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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hot Night Hot Cousin

Hi guys I am Ashwin and this is 1st time I am posting my experience with u. So I guess you would like this and support me.

My 1st sex experience was with my cousin sis before a year. 1st let me explain about me. I am 20 years old doing my BE in Coimbatore. My cousin name is Priya (Name changed ). She as a good structure with nice pair of boobs. And good asserts 4 her. Her structure s 34 28 32. She is 1 year younger than me..

Initially I used to go 4 her House during my time of vacation. I don’t have any thoughts on her until once I peep her boobs inside her t-shirt. One day we all were talking together; at that time I was sitting behind her. At that time I was saying my secret to her in her ears. At that time she bends down for talking something. And I saw her boobs naked. Wow it was admiring and awesome. That time I often use to c her boobs and touch it without her knowledge.

Once while looking her she saw me. But I never knew that she saw me. Suddenly she went away. I don’t know the reason. Then she called and shouted at me..then I was upset and I was not speaking to anyone properly. Then she came to me and told k forgot everything. I won’t say to anyone. Then I told k and as usual v wet playing.

After a month I was having some problem in my legs so Doctor told me to be in bed 4 a week. My native is too far away from here. Doctor advised me not to travel a long way so I stayed in her home. At that time I was laying on the bed. So that every 1 came to c me and go.

One day everyone went for a fun. Since I was alone she agreed to stay with me. So we both were alone. I thought this is the perfect time to enjoy so I was sleeping in bed at that time I removed my inners and I was sleeping at that time I was stimulating her to touch then at last for hitting me she touched me. Surprisingly she touched me in my private area. Since I was not wearing any inner she touched there and she was shocked. And then she laughed and she went. I was extremely happy and I thought I got a chance. Then I called her and asked y did you laugh. She told that nothing. I forced her to tell at last she told that I touched your penis; it was to big. Then I asked do you want to see that. She said a big no.

Then I told nothing will happen I won’t say to anyone. She told k show me. Then I took the bed sheet and showed her. She was shocked to say penis and told ohohhh you have a large one da. I told ok dear you want to touch that she told no. Then I forced her to touch then I itself took her hand and kept on cork. She touched my thing and told y it s too hard I told 1st time a gal touched my penis that y. Then I guided her to shag my penis. At that time she told I want to see you nude please. She refused but I requested her for a long time she told no and she went. I ran and I locked the door. She told open da please. I told I’m not gonna unless you open your dress. She told get lost I not gonna do. Then I carried her and put in bed and I fall on her. She said please leave me please . Then slowly I put her hand on t shirt she pushed my hand away. Then again I put her hand she again tried to push but I did not allow her to push then I kept her hand on her boobs and start pressing it. She was and a pleasure and started enjoying it.

At that time I planted her kiss on her lips. She too responded well. Then I slowly tried to remove bit still she did not allow. I slapped her and n removed her t shirt. She was now lying in her bra and shorts. She told me that please go or else I will say to mom. I told please nothing will happen even you’ll enjoy and I put my hand over her boobs and started pressing it. She was enjoying her I tried to unhook her bra she refused again. I grabbed her bra and threw it away.

Then I started pressing it and playing it and sucking it hard. Her nipples become hard and big. I bitted it hard. She shouted. Then I removed her shorts without any trouble because she was enjoying with me. To my surprise she was not wearing any inner ware. So I saw her pussy wow. What a pussy that was; mind blowing with small hair in it. I kept hand on her pussy she gave a jerk and moaned. Ahh. Then I started licking it. Wow it was awesome. Then I started licking it hard. Then I opened her pussy and put my tongue inside her pussy. She started moaning hard . And I asked her to suck my penis she told no but then I put it in her mouth. Then she gave me a blow job. Wow I was and heaven. Then I came and told her that I gonna fuck you. She told no I will become pregnant then it will become a big problem. I told you won’t become. And I tried to put my 6 inch tool into her small pussy. It was too tight then I gave a stroke half of my penis went in she was crying and told please leave me please. Then again I gave a stroke my entire penis went in she was dying in pain. Then slowly I was moving up and down. Then I started fucking her hard. Then she also was enjoying with that and she told come on Ashwin come on fuck me hard come on tear my pussy I tried to tear her pussy. Then I fucked her for half an hour and cummed in her mouth. After an half an hour of rest I again started her fucking; this time in her ass. It was superb. I like to fuck ass than that of pussy. Then we had sex for half an hour more….!!!

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