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Friday, 27 September 2013

With Owner’s Family – Part Ii

This is in continuation where Lavanya and Rajesh left to see Lavanya’s ailing mother. Me and Anjali were now alone in the house and I locked the door from outside to avoid any disturbance. Then I lifted Anjali and took her to Lavanya’s bedroom. She was shy as a newly married girl. I lifted her face and starting kissing her. We kissed each other for 5 min standing. I slowly removed her saree went down and licked her stomach and navel. I moved up and unhooked her blouse and untied her skirt. Now she was in her bra and panties but still standing. I went down and took her panties off, put one leg of her on my left shoulder. This made my face right in front of her pussy.

I started licking her pussy and she was moaning like anything. As she was standing, she was losing balance. I licked her like that for some time. I removed her bra also and made her lie on the bed. I removed all my clothes and went to top of her. I put in cock in her mouth and started mouth fucking her. This went on for some time and I finally decided to take her virginity. I pushed my cock in her pussy. It was very tight compared to her mother. I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy making sure she will have minimum pain. Since she was wet after sometime my entire cock was in her pussy. I slowly stated to move back and forth and she was moaning very loudly in pain and excitement. I saw blood coming out of her cunt. Slowly I started to increase the speed and she was in ecstasy. Soon she had 1 and then multiple orgasms. She could not take me long and pushed me aside. I wiped her cunt and my cock with tissue paper. I again put my cock in her mouth and started mouth fucking her.

After sometime I reached my orgasm and unloaded the cum in her mouth. She spit the entire cum on the ground without drinking it. She did not like the taste but her mother never let a drop of my cum go waste when she gave blow jobs. We both collapsed and slept for 2 hours naked. We both wake up and went to the bathroom for bath. We bathed together during which we kissed, licked and fondled each other’s private parts. I told Anjali that for the next two days were are not going to wear anything. The next two days and nights we were naked entire time and fucked in many positions. Since Anjali was lean compared to Lavanya, it was easier with Anjali to try various positions of sex. We received call from Lavanya that next day they r going to return. On the final night, I had a rough sex with Anjali where I stroked her very hard, pressed her boobs very rough, and also blasted and bited her ass. She was in pain whole night but she was enjoying it.

Next morning I woke up early and went to station to bring Lavanya and Rajesh home. Mean time I asked Anjali to clean everything and set home right. Lavanya’s mother recovered well and they returned happily. By the time we reach home, Anjali made everything ready and also got ready for the office. I too went to my room to get ready and we both left for office. As soon as I reached office Lavanya called me and asked to come home early for lunch as she missed me very badly. I thought what I am getting into, fucking both mother and daughter felt very good but what If they come to know about it. Again I thought lets go till where we can go with this.

I took permission and left for lunch early. Rajesh has already drank and was sleeping. As soon as Lavanya came, I hugged and kissed her in the hall itself. She got worried that Rajesh might wake up but I did not listen to her and kissed her for 5 min. I lifted her and took her inside her bedroom. This was new because we always use to fuck in my room. We started kissing and opening our clothes like hungry dogs and in no time we were naked. Without waiting anytime I started pumping her and pumped her hard. She was controlling her moaning as her husband is right in the next room. After a thorough fucking session we both had orgasm together and we both collapsed in each other’s arms. I then woke up Rajesh for lunch and we three had lunch together and I left for the office.

So for the next few weeks my routine was to fuck Lavanya in the afternoon during lunch time on weekdays, take Anjali out on a weekend and have good time with her. I was now enjoying both the worlds. One day Rajesh called Anjali and told that they have found a suitable match for her marriage. The boy is from good family background and in good job. Anjali told that she is in love with me and will marry only me. Lavanya was shocked to hear this and confronted Anjali and refused this marriage. They had a big fight on this issue and though Rajesh agreed that I will be the suitable person for her daughter, Lavanya did not. Only me and Lavanya know the reason why she is refusing this. Next day Anjali told me everything about the fight. In the evening I called Anjali and Lavanya to come to my room.

They both came and they had very serious looks on their faces. I told Anjali that I know the reason for Lavanya not accepting for this marriage. Lavanya interrupted and asked me not to tell anything about it. But I told Anjali that I loved Lavanya before she proposed me and that I had physical relation with Lavanya even before we got into the relation. Anjali was shocked hearing this and Lavanya collapsed on the chair and started crying. Anjali started confronting Lavanya and told her how she can cheat her dad. I got angry and made both of them quite first and tried to explain everything. I told that Lavanya is also a human being and she too has her physical needs which Rajesh cannot fulfill.

I told them whatever has happened has happened and we cannot change it. We need to find solution out of this. Lavanya then told that Anjali can marry me and go away from their home and should not come back again. Now Anjali got sympathetic about her mother and told that this will not make her mother happy and she has to suffer for the rest of her life without satisfying her physical needs. Anjali proposed a solution that she will marry someone else and go away from the house and me and Lavanya and carry on with our lives as it is right now. Lavanya did not agreed for this as Anjali has to marry someone whom she does not love. Seeing this I was happy that both are thinking about each other and both want to sacrifice me for the other person’s happiness. I interrupted them and told that I have a solution which will keep all three of us happy.

I told them I will marry both of you. They got shocked listening this and Lavanya was the first to start shouting at me and scolding me. I asked both of them to let me finish what I have to say and then if they don’t agree to my proposal then I will not force it. I told them that I love both of them very much. I was able to keep both of them happy till yesterday and I am sure I can keep them happy for the rest of their lives. I told them that I am going to marry both of you. Again they started shouting on me. I told them that I will first marry Anjali in front of the world and later I would marry Lavanya. I also told them that I will marry Lavanya only if Rajesh gives us the permission. Anjali told how is this possible and why I have to marry both since I can marry Anjali and continue to have affair with Lavanya.

I told her that now Anjali can agree for this affair but later she can change her mind. If I am married to only Anjali then only she will have entire control of me. I don’t want this to happen and so I want to give equal share of me to both of them. I told them to think about it for tonight and they can tell their decision to me tomorrow morning. I assured them that this is the best solution and If they agree then the rest of their lives will be very happy. They left and it was a very difficult night for me and probably for both of them as well.
Next morning I went down and Rajesh offered me tea.

Lavanya brought me tea and she had a faint smile on her face which was a positive signal for me. I went into the kitchen to keep the tea cup and there I asked Lavanya about the decision. She agreed that the solution proposed by me is the best solution. I got happy and smooched her very hard then and there. Suddenly Anjali came from back and told that she also agrees to my solution. I also smooched Anjali very hard in excitement and finally we three were happy. We went to the hall and informed Rajesh also about this and he too was very happy. Subsequently next week our marriage was fixed. For the next week I had the same routine except that now Anjali knows what I do with Lavanya in the afternoon and Lavanya knows what I do with Anjali in the evening. They also managed to spent the whole night with me alternatively.

I and Anjali got married and it was a grand affair. My first night with Anjali was arranged in Lavanya’s bedroom and for the next 2 days I could enjoy only with Anjali as there were other relatives in the house. I postponed my honeymoon because I had special plans for it. Finally, 3 days after my marriage only we four were left in the house. I now planned for the marriage with Lavanya. That evening I brought whisky for Rajesh and he started gulping immediately. I told Rajesh about everything that had happened so far and also told him that I want to marry Lavanya. Initially he got very angry but I cooled him and told him that this the best for him also. I told him that I could have screwed your wife behind your back for the rest of our lives but I don’t want to cheat him. I told him that he is no longer fit for a husband and Lavanya needs another person to fulfill her needs. I told him that since both Lavanya and Anjali agreed for this then he should not have any problem. I told him that I am not asking for any permission and if he does not agree then I will take both Anjali and Lavanya to a different house and start living with them and he has to suffer being alone.

Anjali and Lavanya also tried to convince him and finally he too agreed. Finally our mission succeeded and I kissed Lavanya in excitement. She was very embarrassed as I was kissing her first time in front of her husband and daughter. I also kissed Anjali as a way of celebration. Rajesh too had a very embarrassing smile on his face. Then I told that tomorrow I am going to marry Lavanya in the house before Rajesh and Anjali. That night I fucked Anjali twice and in the morning we both went to office together. I asked Anjali to go home directly in the evening and I will come back home after doing some shopping. I went to a jewelers shop and brought two necklaces and 1 manglasutra. I returned and saw that Anjali and Lavanya made everything ready. Anjali sent me and Lavanya into the room for getting ready. Actually Lavanya brought a new dress for both of us for the occasion.

I told Lavanya that this marriage is going to be slightly different and without clothes. She said this is too much and she cannot do this. I told her that all three of us have seen you naked and so it should not be a problem for her. The only difference being she will be naked at the same time in front of 3 people. After cajoling for some time she agreed. Now she became nude and had only her manglasutra in her neck and nothing else from top to bottom. I too became completely nude and we both came out. Seeing us naked both Anjali and Rajesh were shocked and did not close their mouth for 1 min. I told them that this is going to be different and special wedding. I first asked Rajesh to remove the manglsutra from Lavanya. This will mean that Lavanya is no longer Rajesh’s wife. I then tied my new manglasutra around Lavanya’s neck. This made Lavanya my second wife. I then gifted the new necklaces to Anjali and Lavanya. They were very happy to see that since they never received such expensive gift in their lives.

Lavanya started going inside to get dress but I told her that till tomorrow morning she will not wear anything. She had only manglasutra and necklace without any clothes. I also gifted a costly whisky bottle to Rajesh and he was delighted to receive it. He started gulping it. I then asked Anjali to arrange for the dinner. I and Lavanya were completely nude throughout and Anjali was wearing her marriage saree. We had dinner together and then I took both Lavanya and Anjali to bedroom. I then had first night with Lavanya and Anjali was sleeping right beside us watching each and every move of ours and also fingering herself. I fucked Lavanya very hard that night. We 3 slept in each other’s arms. Early morning I again had sex with Lavanya. This time Anjali was sleeping and I enjoyed sex with Lavanya. I woke up 8 am in the morning. Lavanya was sleeping in my arms. I woke her up and we both went into the bathroom and together had bath. As we came out of the bathroom, Anjali was waiting for us with tea and said that breakfast is ready. Lavanya thanked Anjali for doing all the morning work. Anjali was getting late so she had breakfast and left for the office in a auto.

Rajesh was reading the newspaper in the hall. I started talking with him. Lavanya brought breakfast for us. I made Lavanya sit in my lap and she fed me the breakfast. It was bit uncomfortable for her as Rajesh was sitting in front of us but I thought soon she will get use to it. After breakfast Lavanya finished her work in the kitchen, Lavanya came and sat with us. I was feeling sleepy and I lifted Lavanya and took her into the bedroom where we had another session of rough sex. We had another nap of 2 hours in each other’s arms. I then woke up and went out on my bike. I went to Anjali’s office as she did not carried her lunch today. She was surprised to see me at the office. We went to a restaurant where we had lunch. Evening again I went to pick her up from the office. At the dinner table Anjali was sitting on my lap and feeding me. I told them that I have planned for honeymoon and both got very excited. I told them that I have booked a cottage in Kodaikanal where we will spend 2 days and 2 nights. I arranged a maid for Rajesh during our absence.

We had a tremendous honeymoon where we fucked like rabbits. We only went out of our cottage for eating food. We had great threesomes for 2 days and 2 nights. We returned home exhausted. Rajesh was doing fine and was missing us. So now my routine has changed again. Morning I woke up and go to bath with either of the two, then someone will sit on my lap and feed me breakfast, then me and Anjali go to office, lunch will be sex and food from Lavanya, evening me and Anjali roam around for 1-2 hours, night the sex will be with Anjali or sometimes both depending on Lavanya’s interest. After 6 months Anjali got pregnant and this is the worst phase for the married men as they don’t get sex. Not for me because there is always a pussy available for me. Pregnancy, menstrual cycle, illness, boredom etc, no matter what, I use to always have a pussy available. Lavanya and Anjali too modeled their lifestyles perfectly. Even Rajesh was happy with the set up because I took the entire responsibility of his ex-wife and daughter. This is my story and hope you all enjoyed. Please send the feedback at
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