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Friday, 5 July 2013

Umesh Fucked My Wife

Hi, I am razz from Kolkata. Actually I don’t live in proper Kolkata. It’s away at 35 k.m. from kolakta. The name of the place is Bira. I am happy married man. My wife is Ranjana , 26 years old,house wife. I am just now 31. We both are satisfy each other. the body type of my wife 34-28-36. This is the awesome body. I am normal business man .this incident break our 2 year relation.

One day I came at home in night finish our work(at 10:00 pm); this time my wife’s mobile is rang.”hay, this is suparna(my wife sister), our father is not ok, quick come here. I hospitalized him. My wife say that her father are not ok, so we we go there. Then I get out my bike and start journey.

After half an hour the bike engine just stopped with some ominous noises. My wife get out my bike and shouting. I am angry to her and said “what I do? This engine stop caused to me “she also angry and shouting. This time the rain start. So we shelter under tree. After few minute again rang my wife mobile, hay didi this is suparna , our father is ok now he is hospitalized at apello , then my wife say our condition, then suparna say is ok go back home come tomorrow. My wife accept it. Then say go back home. This time I saw my watch ,it now11:00pm. No transport here. What we do now?

After 10 min a maruti van coming, I stop it.a young black old man who age near 50, drive that car. I request to lift. He refused my request. My wife came here, and say requested and finally he agreed. We sit down there. The van start journey, after 10 min a heavy rain start the driver do not see anything, he keep side the van and park it. We(driver, me, my wife ) get out the van and shelter at dilapidated. Here no window. My wife wet her dress. She wear shari .

There silent for some times. Then the driver say hi I am umeash, u? I am razz and say about me, he also say about him. After few time my wife say she went to the toilet to PISS.then I saw a bamboo forest. I indicate my wife to there, she does not any say go there. We both smoke. This time umesh saw my wife pussy. I do not say that time. My wife come she want goes to home, umesh ji please start the car.we get in van but car not started. We both disappointed. We get down and go to that home. After some umesh come to us and said this night stay here next morning go to home. We are agree.

My wife is too sleepy. She sleep my lap and umesh sleep another room . I am also sleep at mid night. At 2:00 am I hear a sexsual sound which come from umesh house. I go there umesh sucking his dick and he started ejaculating huge globs of semen, he cried out, ' oh! ranjana . . . Ah! Its my wife name I am angry I come my wife and say anything we get out at home at walking beside road.after 5 min walk my wife say razz we have no child, I understood what she say? I say her what u do now? She does not rply him. I understood back there with her and said you done your work. She goes there. I see a small hole beside a window. 1 st of all my wife suck his dick but umesh sleepy. She blow job then umesh get up and surprised and said what u do? Then my wife say relax darling. Then umesh kiss my wife.

He kissed all of body of my wife, then he slowly remove pallu and squeezing her brest. After 2 min he kissed her leaf and his hand goes to under blouse. My wife moaning “ufffffffffffffff” “fast more fast.” “ahhhhhhhhahahah…” now he open the blouse and again squeezing her breast. Then both are stand up umesh open his shirt by self. The chest is hairy, then he open her sharee, now she is in patricot and bra. In ones shot he open the patricot and through the corner.she is more sexy in bra and panty. She lay down between his legs and sucking his dick . after 15 min she complete her sucking, umesh open the panty and bra through to the window and licking her chut.

After 5 min he stand up open his pant and through under ware. I am totally shocked. The dick is very is 8 inch long and 2.5 inch width. He lay down my wife to floor and spread her leg and push his dick in chut. That is amazing, the dick 1/3 in her chut my wife shouting at loudly.”ahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……” then he again more pressure, and the half of dick in her chut. She cried “please keep out.” He don’t listen and again pressure the full of dick in my wife chut he cried “ahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhah…………..ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and umesh up and down his dick. He out his dick in her chut, it go on half an hour. Now my lay down on back. Umesh insert his dick in ass. She more cried. Its go on 10 ranjana in doggy style he insert in dick in chut. The fucking season go on at one hour at last umesh deep pressure on my wife and simen on both ass and pussy. They lie on each other and sleepy next morning I see my wife did not walk properly. Umesh quit our home. My wife is tired she sleep on the bed. I do not say any thing after one year we have a baby.
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