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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Innocent Housewife Turned Into Sluty Mom – Part I

Hi friends I am daily reader of ISS INCEST category and one day I thought why I shouldn’t write my own story which happened 2 years before……!

This is the story how I tricked my mom to seduce me. My name is Nivesh, I am from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. My family contains me my mom and my and my dad. My day dad is a busy police constable. I love to my mom from my childhood. I am 22. My mom, Sudha is a 41 years old very fair milky white woman with 34-30-37. I used to peep into keyhole while she was changing dress. Once she noticed it also. One day, I even touched her boobs and pressed them very lightly ,then she immediately took my hand. After some time I even rubbed her pussy, she did the same again, but pretended as if I am doing all this in sleep. She was very shy even to question me about sex. No plan worked. Finally I am seducing my mom form 2 years.

I have a brother in law of my age, his name is Sasi. We both were very close to each other. He to lives in Guntur nearby our house with his parents. We used to see porn together, I like incest very much, I used to see them more and he too got interest in incest. We both used to see mom incest a lot. I am good at my studies, I went Vizag for my engineering. He got his seat in local college KL university. I wanted to seduce her badly. I asked by brother in law to help in seducing her. He agreed and I said my plan to him that “my father is going to training camp in 10 days, as he got promotion as head-constable and he is not going to be in home for 2 months and as nobody is going to be home accept my mom. “he asked me “what is the plan? ”i replied him “I am going to ask in my father, make you stay in my house”. I asked my dad “as nobody in house for safety of mom, shall I invite Sasi to home”. My father said “it’s a good idea and he will invite him directly by requesting his parents. I felt very excited thinking my father inviting a person to stay with his wife. As they were holidays to Sasi their parents easily agreed to stay in my house. My father went to camp and Sasi went to our house to stay along with my mom. Everything is going according to the plan. My mom usually wear nighties at home with no bra. She like to be free every time. She even had only one bra in house. We can even see her full boobs whenever she bends. I asked Sasi to peep towards mom’s breast whenever she bents and even keyhole when she goes to bedroom during bath. He is doing the things what I asked him to do. One day mom noticed him peeping at her boobs. Mom started maintaining distance with him. She cannot complaint about it to my father, as it may bring Sasi into trouble, so she must maintain calm. One day while mom is serving him food, she again noticed him peeping at her. She immediately went to her room saying she is going to bath. He went to peep through keyhole, before she removing her saree, he should make noise by hitting door so that mom notices it. Moms noticed and open the door, there he should act as if he is acting. Sasi asked her what happened!. She replied nothing and went back. He again started to peep. Mom removed her clothes totally . She noticed someone peeping through keyhole and she came near to it and saw. Sasi was jerking as mom sees him and immediately reach keyhole again. Noticing this mom went is on the way to bathroom.

Now both mom and Sasi had known that they had seen nude each other and mom knows Sasi has feeling towards her. I asked him to open the switchboard and pull the fan switch wire. He asked mom that “fan is not working in my room and can I sleep in her room, she agreed. I asked him to do what I did to my mom one that night. He slowly kept his hand on her stomach and moved them to her boobs and he cupped one of her boobs and pressed it lightly, she removed his hand immediately and turned away from him and slept. He again cupped her breast as if he was hugging her with one hand, she pushed his hand aside. His hand was now near her pussy, he started to rub her pussy and such that she was completely in contact with him from behind. She removed his hand again. And moved to edge of bed same as she did to me. He went and made complete contact from behind again and now he again put hand on her hand and slowly moved towards her boobs and he now again cupped her boobs without pressing them. She did not do anything. They both slept whole night staying in that position with her breast in his hand and his cock pushing her but. Next day morning she asked him whether he knows any electrician. He answered NO.

I asked him to do the same everyday night. They were now finally sleeping in that position for a week. Every day morning mom acted normal as if nothing happened, which gave us a much probability that she will not talk about what happened yesterday night with my father. I asked him to proceed to till more extent today. Today night he slowly started massaging her boobs, she did nothing. He rubbed her pussy for some time and slowly pulled nighty and petti coat to her waist. She acted as if she was sleeping. He rubbed her bare pussy and fingered it. She kept still. He now unzipped her nighty from behind and kept hand through it and massaged her bare tits and licked her back. She is now softly moaning. They slept whole night in this position with her zip opened and her nighty dragged to her waist.

Next morning mom stayed calm. She was cooking in kitchen. He went behind her and massaged her boobs. She first rejected and allowed him. He removed her nighty, she was now only with her petticoat and he played with her tits and licked them and bit her nipples very hard. She yelled “it was paining”. He then took her to bedroom and removed her petticoat. He licked her and she asked him to remove his dress too. He asked him to suck his cock. She said it was her first time and started to suck it. Finally she gave him a blowjob. He now spread her pussy and licked it. She moaned very heavily as it was her first time too. He took his cock and pushed slightly into her. She said it feels good and asked to insert more slowly. He started to fuck her she was moaning heavily she said that she was going to cum. He said he was coming too. She came will all her juices on his pubic hair. He too removed his cock and came all over her face. I asked him to not cum inside her and said she might get pregnant. She already had family planning surgery. I lied him as I want to be the person to cum inside her after my dad. That night they nearly had sex 4 times. They had sex everyday nearly 5 days.

I was also given winter holidays and I came to my home. So Sasi fucked her last night to his satisfaction as he got to go his home as I came my home. That day mom seemed to be tired and I asked what happened she said nothing and went to her room and slept. I had my lunch and my mom went to bath, I went to peep her, I saw her masturbating and I was shocked to see her masturbate. During night I saw her rubbing her pussy. I understood that she was cock hungry. After 3 days I invited Sasi to my home to play multiplayer games and said my mom he was going to stay tonight. It was night and I said mom that Sasi is going to sleep in her bedroom and I will sleep in my room as there is no fan, I can adjust as it is winter it will not be much trouble too. I went to my room. Mom and Sasi went to their room, mom went to bath and came nude outside. Sasi pulled her towards him. Mom said Nivesh is in home. Sasi said no problem. He said he want to fuck her blind folded and tied. She agreed. Sasi took a cloth and tied her hands and blindfolded her with the other. Sasi came to me and said everything is under control and went to his home. I went inside her room and switched on light and saw her. She was completely nude and I am seeing her directly. I thought I was in heaven. I went to her and kissed her for very long time and caught hold of her boobs. They were soo soft and in whiter than the milk with brown nipples. I played with them and licked them for long time and pinched her nipples. I put my hand inside her pussy and she moaned softly and fingered her pussy while kissing her. I licked her pussy and massaged her boobs. She was moaning load. I put my dick in her mouth and started mouth fucking her. I came all inside her mouth. She said that “your cum is tasty than ever”. I removed her cloth on the eyes. She was shocked to see me there. She shouted at me “what are you doing? ”i said her her that I love her a lot and I wanted to fuck her. She said it cannot be done and she will not cheat her husband. I replied what are you doing with Sasi? She asked how I know.

I said everything what happened and she was shocked to hear it. She asked me I had I done all this and why I made him to fuck her. I replied I love her a lot and thought that if she is fucked by Sasi, she would easily accept me. I asked her “I want to enter inside you mom! “she replied no! I said okay I will enter inside you only if you ask me by your own. I started to molest her and stopping at climax when she was about to cum. She begged me to make her cum. I said her that I will do that only with my dick. She finally begged for it and I started to fuck her and she was asking me to fuck her more and yelled “it was deep”. She said she was going to cum!!!. I asked her to wait till I cum. I reached my climax and I shouted “I am cumin!!!!”. We both came at a time and our both bodies are socked at our genital parts. I asked her to mine and I cleaned her in 69 position. She said that she want it rest of her life. I untied her cloth and we fucked 5 times that night and slept keeping my dick in her pussy and hugging her.

Next morning I woke up late due to long fucking session. My mom was in her kitchen. I went behind her and kissed her neck and hugged her. She smiled and asked me what I would have coffee or boost. I do anything with your milk. I started to play with her boobs. He said not now after some time. I said ok and went to close all doors and curtains of house. I went near her and ordered her remove dress, not even the chain in neck which and rings to her foot should be over her body. She did it. I took them and kept them in cupboard. I even kept every dress of mom in cupboard and locked it. She asked me why I was locking it. I said that she going to stay nude every day. She reluctantly agreed. I took her to bath and we had bath together, I fucked her during bath and we came out. I brought some Vaseline and said her that I am going to fuck her ass hole. She did not agree but, I said her I had Vaseline and if she gets pain I will stop immediately. She agreed now and I took large amount of Vaseline and applied to my cock and to her ass hole. I slowly kept one finger in it and second finger, mom shouted slightly and it was stretched after sometime for easy movement of two fingers. I then pushed my dick into her ass,she cried with pain, it was so tight, I slowly pushed my remaining dick into her asshole. She was crying with pain and begging me to remove my cockpit started to ram her ass hole. She was shouting with huge pain, after some time her hole got stretched up and now she asks me to fuck more and more. I came all inside her butt. We felt tired and took 10 min rest. Mom went for cleaning herself, I asked her not to do it and I wanted to see her butt with my juice on it. She said ok and went to prepare breakfast. Seeing my mom doing all household works nude I felt very happy like a sex goddess moving around me. We used to watch TV,eat,sleep nude. I made her hair straightened and asked her to be in loose hair or pony tail, she agreed. I used to play with her tits every time while are watching TV,sleeping and they are the best tits in the world for me. Sasi called me and said he was very horny. I said mom to get ready for sex as Sasi is coming to fuck her. Sasi came home and I said that he can go fuck her, Sasi started fucking her and am watching them. Watching my mom fucked by others is wonderful. He fucked her. I brought some Vaseline and asked him to fuck her ass. He started to ram her asshole,she was moaning heavily. In mean time I removed my dress too.

Mom was shocked to see me removing dress. I went near mom and started to fuck her pussy. Mom begged me not to do that. But we fucked her both holes with my mom between us like a sandwich. She was going to heaven, and she came on my pubic hair. We both too came inside holes. We fucked her all the day and Sasi asked permission to sleep in our house and his parents agreed. We fucked her that night too. We even blind bold her and we wore masks. I asked Sasi to record me and my mom while we were fucking. I recorded him and mom while they were fucking. We took her pics in close up which can reveal her clearly. We even recorded her while she was sandwiched by us. She don’t know that we are recording and snapping her she was blind folded. Next day morning Sasi went home and mom went to do her household works. I mailed her photos by blurring her face to my friends who helped me giving ideas to me and made a wonderful plan. They asked me to for a chance of fucking her. I of those friends is Rajesh from west Bengal, I even gave him a word that he will be the 4th person fucking my mom. So I called every one of them on the day which is 10 days from now. But I invited Rajesh 3 days before that day.

In this meantime I made her look beautiful by trimming her armpits, pubic hair. I even brought her some attractive lingerie and some stocking to her. I ordered her a white saree which is very transparent and a black blouse and petticoat to it. Blouse is a strapless and petticoat is up to hemline and they are made of shiny silk material which is specially ordered to tailor by me. Tailor asked for the woman’s size. I asked him to measure directly though I know her sizes. I know that mom should be in saree to get her measured. So before going home I called her asked her to put all her sarees in cupboard and wear a nighty. She agreed. We went home and tailor asked for the woman and called her. She came and tailor saw her beauty and was seeing her with lusty eyes. He asked her to change into any saree. I interrupted them and asked him is ‘t possible he can measure her as she is, he said no. I said him but there is no saree in house every one of them were in washing machine and are soaked now. He said he will come tomorrow. I said him but, I need that saree very urgent, he asked whether he could imagine her size and stitch them, I replied no and asked him to measure her nude. He was shocked to listen those words from my mouth. I asked her to remove her nighty. As usual she did not wear anything inside. Tailor was in a condition as if he found food after a long pasting. He went near her and asked her to raise her hands and measured her sizes. He eventually touched her boobs and her butt and even touched her outside her pussy. He examined her body inch by inch and he can’t control himself. I asked him is it done? He replied yes and said that saree will be correctly fit her as he got her exact sizes. I also said him if it looks awesome, he will be awarded more than what he wanted now!. Tailor understood what is said by me and he said he is going to struggle hard for it. After few days Rajesh came to my house. I introduced him to her. She asked won’t I introduce her to him? I replied, I did it an year ago and said we use to discuss how to fuck you in online chatting. She felt shy and went inside. I said Rajesh to enjoy her, she is all your’s!And went out of house. He thanked me and my mom and he had a great fucking session. That night I called Sasi and we three fucked her in three holes, by changing them randomly.

Hope you like the first part, thanks for reading……I will write second part in few days……….!
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