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Monday, 16 September 2013

With Neighbour Smita

Hi all this is Raj back again with another new experience which happened last month. Thanks to all the guys girl’s ladies who send their response for my story and loved my experience.

To start with this is an experience which took place between me and my aunt (Smita). It’s a little lengthy story please have patience. As each and every situation is described. Hope you love it.

Smita lives next to my house and a very good friend of my family. Her husband is an army officer who is always transferred to different places. To live as per the need of his job and so this family has shifted here last 3 months back and as people around in Hyderabad mingle up soon
Everyone around got in touch with family and helped them.

Smita had a small baby boy of one and half year. And about her she was fair but not as milk and just a little fatty and had good assets. As she just gave birth to child and also had great bulging boobs which were point of attraction. Everyone was trying to get closer with her and make move but she was decent and never gave chance for it.

As they lived on the same floor of ours she use to visit our home often and mom helped her in settling house and also for market and use to ask me to get things for her. Which I use to do as my mother wanted me to do. I never took an interest in talking much with them as I was busy with my gf always.

Here the story starts. Smita noticed me many a times as I use to talk over phone over balcony and move all the space and then go back to home. She saw me talking a lot over phone . Once my parents were out for 2 days to Badrachalam and so they asked her to take care of me.

They left in the night and so I slept alone at home and as soon as I woke I found Smita knocking my door. I opened it. I was in my boxer and a t-shirt and bulge of my cock was visible as I have masturbation habit early morning. She was in a white suit with no chunni and wet hairs and a small bottu over her forehead with a smiling greet she gave me coffee and When asked how did she knew I only drink coffee. She said mom has informed her all the likes and dislikes of mine and so she made a move and left.

It was a weekend so nothing much to do and so I was home and it was afternoon I just had shower and came out and heard Smita aunty calling me for lunch. I just wore light clothes and went to her house. It was beautifully decorated and fragmented of smell was also sweet. I sat over the sofa and the child was lying next to me and she went into kitchen. I started playing with child and Firstly it was normal then child started crying and Smita just walked in and took child and tried to make him calm, but the child was not getting calm. Might be due to huger and so.

She sat on the sofa. Opened her white blouse took out one of her boob and placed it in baby’s mouth and covered it with sari. I was shocked with her move but it was normal as the women’s do in trains and busses too. As baby was busy sucking milk she started asking about me studies friends. And then came to gf. For which I said I have. She started asking all arousing questions like what all went on between u guys and what are future plans with her, etc. Etc. Etc.

Suddenly expressions of her face were changed. She was biting her lips due to the baby’s suck . I was loving the expression as it is the same when an elder person suck boobs. She got little uncomfortable but could not do anything as it was the only single room with attached hall and kitchen so she just tried controlling; But she couldn’t the baby started crying and then she had to shift the baby towards the other boob and so she lifted her sari which she covered.

There were white milkfish colored boob which turned a little red with brown nipple and a little spots of marks over it.. Wow. They were so wow looking just wanted to touch it but controlled as it won’t be nice as it was first time we were facing each other. She turned baby towards right side and gave him the right boob. But forgot to cover back the left one which made the moment greater as I could keep watching it. And might get chance to touch it as she was just next to me.

In sort of touching the left boob I started playing with baby’s legs which were up to the nipple of left boob and so even by mistake I touch them. I would feel lucky and so I just made a move and as playing I was successful in touching them and the softness of it. And the wet nipple was great to touch. Felt as wish I was the child to suck.

She realized the situation and in a sudden just moved my hands back and covered back the boobs and kept the child in hurry and went to kitchen. I was disappointed. But when I saw towards kitchen Smita gave a naughty smile. I thought I will soon gone have this milky boob mom. We had our lunch without much talks and I left out for roaming and asked her not to prepare food for night as I will eat out.

I went to my home and just felt on bed and started masturbating thinking of Smita tankers of milk. Ha-ha heard Smita at door and in hurry wore my short and came out she said she is going out and will return till evening and asked to take care of house I said okay and again she gave a naughty smile.

I then was home for some time and was with buddies and returned back in the night around 8.30 and Smita’s home was in darkness. I Thought she might have slept and so without making noise I moved towards home and changed and sat up. Smita knocked the door with baby in arms and asked if she can company me for some time. I asked sure and we started watching titanic on HBO. The baby was crying so she served milk from her right boob. I just have a small glimpse of it without nipple as baby was sucking it.

And soon baby slept and she too was sleepy and just with support of sofa she slept and once I realized I could clearly see the boob in the tube light with milk drop over nipple she was not aware of it. And I was lucky. I just went closer to watch it. And as was moving my head towards her she is sleep moved hand and grabbed my head and place it over the nipple thinking me as her baby. Without leaving moment I just slowly started sucking it up. With lips and didn’t made any move which might wake her up and I might lose the chance I sucked up for 5-8 mins and then she suddenly made a move and caught me over her boob. She just covered herself and was confused and looking at me in angry way.

I just kept my head down as I was caught red handed and she just made the baby sleep over on bed and came back and sat next to me and started grooming me with what’s right and what’s wrong. Must not do such thing and she will complain to parents and all shit. Which I was not concerned off. Then she asked me have you ever sucked up boobs before. I said I have a gf and I mostly do it with her. She was taken aback but managed the situation and asked if I have had sex before I said yes I had it and having it too.

She asked me the reason of the move I made. I said it was attracting me and I wanted to suck up the milk and so I just made the move and explained her what happened. Don’t know what she had in her mind. But then I got unexpected question. Do you want suck it more..?

I was dam stuck and closed the TV soon AND turned towards her with mouth open.. She gave a smile and took me on her thighs and just popped out her boob and place it over my mouth; it was great feeling having fresh milk and was even biting the nipple slowly for which she was making move in my hair with hands.. I cannot watch her expression as I was covered with sari and suddenly she removed sari. And gave me a slap over my left chin and in a harsh way said to suck it properly and covered back sari.

It was a shock for me but yet everything during sex is accepted . So I was busy sucking. And bulge in my pant rose up. she saw it and slowly moved hands towards it. Place it over my shorts and started pressing it. It was time for me to make move. I just unhooked the blouse buttons and started pressing the right boob over her white bra. And it was soft silk bra. Which was adding asset to her beauty and situation was getting hotter and hotter.

I got up and took the baby placed him on the floor with bead sheet and pillow under him. And I took Smita on bed. Started undressing made her nude with only panties on. She had white panty. She undressed me too. Complete nude with shaved public area. Cock shining with powder.

It got a little harsh. Hit her boob hard and kept sucking it. She made moves over head. And . Then I just made her on knees and asked her to suck her cock. She accepted it. She sucked up 6 inch cock for almost 15 mins and mad me cumin her mouth. Then she requested to fuck her, I was already on. I just removed her panty. She had a little hair over pussy but it didn’t mind me. I just took condom from my draw and put it on. And I started ramming her.

Her pussy was tight and with few strokes I was inn and the hotness of the walls was great feeling new pussy after long. With slow strokes situation went on. She started using abusive language which added fun and excitement to situation and I was getting harsher too. She was crying in tears. But it was excited too. Room was with sounds of patch patch patch patch. Ah ah ah aha oh oh god. Fuck fuck. Ya. In mean time her cum once and I was about to cum. We both came together. And I just fell over her. And was tired of 15 min long fuck as new pussy are always hard to fuck.

She then came over me and was teasing with her boobs over my lips and I just licked hanging boobs and made them wet with my saliva. She went down and sucked my cock and made it with bone again.

Then we had a doggy fuck and then slept on the bed in tiredness. I woke early in morning at 10 am and found Smita sitting nude with baby sucking her boob. And she was looking beautiful. As I was watching her.. She invited me to suck the other boob. I went and sucked her boob with kisses over lips. and then we had a bath together. In my house, She then went to her home. And did the day work. We only had 10 hrs. Left for my parent arrival and I didn’t want miss any chance and so. I went to her house and she was in her kitchen with nighty on.. I just went in closed the door she realized my presence and came running into my arms. We just lie on bed and started playing with each other and spent all the time in bed with born clothes.

Later after one month she moved to a different place. And I just have a phone contact with her. I am missing Smita’s tanker of milk.

Please post your comments at; Good day. !!!
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