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Friday, 27 September 2013

Pratusha’s Polygamy Village – Part Ii

(We thank Miss Pratusha for sharing her fantasy and valuable inputs. Please send your comments and suggestions to or )

…… My jaw fell open as if unhinged and it took me a long time to recover. During that time Sushma’s kids came freshened, hugged and kissed her and left to play. They did not seem bothered by Mom’s nudity.

When I recovered I asked her “You mean all three are your husbands?”

Sushma smiled “Not three, Four. Arjun went to fields, he will be returning soon”

I still could not recover from shock “Apart from legality aspect, how do they know who are their children?” I asked her, incredulous.

“Not only they. Even I don’t know who the father of each child is. I can only take an educated guess. It is also possible that none of them could have fathered the child, since I am fucked by any man who fancies me or I take a fancy to. But does it matter?” she asked innocently. I stared in disbelief.

“It doesn’t matter? For any man, it is a matter of pride to know he fathered a child” I said.

Sushma shrugged. “They love all children as their own. There was never an issue about who was the father of the child” she said as a matter of fact. We were silent for few minutes.

“If this new gets out, all hell will break loose and your village will be front-line news all over the world. How have you managed to keep it under wraps?” I enquired curiously.

“Our private lives are a closely guarded secret. For outside world, we are like any normal village. Arjun is my husband and the kids are ours. If anyone visits, my other husbands will go to their homes. We put on an act as long as necessary. Everyone plays their part ” Sushma said.
I hesitated and asked “Why have you revealed your secret to me? What made you think that I will not reveal? “

She smiled.” When Kishan called about you, I warned everyone to be careful and to put on our act for your benefit. I myself put on a thick nighty over the transparent one and went to the gate to look at you. You were walking towards our house. One look at you, your bouncing braless boobs and the peculiar gait women have when fucked in the ass and I knew you were special.

“Correct me if I am wrong. You are fucked in all holes many times to your full satisfaction in last two days but you are not getting enough fucking in other days..” she paused.

“Yes, you are right, I don’t know how you guessed, but it doesn’t answer, why you should trust me?” I asked puzzled.

“You are like me; we have heavy duty cunts and asses, meant for 24X7 fucking. We have high capacity, stamina for rigorous fucking. I knew you would love to migrate to my village, marry many men and be happy. So I trusted you” she said with straight face.

I burst out laughing “Are you crazy? Why would I leave all comforts of a town and shift to this remote village?” I asked, still chuckling and stopped suddenly as Arjun, her fourth or rather first husband walked in.

I could not help staring at him. He was quite handsome. He was more than six feet tall and barrel chested. Even through the loose shirt, his massive biceps, triceps and muscular body contours were visible. He was agile like a tiger, his immense strength reminded me of a coiled spring.
He had thick mop of hair and his large, black eyes were surprisingly gentle, incongruous with his WWE wrestler like body. My cunt went into overdrive and started pouring out juice, when I glanced at his thick, matted hair on chest visible through the opened top two buttons of shirt and hair on forearms.

I blushed as I imagined his thick pubic hair tickling my cunt as he pushed his cock fully in my cunt.

His eyes were also darting on to my nipples and cunt, the seeping wetness was now visible on white leggings. My T shirt was too short to cover cunt. I thought when I left my parents’ village that I had been fucked enough to last me for ten days and I would not have craving till then, but my cunt was again hungry.

Sushma brought me into this world by introducing him. I joined hands and said “Namaste” and wished I didn’t blush so obviously.

He assured me that he would get the car repaired first thing in the morning and to relax. He went in to change and shower.

Sushma smiled at me “I can read you like a book. Come, I will take you to our bed room. You wait for him in my bed naked, I will send him to fuck you” My heart was racing, as she led me to their bed room.

It took me few seconds to remove T shirt and leggings, Sushma watched and nodded with approval as she took in my hour glass figure, heavy tits, slender waist, deep navel and generous hips.

“I am glad your cunt is clean shaved. Arjun is very fussy about it, others don’t mind much” she said running her hands along my inner thigh and checking smoothness of cunt mound. After few minutes she left.

Arjun finished his shower and came into the room saying “Hey, Sush, have you seen that lady’s nipples jutting out, waiting to be chewed and that wet patch near cunt. Do you think she will allow me to fuck her..” he froze in shock and his eyes widened as he saw me waiting naked in his bed.

His inaction lasted only few seconds. In front of my eyes, his cock stretched to full height and his body was just as I imagined. His body was covered with such thick, black hair it was as if he was wearing a black woolen coat. His forearms, thighs were also covered in black hair, giving him an irresistible animal look.

I thought he would fuck me on the bed. He caught hold of my ankles and roughly pulled me to the edge of bed. He lifted me as easily as he would a child and I wrapped my hands around his neck. I crossed my legs around his waist, he rubbed my cunt and parted lips with fingers and pushed his cock in. I lowered my crotch and felt his cock sliding smoothly in my cunt, rubbing very wet cunt walls….and kissed him.

He carried me into the hall and was lifting me by holding my buttocks and dropping on to his crotch even while walking. I was enjoying the ride by lifting myself up by forcing my feet on his buttocks. His hard, washboard six pack abs and granite like chest was wonderful to crush and rub my body and tits.

When we entered the hall, Ratan and Gopi had finished their chores and were discarding clothes. Within seconds their cocks were rigid by the sight of my bouncing boobs and Arjun’s pounding of my cunt. Arjun sat on the settee and turned me the other side so that my back was facing him. He did it so effortlessly, without taking out cock from cunt.

I wondered why, until I saw the other two approaching me. Gopi kneeled in front of me and started sucking my tits and Ratan pushed his cock into my mouth…and Arjun was lifting and dropping me on his cock as if he was rocking a baby.

Arjun told Sushma who was watching proudly.”Sush, this lady’s cunt is very tight and she is an expert in cunt muscle control, she is amazing”
I was wondering if I was dreaming. Ratan told Arjun to lie on his back and turn me to his side so that he could fuck me in the ass.

Gopi who was squeezing and sucking my tits took out his mouth and asked “First ask her if she wants it or not”.

In reply got up, took out Arjun’s cock from my cunt and as he moved back to lie on his back, I straddled him and impaled my flowing cunt on his glistening cock covered with my juices. Then I sprawled on his chest and parted my ass cheeks with both hands, inviting Ratan to fuck me.
Ratan waited for me to completely push Arjun’s cock and applied gel on his cock and in my anus and pushed it slowly in. The sweet, familiar pain was driving me up the wall. I tried to relax my muscles by sucking Gopi’s cock.

Then they started fucking me steadily and nicely. They had good coordination; they were varying pace, force to give me maximum pleasure. Arjun and Gopi were mauling my tits.

I was on cloud nine when Sushma tapped me on shoulder.

“Maa’m, hope you are enjoying yourself. Anything else you require?” she asked with exaggerated deference of a waiter.

“Everything is splendid, thank you. Nothing else, wait a minute. Is it possible to taste cum of Bablu?” I said taking out Gopi’s cock. Every one broke into laughter at my joke.

Just on cue, Bablu and her other shrieking kids returned. I was paralyzed with shame, shock and guilt. There was no time to rush and hide.
Kids gave curious glances as kids do when they find strangers in the house, but acted as if everything was normal. In fact a ten year old girl sat next to Arjun as he was thumping me and talked to him about her grades and how teacher appreciated her. Arjun told her he was happy and proud as he was giving upward thrusts and squeezing my tits.

Sushma’s gardener husband took the kids inside to help them freshen up.

I was horrified as Sushma told Bablu ” Go wash your cock and come. Aunty wants to taste your cum”. I thought she knew I was joking.
“Mom, I want to fuck, today morning also Aunt sucked me to taste my cum” he complained as if he was being treated unfairly.

“Bablu, You can fuck her and just before you cum, let her suck and make you cum. We are finishing anyway” Arjun said and increased his pace and started thumping, my cunt was making squishy sounds.

“Same here” Ratan said and buried his cock deep in my anus and released. It felt fabulous getting both holes filled with warm jets of cum. After few seconds, Gopi came in my mouth.

As they removed cocks and I lay panting, Sushma licked my cunt and slurped her husband’s cum and my juices and wiped the sperm from my anus. She gave water and I gratefully gulped and swallowed Gopi’s cum.

“Are you sure you are ok? Can you take one more cock?” she asked anxiously.

I nodded. “But let him fuck me missionary.”

Bablu came naked and fucked me and when he was about to cum, I sucked and his aunt was right. His cum was yummy, not thick like adult sperm and tasted different.

We had dinner and I slept in Sushma’s bedroom. I was very tired and drifted into sleep as Arjun and Gopi were sucking my tits …………
…………….” Pratusha, get up, it is past nine and your car is ready” Sushma gently shook my shoulder and woke me up.

I woke up and for few seconds, I did not know where I was. I looked and saw I was naked and my T shirt and leggings were washed, ironed and folded neatly and kept on the bed.

I went to bathroom, had a shower and dressed up. I saw Sushma was waiting at dining table for me.

She smiled at me and called Ratan to serve us breakfast. House was deserted; kids went to school and men to work. I called my parents, told them car was repaired and I was going home.

Sushma accompanied me to the gate. I hugged and thanked her for everything. I sat in the car and started the engine, then killed it.

I lowered the window glass and asked her “Sushma, can I stay for few days? My husband is on a tour and anyway I have to stay alone at home”
Sushma was beaming ear to ear and I stayed there for 4 days……….

……………..I lived in a sexual paradise for next 4 days, was fucked countless times and was treated like a queen. I was amazed by what I learned.
Women were heads of family. They could marry any number of men but number of children was limited to a maximum of five. Name of father would be the first husband’s, irrespective of who fathered the child. There was no divorce provision but husbands were free to fuck any lady in the village if that lady was willing.

“I don’t see you working at all” I remarked once.

Sushma was surprised. “Why, I work hardest” she exclaimed.

“I didn’t see you cooking, washing clothes or cleaning house. You don’t even give bath to kids” I told her.

She smiled “I get fucked whole day and gave birth to 5 kids” she said as if in protest.

I saw in amazement that that none of the women were burdened with daily chores. Husbands shared the work. There was no jealousy, possessiveness or infatuation. When she took me around the village, on an impulse she knocked on a door of a house, chatted for a while with lady of the house, got us fucked by two men while she was talking. The lady acted as if she was offering tea to her guests.

There was a school up to 10th standard. For higher studies they have to go out.

“How will they manage in outside world? The kids will be treated like freaks “I asked.

“You will be surprised to know our kids are the best behaved and are toppers in studies. Before they leave we educate them about your world. Unlike your kids our kids are not obsessed with sex and frustration. They study really hard without distractions. They attract members of opposite sex like honey attracts ants. I think their exposure gives them the confidence and some inexplicable attraction.

“We teach them to be careful and not have indiscriminate sex and land up in trouble. Our village is very rich, we have very fertile lands and we use latest technology in farming. We give all comforts to kids and some of us will go and fuck them if they feel deprived.” Sushma explained at length.

“Do all of them comeback or settle outside and marry outside? If so, how will they explain to spouses about their village?” I asked one question that was troubling me for a long time.

“Most of them settle outside. They have fucked so many times and seen so much of fucking; they don’t have the craze that you people have. They get married, settle happily, may be indulge in 3, 4 sums. Some of them slowly tell their spouses if spouses like free sex they come during vacations have unlimited fucking and go back.” Sushma told.

On fourth day my mind was made up. I wanted to settle in this village. But I didn’t want to divorce Murali and I didn’t know how to convince him.
As I was leaving all members of Sushma’s household gave me affectionate hugs and kisses

Sushma told me as I was getting into the car “I am sure Murali is having an affair. There is no other reason for neglecting you. Watch out, twist his arm and come and settle here”.

I laughed, waved and drove away.

I went back home and fell into the normal routine with Murali. Not a day passed without my daydreaming about that village. One day servant maid brought a key and gave me; she found it on the door mat outside the house. I could not recognize it. A/C Mechanic and Gas delivery boy or anyone could have dropped it. I put it in my handbag and forgot about it.

After couple of days I went to the bank, found it closed. I cursed myself for forgetting that that was a public holiday. As I was about to come back, I remembered that Murali’s office was across the street.

I wondered what Murali was doing in the office on a public holiday. I went to his office on 4th floor and as I suspected office was closed. As I turned back to go, I suddenly remembered the key in my hand bag. I inserted the key in the lock and turned and door swung open noiselessly. Murali had dropped spare office key and didn’t even notice.

I entered and heard some voices from his office room. I went near the door and listened.

One female voice was saying “Murali, fuck me in the ass”.

Another female voice said” Don’t be stupid, how he can fuck me in the cunt if he fucks you in the ass?”

First female said” Why not? I will wipe it “. Then both were speaking at the same time.

Then Murali’s voice cut in.”Be quiet, First let me fuck her in the cunt, after some time I will fuck you in the ass and fill it”

First female asked “Aunty, when did you start enjoying anal? You don’t care much about vaginal fucking I noticed”

There was a throaty laughter.

“After two normal deliveries, my cunt became so loose only an African cock could have fitted it, so I tried anal and loved it” that Aunty was saying.

My blood started boiling. I opened the door violently with an intention to blast Murali and stood paralyzed with shock. I felt as if a lightning struck me.

Murali had just taken out his cock drenched with his married sister’s cunt juices and was pushing it in the anus of second married sister. His Aunt, mother’s sister, was sitting in his chair masturbating and watching porn clip on his computer. All were naked.

Their jaws fell open, they reminded me of animals caught in the head lights glare of a car in the night.

I was the first to recover. I slammed the door shut and went home.

That evening Murali came home like a cat and kept darting side long glances at me to gauge my mood and bracing himself for onslaught. I said nothing. We finished dinner in silence.

When we were seated in sofa, I asked him.” Since how long you have been fucking them?”

He replied in a small voice “Since my school days, they were in college”

I asked him point blank “My first impulse was to divorce you. If I don’t divorce you, can you stop fucking them?”

He gulped many times” Pratusha, Can you be considerate? It will kill all of us. We are so passionately involved”

I flared up “Why did you marry me?”

He was looking at his toe nails when he pleaded “I can’t marry my sisters. I thought I will get over once I got married. I was wrong. Can you not adjust to the new reality, please?”

“I don’t want to ruin many lives and families but I have a solution” I told him. He literally jumped at it.

My offer to him was that we shift to that Polygamy village and take a house. I will stay there and we will be shuttling between village and town. He can fuck his sisters and Aunt in our home peacefully. I will marry 3 men and stay in the village. He will have children, not necessarily from his loins. I would take up a teacher’s job in the village.

It was difficult for him to swallow the idea of my other 3 husbands but reluctantly agreed.

Sushma has found 3 good husbands, Arjun’s brother and two other good looking studs………

I am now living like a queen, no house hold chores, getting fucked any time and every time by any number of cocks I desired…………………………………

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