi’s proximity and the fragrance from her and her casual rubs. This lasted for 5 minutes and Swathi too responded as video is good and casually stood up and left the sofa. I completely see Vinod is bit restless now and I could see the mixed feeling of Vinod on his face. Again as our usual thumb rule, we don’t want to prolong single thing for long time to avoid suspicion, so Swathi casually left the sofa, but leaving a strong impression and magnetism on Vinod.

Whenever Swathi comes to hall or near to sofa for anything, I could read from his eyes that he is searching to see if she will come again and sit next to him. We both (Swathi and me) occasionally smiled within us and winkled that everything is going as planned. Again we jumped into core work related discussions and topics and Swathi also left the hall. Day passed like this and it was around 5.30 PM and time for him to leave.

At 5.30 he casually left to home as usual. We not tried to go any further on first day itself.

Continued in Part 3
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