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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sweet Pleasure Turns Sour – Part I

Hi there everyone, it’s been a long time since my last story and frankly I do not even remember the name of that one. So let me re introduce myself, I am Akash , 22 years of age living in Delhi and the story I am going to share with you is about one of my Facebook friend and how we got into a friends with benefits relationship.

So it all started after my 12th board exams back in 2009. I was 18; when Facebook was quite new in India and I had just created an account on it, with no expectations at all and in the start it has these friend suggestions to add from, so I was going through it and saw this girl with some mutual friends. Her name was Puja Rawat, same age as mine. Her display picture was a close cut of her face and I really liked the cuteness of her smile. I sent her the request and after a while she accepted it. We started chatting. After some initial slow conversations we opened up to each other and were more frank and direct.

She was engaged in a relationship at that time and I was single desperately ready to mingle. We exchanged phone numbers after sometime and had regular conversations. Then she got admitted to Symbiosis, Pune for a course in mass communication and had to leave. Before leaving though she wanted to meet and asked a couple of times but I refused (I am still trying to ascertain the reason to that).

So we stopped talking for a month, I guess, and then I texted her one day and it all started again. By that time even I was in a committed relationship but the thrill of having an affair never seems to dry out.

So, now whenever we talked I always tried to steer the conversation towards sex. Initially she was reluctant and often told me to stop and when I didn’t she stopped talking to me. But always texted back after a day or two. Her relationship hit a rough patch and she used to confide in me every time and used to cry a lot. I used to calm her down and cheer her up which meant that even my relationship suffered.

We used to talk a lot and almost 24*7 (except the sleep time), slowly we started having sex chats they were good and as we moved on she started being much more responsive. As days progressed just chatting was not enough and we started having sex on the phone. I loved to hear her moan while all the talk and this continued till the fall of 2010

It was the December of 2010 when she finally decided to come home (Delhi), and we decided to meet. No matter how long you have been in contact with, the first meeting always makes you nervous. I dressed up casually in a black leather jacket, a grey muffler, a faded blue t-shirt, faded skinny denim jeans and woodland shoes. We were to meet in the greater Kailash M-block market café coffee day.

I reached the venue before time and told the server to get a box of chocolate along with a bouquet of flowers that I bought for her (yellow lilies). At sharp 12 she came through the door looking extremely beautiful. She was wearing a black puffed up jacket, red scarf, furry boots, and leg hugging jeans. We hugged and I complimented her on her beauty. She smiled and we sat, as instructed the waiter got what I told him to, and she responded positively by hugging me again.

We talked and drank our coffee. The topics were many and we kept exploring every one of them. At around 4 we got up and decided to leave. I did not have a car or a bike at that time so I called for a three wheeler and went on to drop her home, lajpat nagar, it was cold and she held on to me. It was sudden and I was taken by surprise. I put my right hand around her and brought her close to me. Her hair smelled great, her head was buried in my chest and I kissed gently on her head. We stayed like this till lajpat nagar metro station where she asked the auto to stop and told me that we will walk rest of the way, she paid off the auto (despite me saying otherwise), and started walking. I took her hand and we walked and talked. She looked so beautiful all I wanted was to get close to her, I even didn’t care that this was an open road. Her bouncing hair, red lips and flawless skin were making it a hard thing to control my desires. We reached her home and the main door was locked. She called her parents who told her they would be back late that night and the keys were with the neighbours. She invited me in I readily agreed. We went in after the door was unlocked it was a gallery that led to the guest room which was spacious and warm. It had a master sofa and three single chair sofas with camel color covers, the carpet was very furry and the room was dimly lit by a single table lamp. As the gallery ended a staircase led upwards to the bedrooms and the guest room opened to the right. She asked me for anything and I refused. We sat down and I looked at her, she was looking amazing in the gleam of the yellow light. She noticed me staring and asked what happened, I moved close to her and she stared right in my eyes.

I put my arm around her waist and she put hers around mine. Then she suddenly lowered her head and whispered, both of us are in a relationship. I chinned her up and saw tears in her eyes. I assured her that nothing was wrong and she seemed all the more beautiful like that sobbing gently in my arms and her eyes had these tears gleaming. I bent down gently and kissed her forehead as I did that she responded by kissing my neck, I bent down to kiss her lips and just gently caressed her lips with mine, she parted her lips a little and for a second none of us did anything her breath was hot and I was getting really hard by this. I gently chewed her upper lip with my lips and withdrew then I did the same thing with the lower lip and finished the kiss by pressing my lips against hers. As I drew back I opened my eyes, hers were closed and she gently bit her lower lip as though savoring the taste.

I pushed back her hair from the face behind her ear. She cupped my face in her hands, opened her lips wider than before and lunged for mine. She encapsulated my lips between her got up while doing so to her knees on the couch and placed her knees on either side of mine. I took my hands on her hips and gently squeezed them. And put her down the couch on her back and came over her, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist.

We were kissing again and this time our mouths were opening wider than before. Her saliva tasted so sweet I just didn’t want it to stop. Midway the kiss a fight started between the two of us which I realized a little late, she was trying to wrap her lips over mine and every time I opened mine to get her lips between mine she pushed me back a little, so we continued this and I started tickling her gently in the waist (I know that is generally before the foreplay starts but we are not a “conventional” couple, so to speak). She put her hands inside my t-shirt on my back and dug her nails to tease me. It hurt somewhat and in return I bit her lower lip and pulled it upward twisting it gently. We laughed and during this she took off my jacket and I took off hers, she took off her boots and was now in a lime sleeveless body hugging top and jeans. I took off my t-shirt and she got up, I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me, kissed her again and this time I gently licked her upper lip she responded by licking my lower lip.

We licked each other’s mouths for some time and were enjoying. I slid my lips from her cheeks to her ear, biting gently and I bit her earlobe gently she smiled and scratched my back again with her nails. I kissed her neck below her ear and gently kept kissing and biting my way down to her shoulders. I pulled down the strap of her top and bit her arm and neck. She was biting me neck by now and I lifted her up she wrapped her legs around me and started kissing my neck hungrily.

It was hard to carry her while she was busy licking and kissing me neck and chest so I pushed her against the wall and started licking her mouth she pushed my face back and with heavy breathing whispered “rip off my top”, I tried to rip it off but the material seemed super solid so I put her down and took it off.

She was wearing a skin colour bra and removed that too. I saw a topless angel standing right in front of me and cupped her gorgeous breasts in my hand she pulled my face up and put her tongue inside my mouth. She was getting wilder by every passing moment and her nails were scratching me everywhere. I was trying my best to be gentle with her and kept kissing her, she put her feet down and pushed me back, I thought maybe she did not like something I did but then she turned around facing the wall pulled her hair in front and exposed her back.

I came close kissed her neck just below her head and she whispered ”neeche se start kar (start from below)”, I bent and pulled her jeans down kissed her spine just above her hips and licked the spot, I did that again just above the previous one, and continued going upwards, she was moaning and her breathing was heavy with every next kiss.

Suddenly her cell phone rang, I paused and looked it said “Papa (dad)”, she took the call and was told that they had a change of plans and would be arriving in 15 minutes. Having no choice, we had to take the clothes and I hurriedly kissed her goodbye.
The next time we met was much more intense and wild. This is the first episode of the 7 that I have planned.

Kindly do revert with feedback as it would be greatly appreciated.

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