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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Raising Heat

Hai friends, I am posting my first story which happened at my younger age. I’m Sandeep from Rasantha. With the onset of my teenage, the hormones in me never were silent. The changes in my throat, pubic hairs, armpits, moustache, beard all surprised me one by one. Its during my high schooling that I noticed all these changes. But above all these changes the most impacting is the attraction towards the female assets.

With the years passing by and going deeper into the teenage made me think deeper into female curves and the ultimate excitement. I slowly started stating female beauty, sometimes watching the glimpses of cleavages, naval exposures, thigh exposure and likewise whenever possible here and there.

When I was in the middle of my teenage we need to change our house to a new location. It was a two portion house and both are located within a single house having only ground floor, common backyard and front side some open space between the doors and the entry gate. Our neighbors are Riyaaz and his wife Sultana with five children among them, the first three are daughters and fourth one is a son and last one is again a daughter.

My instant arousal was the moment I saw Sultana who is 41 years old, very fair, above average height, a little more chubby which made every asset of her very attractive with heights more higher and troughs more deeper. At the moment I saw her, I kept staring at her till my father called me from inside the house to arrange households properly as we have just shifted. Their daughters never came into my thoughts there after because of the fact that teenage guys always want larger and heavier female assets.

Within a week I came to know that Sultana doesn’t care very much about her saree and blouse position during her household work and mostly she attends almost all the household work at the back side of our house like washing clothes, utensils, cleaning etc. along with an old maid servant and with a little help from her daughters. Her husband never seen at home during day time as he leave for work in the morning and comes back only to sleep.

I observed that she spends most of her time in the backyard attending works. I too tried as much as possible to spend time in the back of our house for occasional glimpse of her cleavage. She has a large bosom and she never bothers about the position of her pallu and blouse. I also observed that she never wears either brassier or panty underneath her blouse or saree. Almost daily I used to have deeper glimpses of her cleavages. Sometimes her saree gets tucked into her ass crack when she stands after sitting for a while. This used to make me horny.

During some holidays when I was playing with her children in their house I noticed that she was very casual about her attire. Many a times she used to put her pallu aside during work and even in the presence of their daughters and son and me she used to take away her pallu to clean her sweat from face and stomach area. No one seemed to bother her acts and feels it as most usual and never mind. This gave me more chance to see her blouse without her saree on it. Usually her blouse looked like a overstuffed teddy bear toy. Nearly half of her breasts come out from her low cut blouse and create a deep cleavage. I used to forget everything when I watch her cleavage of her breasts.

When on onetime she was sitting on the floor of her kitchen room and doing something. For convenience she lifted her saree and petticoat upto her knees with her knees clearly outside showing a little bit of her thighs also. I stood there as if feeling tired of the play with her little son. She sitting in that position saw me and smiled at me and asked to me to take a glass of water from kitchen to drink. I slowly went into the kitchen and took the water glass and drank slowly and all the time watching her cleavage and a little of her thighs. She looked very causal and asked me to help her in cutting the vegetables. I immediately agreed feeling a thunder in my heart and happily sat before her. She was cutting onions and I’m arranging ladyfingers for cutting. During all this time I’m watching her cleavage, thighs and uncovered naval. Her naval is very deep due to her bubbly midriff.

She suddenly got tears in her eyes and I hurriedly asked what happened. She told ” these onions are new, so I’m getting tears, what! Are u not getting any?” I told “yes even I’m getting tears” She took off her pallu from her breast and swiped her tears smilingly and asked me to swipe mine with her saree tip. I bend forward going very near to her boob cleavage and looked deep into it and then took her pallu and swiped my tears. I took a little longer to do this and kept looking at her breast, covered only, with blouse.

I got erection in my underwear but sat silently. She felt everything as very normal and during all this time she kept her pallu aside occasionally using it to swipe her sweat. During the second week I observed that daily evening at about eight o’clock she used to take bath in the back of our house, in the open space near the water well. As there are high walls on all the sides there is no problem that anyone may watch her. She also switches Off the back lights.

One day I came from tuition early and tried to go to backyard. When I’m switching the backyard light my gran-ma immediately stopped me saying that she is bathing at the back side. I stopped on that day. But it made me restless and thus I came to know that she baths outside at this time daily.

Next day again I came early at eight o’clock in the evening to home and without the notice of anybody I slowly went to back of my house walking on the side of my house. A fountain of hormones raised in me on that moment with what I saw there. She is totally nude and sat on a small wooden stool near the well and was bathing. I was standing in the dark and her back covered with nothing was dimly visible from very little light. Then after sometime she turned towards my side.

I saw round and large breasts slightly sagging, thick round thighs, deep naval all wet but her mound is not visible. Its much darker near her pubic area because of dim light. I kept watching till she completed. After completing she stood up, slowly swiped off the water droplets from her with a towel and covered herself in that towel and went into her house. I felt almost feverish all the night with my tool fully erect all night.

An idea came to my mind and the next day onwards daily at 8pm I used climb the stairs on to the terrace and from there I can watch her more closely and clearly. During these days I enjoyed staring at all over her body except her pussy. On a full moon day, it was very much like a visual delight for me watching her taking bath near the well. When she pours water over her its almost like she is bathing with moonlight and in turn the moonlight is sinking into her skin giving all its whiteness and brightness to her skin. She shines like Tajmahal in that moonlight. Her boobs are like the white marble domes of Taj, her legs and thighs like the four minars of the Taj, her body like shining Yamuna in the full moonlight. This made many sleepless nights for me.

Slowly and unknowing I started becoming bold with her during the day times as now her body is fully acquainted by my daily watching during the evenings. I wantedly spend lot of time in their house and I made close friendship with all her children and now I move as if its my own house. But she was as usual very causal with her saree and blouse and now with my presence too.

Sultana now assigns few works which she cannot ask her son to do like bringing shaving razor from shop, giving her saree and blouse for ironing and bringing back, getting sanitary napkins from shop. She sometimes, when in kitchen, ask me to clean the sweat on her back with her own pallu. This improved to her stomach and naval area later. I sometimes don’t use her pallu but clean her sweat with my own bare hand on her bare back and stomach which are sparingly covered by her lowcut back blouse.

On one holiday, when the house maid was absent, Sultana is washing clothes and I just came to the back of the house and found her. She kept some wet clothes on the shoulder and keeping them one by one on the rope for drying. She is wearing a white thinner cloth silk blouse, it all got wet completely because of the wet clothes. She called me and asked to help her. I tried to take one piece of cloth from her and then noticed that her pallu was very much moved sideways and the “wet” silk blouse is hiding nothing. Her pallu was wet and became like a thread in between her breasts and the white silk blouse is revealing everything.

Her pink round areoles are very clearly seen. The full view of her breasts made me motionless. I kept staring at her voluptuous breasts, white like butter and areoles round and pink like strawberry. Her nipples are fully erect due to wetness and are standing up. I kept staring at them. She said “What are you looking for? Come help me” in a restless tone. I said ” just thinking that which cloth shall I take” in casual tone. She said” take the one hanging from my left shoulder”

I said OK and while taking the wet cloth I intentionally pressed and rubbed through her left boob and did it slowly. She never seemed to notice it. But I kept staring at her two milky white round breasts in her wet white silky blouse. Then I took a wet white blouse into my hands from wet clothes with my fingers behind it and showed her. I said ” look this wet blouse looks almost transparent”.
She smilingly said ” the one on me is much more transparent than that, but when they are dry they are not like that, anyway you stared at them for a long time, go, this work is finished”.

I felt a thunder bolt in my heart. I felt as if she found me staring at her breasts. From next day onwards I used to ask her more bolder questions about female items. I ask her ” how do u use this whisper?”. She straightly answered” as like u wear an underwear”.
I said ” why don’t you use brassier?”. She casually answered ” My size is difficult to get in shops and I don’t feel comfortable with them, they create sweat”.

I said ” how many times do you shave in a week?”. She said ” two times and what about you?”. I said ” once a week”. She smiled and said ” what parts do you shave?” I said ” my moustache, beard and armpits”.
She said ” what about there?” indicating at my groin. I was stunned and replied shyly “once a fortnight”. She said ” No from now onwards shave twice a week, it should be clean, it is good for young man”. I said ” Yes, but what if I cut my skin there?” with worry in my voice.
She said ” It won’t cut, even though I shave twice weekly, I don’t get a cut, why do you fear?” I said ” OK I will do it twice”.

One day when I entered her kitchen, she was sitting on the floor and working. Her saree and petticoat are up and more above her knees. She noticed me and put her pallu on her chest and smilingly said ” my upper two hooks of the blouse are broken”. I said ” shall I fix it?”. She said “if you know how to sew it then get the needle and thread from the bed room and do it, I’m feeling uncomfortable because of it”.
I immediately ran to the bedroom and get the needle and thread. She pulled her pallu aside from her blouse covered breasts and said ” What are you waiting for, just sew the upper two hooks, don’t pinch me with the needle” and laughed. Her breasts are almost exposed and even a little bit of her pink areole are also visible. I was dumb stuck at this view and kept staring.

She said ” This blouse is very low cut type, with just two broken hooks it is showing everything, sew it fast before someone comes here”. I with my trembling hands slowly started sewing. I started with the upper one first. She continued with her work and I slightly touching her breast, hold her blouse cloth. I am not getting enough cloth to hold it properly. She said ” pull it up a little, you will get enough cloth to hold”. With this instruction I pulled one side of her blouse cloth and unexpectedly her left boob came out of her blouse.
She laughed loudly and said ” You pulled it completely out!!, so now you have to push it in, it is your punishment!!”.

I gladly accepted the punishment and tried to push her boob into the blouse but mistakenly the other one also came out from the blouse.
She said ” Enough of your pushing, stop it and open all the other hooks and sew the top two hooks quickly before anybody enters this room”. I said ” But your breasts will be out and exposed”. She said smilingly with a little shy ” Are they not exposed now, sew it fast”.
I carefully sewed the hooks and in the mean time touched and rubbed my hands lot of times all over her breasts. But she seemed as usual and continued with her work.

When I completed she said teasingly ” I have two more blouses with hooks broken, when do you sew them?”. I noticed she has deeper breaths and I’m completely breathless. I said ” Wear them one by one and I will stitch them while you are wearing”. She laughed at my reply. Then I suddenly noticed that she pulled her saree and petticoat much higher than her knees to sit on the floor of the kitchen freely. Women sit with their knees up while sitting on the floor generally. Now I was standing on knees before her and was clearly able to see her groin as the sunlight was focused into the kitchen from my backside.

It was cleanly shaved, milky white as it was never exposed to light and looked very smooth like silk. While doing work she is slowly moving her legs, thighs and thereby her groin. I started looking for her pussy or at least to see her pussy lips but not possible that day.
One day during marriage season my parents went to distant relatives marriage at Chennai and told me they will come back only after ten days. I was alone and my aunt sultana promised my parents that she will take good care of me as I cannot go with them due to my studies. Sultana aunt’s got an opportunity in Gulf and went there, will be back only after two years. Her Children on this particular day went to a local marriage except her last daughter.

In the evening I came back a little earlier from my studies and her last daughter told me that her mother is bathing at the back side and went to watch the TV. I slowly went towards the back side the light was ON, I found her preparing for the bath. She saw me, smiled and asked ” Can you wash my back for me today with this scrub, I’m not comfortable in reaching my back while bathing”.
I said ” It is not visible clearly if you switch OFF the light”. She said smilingly ” Ooh No, if light is ON then everything is visible, if somebody comes it becomes a problem”.

Then she arranged her bath in the last empty room of her portion, removed her saree, sat on a stool of two feet height and asked me to help her rubbing her back. I slowly started rubbing her back with soap and scrub, but because of the blouse its not fully reaching her back. She noticed this and said ” If you are not able to cover my back fully then I’ll remove my blouse, but you stay on my backside only”. She then removed her blouse and put her long black hair on her breast covering her boobs, but her back is fully visible with nothing on it. I slowly rubbed it with soap in my hands.

After sometime I reached her bottom and also touched the side of her breasts a few times.
She said ” You are doing it quite nicely, come and do it on the front side also”. I just jumped to front side and she slowly pushed her long thick black hairs on her back revealing her total breasts. Her breasts are large, milky white in complexion with round pink areoles and fully puffy.

She said ” Put your hands on my shoulders and start cleaning towards my naval, but don’t stay longer on my chest”. I put my hand on her. Slowly rubbed around her breasts then squeezed them first gently and then fiercely. She said in low voice” Be gentle beta don’t squeeze them hard”. I slowly went down and rubbed her naval with my bare hands. I said ” Your feet needs to be cleaned, shall I do it?”. She said ” OK, but don’t push my petticoat more higher”. I bent down to her feet and started rubbing soap to her feet. I applied a thick lather to them, slowly started applying more lather upto her knees pushing her petticoat above her knees. She said ” Apply that lather a little higher beta”. With this I felt as if nothing can stop me and pushed her petticoat more higher towards the junction where her both thighs meet. Her love hole is between her thighs and not visible as the legs are closer.

I slowly parted her legs and right in front of my eyes is her pussy. Fully open, cleanly shaved, pinkish lips and reddish Clit, Opening like the entrance gate of a Fort. At first I felt like treating my eyes, but later felt like touching, but later felt like eating, but later felt like sucking, later felt like smelling….. and finally realized like must do all. I poured water on her pussy, cleaned her vagina and clit. Then slowly started licking it on the upper lips of her cunt. After that parted her Upper lips and it revealed pinkish reddish Clit and I ate it for few minutes.

I inserted my finger into her wet vagina and it went inside her and reached her G-Spot(the rough layer like thing at two inches distance from Vulva). Slowly started encircling her G and same time licking her Clit. Raised the other hand and caught hold of her boob and started squeezing hard. After a few minutes she started oozing lot of love juices indicating her multiple climaxes. Her body trembled for a few moments. Spasms’ rippled all over her body again and again. Finally she released a big sign and relaxed all her muscles. Then appeared a beautiful smile on her face with fully satisfied feeling and shined like the crescent moon and star.

She said in a happy tone ” Stand up beta, now remove your pants and underwear, you must be immediately relaxed”, saying so she removed my pants and took my 7″ cock in her hand. Smeared her saliva all over my cock with her tongue and started sucking it.
She said “Beta look at my breasts, lips, naval, midriff, thighs and pussy, its all for your eyes, have a visual treat, squeeze my boobs while I suck your Penis, you no longer need to watch me from the terrace!!” I shockingly asked her ” Do you know that I’m watching you when you are bathing”.

She said briskly ” Not for the first three weeks, but later I found you watching me in the moonlight, it aroused me fully after a long time in my sexual life, that’s why I revealed more to your eyes from fourth week onwards”. I asked her ” Then why you took these many days to do this?”. She said “I need to confirm whether you reveal about me to any other person, then when I came to know that you kept this as a deep secret I slowly allowed you”. She took my cock again into her mouth and sucked, soon I exploded into her mouth deep in her throat. She swallowed every drop smiled at me and said “Its hot and large, my pussy definitely want it inside but not now”. Then we quickly completed the bath. She told me to come to her at eight O’clock daily to help her in her bath. I said ‘sure, with pleasure’ and came to my room.

At Nine O’clock she called me to her house from front door and told me dinner is ready. I told her I’m not hungry. She said ” I promised your parents that I’ll lookafter you nicely, so you must daily eat in our house and sleep with us in our house”. That story follows…….
My dear friends, keep posting your comments and suggestions at
This is my first story and need ur encouragement. Thank you.
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