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Monday, 7 October 2013

Fun During Massage With A Lady In Bangalore

First of all, my hearty thanks to ISS, for this wonderful website, this has made majority of them to share their sexual experiences & fantasies. I had shared my experience before and now sharing yet another one. Thanks for all those who replied and encouraged me to share more of my experiences.

I’m Nish (name changed), aged 28, from Bangalore/Bengaluru. I’m a software engineer by profession and working in an MNC & also an experienced masseur (providing massage) for females. I have travelled to major cities in India to give massage to my clients. Life has been smooth & fun for me so far. I don’t believe in paying or receiving money to have sex. Though I charge a very nominal amount for massage.

I usually advertise my massaging ads on chat sites & other few websites. While I was chatting, I met a lady from Delhi. I had messaged her about the services which I provide. After a long wait, I got a reply from her. She introduced herself to me. Her name is Devika, aged 36, an housewife from Delhi. She was supposed to come to Bangalore the next day to attend an event, and was looking for a good masseur to get her stress relieved. Luckily I messaged her at the right time, and she started asking me more about the massage and other services, if any, I provide.

I told her about the services which I provide and she was happy in knowing those. We spoke for a long time, got to know each other much better (hobbies, likes, dislikes, fantasies, etc etc). Then we moved on yahoo chat, shared each other’s photos, and once we were comfortable, we shared each other’s contact details. The whole chat session went on for 5-6hrs, until we both got confirmed, that both of us are genuine (hard to believe a person these days). She told her plans during her stay in Bangalore, and I also suggested her few changes.

During evening, I got a call from her, this time it was to confirm, if the phone numbers are correct, and started speaking casually. Got to know each other much much better when we spoke over phone. We became friendly and comfortable within a short time. We continued our decent chats over Yahoo, shared some our experiences, jokes, flirts, etc etc, really had a good time chatting with her.

She had her flight the next day morning from Delhi to Bangalore. Once she was in Bangalore, she gave me a call and kept me updated about her plans. By evening she was free, we decided to meet at a common point. We met at Barista in Garuda Mall. We both were delighted to see each other.

Devika : OMG Nish, you look very bhola bhala. Nobody can say you are a masseur.
Nish : Thanks mam. Most of them have told me before. But, changed their thoughts post massage.
Devika : Hopefully, I’ll get to experience the same too. And call me Devika / Devi. Treat me as a friend rather than a client / customer.
Nish : Thanks Devika.
Devika : Are you really a South Indian?
Nish : Yes
Devika : Your looks doesn’t tell that, you are a South Indian, looks like a North Indian.
Nish : No no, I’m a pakka Bangalorean (smiled).

She was really gorgeous. Perfect body, prefect dressing sense. She was in saree, kept her long hairs open. Infact, I told her to come like that. Must say, she was looking damn gorgeous. We had something light and we started back to the hotel, where she was staying. It was almost 6pm when we reached the hotel. Once in the hotel, she asked me to bathe first, so that, I can arrange for the massage. Once she finishes her bath, I can start the massage session.

Let it be any female, they have some amount of shyness, when they want to expose their body to an unknown person. Though we were comfortable, she was still bit shy to take off her towel after she finished her bath.

I made her sit on the bed and started massaging her shoulder & neck region to make her more comfortable. I made her lie on her stomach, started massaging over the towel to give her more confidence. I did that for few minutes, and then came the reply from her, Nish take off the towel now. She loosened a bit, then I took off her towel and covered her ass. She had got Almond oil. I had got it luke-warmed, so that some heat would be generated during massage and that makes the person who is getting the massage feel more relaxed. I poured some oil on her back and started the massage. (There was soft music being played in the background, with aroma candles lit in the room). I first massaged the spine region and spread the oil to other parts of the back.

Devika : Nish, your hands got magic. It feels so good. Never got such a lovely start before.
Nish : You have more to be experienced. Hope you are feeling good & comfortable?
Devika : Oh yeah Nish.

We were also talking about some things while massaging. Now I changed my position, so as to start the massage in the other direction. I usually wear shorts and tees while massage. Its very obvious for guys to get aroused while you are massaging such a sensual woman. I tried my best to control. My shorts were almost nearby to her face when I started the massaged in the other direction.

Devika : Nish, something is knocking your shorts.
Nish : Would you mind checking it out Devika ?
Devika : Lemme check. Its your cocky. Looks like he wants it to be set free.
Nish : He might have been getting the lust of seeing you I guess.

We both started laughing. She removed my shorts, got her hands on my cocky, started playing with it. The back massage went on for 25mins. While I was massaging her back, she was teasing my cocky with her hands and sometimes with her mouth. My cocky is not that big, I don’t want to fake the size. Its upto 6″, with good thickness and stamina.

Now I had to stop her from playing with my cocky, went down to her feet and started the massage on legs & reflexology (foot massage). I massaged it for 20mins, in between, with her permission, sucked her feet fingers too. She was moaning.

Devika : “Nish, it feels so good, please do more”. Now I can say, looks are deceptive. You may look bhola bhala, but when it comes to joy, you know the art of it.
Nish : You’ll get to experience more. Patience sweetheart (smiled).

I asked her to roll her body towards the other side. Her breasts were naked in front of my eyes now. They were marvelous. Before massaging those, I massaged her belly n tummy region with the oil. She was moaning and saying:

Devika : Nish, its such a wonderful experience for me. Massage my yoni. I really don’t know how long I have been waiting for such a sensual massage.

Nish : Thank you.

We had not spoken anything about having sex. She just wanted to have complete body nude massage. But during massage, she said.
Devika : Nish, I want your complete service. Complete means complete. I want to have sex with you as well.
Nish : Are you sure? You wanted only a complete massage when I had asked you about it yesterday.
Devika : Yes Nish. Yesterday, I never knew your sensuality, that’s why I didn’t ask for it. Now, I have got to know it. Massage will be of no use if I don’t get to have sex with you.
Nish : Sure Devika. Whatever you need, I’ll give it to you.

After massaging her belly & tummy region, I went to her breasts & started massaging those. Her nipples had become hard. Without second thought, I used my tongue and circled her nipple region and bit it. A soft wild moan escaped from her mouth. While I was sucking one of her breasts, I massaged the other using my one hand and with the other hand, I was fingering her belly. I did the same with the other one too after sometime.

Now, it was the most amazing and sensual part of massage, YONI massage. Yoni massage is done on the vagina region. I moved down, spread her legs, poured some oil on her vagina and slowly started massaging the vagina. The melody of her moans started to increase. Then, slow and steadily, I started inserting my fingers inside her vagina and started massaging the inner part.

Devika : Nish, its so good. It feels so really good. Never ever I had such a lovely massage.
Nish : You are so hot inside baby. Is it exciting you ?
Devika : aaaahhhh. Uuummmm….. yeaaahhhhh…. Aaahhh Nish, I was waiting for this for such a long time. From now onwards, nobody would massage me. It would be only you Nish, only you.
Nish : My pleasure Devika.!!! It’ll be an honor to me.

Her moans had increased. I inserted couple more fingers of inside her vagina, and started to massage every part of flesh. I kept doing this for the next 15mins, all of a sudden without any warning, she had an orgasm. But, that didn’t stop me. I kept doing more and more. This time, I also got my tongue involved during the massage of her yoni. She was moaning a lot.

Devika : I need yours inside me. Right now Nish.
Nish : Anything you want. Your satisfaction, my pleasure.

Saying this, I inserted my tool, which had become hard by now. I pushed it in slowly and slowly. Increased my speed steadily and steadily. Her moans were getting hotter and hotter. The intensity in the room had become just WOW. I massaged her inside using my tool for the next 20mins, post which, I couldn’t control and as per her wish, I cummed inside her.

This was such a pleasurable experience. It was almost nearing 8:30. She requested me to be with her over-night. After some thinking, I said ok. We decided to have dinner in the same hotel. By the time our food was delivered to us, we had cleaned ourselves and had a small session again under the shower.

We completed our lunch by 10 and once the table was cleaned, we spoke casually. She shared couple of her previous experiences and I had shared mine. It was 11pm, without any time waste, she removed my shorts, and started playing with it. Initially she made my limp tool hard, and took it inside her mouth and gave me a nice blowjob for a good 15mins. She also sucked my balls, it was a WOW of an experience. It’s really different when you have that experienced person with you. The art of anything can be experienced well and moreover can be open to different ideas, which makes the experience a most memorable one.

Moans escaped from me too. I was really enjoying the way, she was giving me a blowjob. After 15mins, she faced the wall, showing her lovely ass. I inserted my tool inside her pussy, and started massaging her inner flesh again. Her moans had become heavy, I was wondering, if anybody were able to hear her. It’s all thrill. After sometime, we shifted on bed, she started riding on me. The plush plush plush plush plush sounds… Our aaaaaahhhhhh, yeaaahhhhh, uuuuuuummmm, oh yeah, oh yeah sounds were increasing more and more. I cummed again inside her. She fell on my chest, brought her lips on mine and our tongues started rolling.

We had dozed off in each other’s arms. Early morning, before I was about to leave, she wanted to get an yoni massage done. During then, she had multiple orgasms. She paid my massage charges (remember, I don’t charge anything to have sex, it’s optional. Sex will happen, only if you want, else a strict NO). She left Bangalore the same noon after she finished some of her personal work. Before leaving, I had a surprise from her. She had offered me a to-fro air ticket to Delhi for the next day.

In Delhi, she introduced me with couple of her friends too, of which 1 opted only for a massage and the other wanted the complete service. This part would be posted later.

Hope my dear reader have enjoyed reading my experience. If there are any females, who would like to get a massage done by me, feel free to contact me. Lemme tell you again, if you need massage, I would give only massage. The charges for a massage are very very nominal. Massage includes decent and as well as complete hot massage.

I have an experience of massaging over 30 females (Indians & Foreigners). I respect the privacy of my clients. So please don’t ask for any references, pictures or videos. If at all, you want to get a massage done, your details will not be shared with anyone.

Mail your comments, feedbacks, enquires on . Add me on yahoo and also on gtalk , if you like to know more about my massage types and charges. Only serious enquires please. Comments welcome.

Thank you.
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