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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Shoba And I Created Heaven In Earth – Part I

Hi, iss readers, though I read stories here, I got time now to write my own experience or the first time. I am Devaraj working as a executive in a mnc company in the western city of Tamilnadu. I am an average looking guy with a cool attitude at my thirty.

The incidence happened two months back when my boss asked to work on a project in our customer place located in the outskirts of the city where to city is developing. On the way to the unit I need to travel across a residential area famous for aunties and young girls. I was happy working there as my work doesn’t have time restrictions. That Friday I called it a day and started back towards my flat where I stay with my friends. On the way I saw a lady at her early thirties wearing pink colour sari walking in the opposite direction. I am telling the truth man she is real goddess, with my experience I can tell that for a long time I didn’t see that kind women after my college days. Keeping her calm and elegance she was looking at me; once without much interest and we crossed each other. I went home thinking about her beauty.

I didn’t expect to meet her again; in fact I forgot that since work was occupying my time. The next week around the same time I saw her in the same road entering into a house and thought that might be her house ,this time while she saw me for more than few seconds , automatically I smiled at her without much rĂ©sistance, you know what she smiled back. There came the interest in her and my mind started was and means to find way to talk to her. The next day I came in that road at the same time and I found her walking across the road toward the gate of the house , I got a chance when I saw a to let board in the gate. I waited for sometime in the road end , and came back to the same house as if I am looking for a house for rent , I rang the bell and she came out wearing nighty. In my mind I started preparing the conversation to happen between us I introduced myself without much difficulty and told that I am looking for a rental property to stay near my work place for few months. She told me to wait and went inside , while coming out she was having keys and talking with someone in phone and suddenly gave the phone to me to talk to her husband.

I got a bit shock but managed the talk, Since that fellow got the details of me ,he asked her to show the house and tell the terms. While seeing the house in the first floor I was enjoying her proximity and her mild scent ,my 6 inch junior woke up and started getting harder , I controlled myself and started building the talk, I got the info that she is Shoba (name changed), her husband working in Dubai and comes home once in a year for a month time and she is working as a English tutor in a nearby college, I asked her about her kids , after a silence she gave a empty smile , I didn’t want to ask more on that I told her that I am interested to take the house and negotiated on advance ,she reduced the amount; I sensed a kind of interest from her to finalise the deal. I got her mob number while leaving.
I told my friends that work takes lot of time and I need to stay near the plant and shifted that weekend itself. In the meantime I developed a kind of friendly relationship with her by talking on phone and while seeing her in the road also.

Since I am a bachelor not much luggage and nobody to accompany also. When I went there she was waiting with key and asked about the rituals of milk boiling, I replied her that I will do beer boiling only with a naughty smile. She got a shock but didn’t show it. She told it is must to do the milk boiling and asked me to buy milk and other things and she told she will arrange the kitchen table.

While I am back I am surprised to see her well dressed in a light blue transparent sari with a low cut blouse. I am confirmed that she is interested in me but I had the doubt whether it is normal friendly behaviour or lust like me having towards her. In the process of boiling the milk I touched her back and hip once with my both hands and acted as if I touched her accidentally, she also mildly reacted for that touch by showing a kind of shock. But by cracking jokes I calm down her and the process went on. We prepared coffee in that milk and we went to the balcony with coffee mugs. Since it is morning in a Sunday no much people were there in the streets; while talking I asked about her past and she told that hers was a arranged marriage and her hubby is a bit older than her and he was a kind of serious and rough guy who never had even talked to her in a cool calm way. I understood that she needs me kind of fellow to enjoy life. We left our coffee mugs and started walking in the terrace. While walking her pallu was weaving in the air and frequently fall on my face and she was enjoying it. I too was enjoying it. While coming down from terrace her elbow touched my junior who was rock hard inside my undies. She gave a sharp look into my eyes and I smiled as if nothing is there to worry about, when we came back she took my coffee mug and trying to sip it. I hurriedly told that is mine ,she smiled kinkily and told me that she want to taste mine and drank all the coffee even licking the last drop from the rim of the cup and went inside with the cup.

I got the green signal, what a goldmine is opened for me to enjoy? With pumping blood all over the body I followed her inside the house , she was standing near the kitchen table, I hugged her from behind and gave a soft kiss in the neck area. She was standing like a doll without any reaction in the face , I continued my kissing and started moving towards her earlobes ,she started cooperating by bending her neck to give space for me to my lips freely , I started to lick her earlobes with my tongue ,she started to shiver for the tongue movements and I moved my hands in her body simultaneously with my left hand grabbing her left boob and right hand grabbing her right bun. My junior is pressing in her butt and she was travelling towards heaven losing her control totally. She was giving moans and heavy breaths. I decided to enjoy her completely since I have come to this house for that only.
Slowly I turned her towards me and I planted a kiss in her closed eyes. And planted one strong kiss in her closed lips , first she didn’t open her lips , after few minutes of nonstop kissing and caressing her body , she started responding to my moves , she opened her mouth and stated biting my lips. Slowly I inserted my tongue inside her mouth. Her saliva tasted sweet with a tinge of coffee. Slowly I pulled her tongue out by grabbing it with my tooth started sucking her lips heavily. She was enjoying it thoroughly without opening her eyes.

I realised that the door is opened , and not ready to leave her , I grabbed her in my both arms without breaking the kiss , went near the door and asked her to close the door , without a second of time she slapped the door to close it. And gave me the look of lust , she told me that she was waiting for this kind of moment since years. With a smile I told her that I will not disappoint her with a naughty smile.

She hugged around my neck with both hands and she started biting my lips. I took her to the bed room and put her in the bed without breaking the lip lock. I also lay down over her and started grabbing her ass cheeks with both hands and started crushing them, while kissing her vigorously.

Now she is completely in the relaxing mood and her hands started playing with my body parts. She started pinching my both nipples with maximum force and that gave me wild feelings in my body and I lost control over what I am doing , we were hugging , crushing and rolling all over the bed. In the process we started un dressing each other. Since I was wearing dothi and shirt she didn’t take much time to make me half naked. I was with my jockey and I removed her sari blouse and petticoat. She was wearing a maroon panty and a netted maroon bra.

When I moved my hand towards her pussy I found that her panty is completely drenched with her hot juices. I smelled my fingers and tasted the juices, she was smiling and moved her hand towards my hard cock , she started moving it up and down over the undie. I also got pre cum on the tip of my junior. She put her hand inside my jockey and touched the pre cum and tasted it like liking the dairy milk stuck in hand. Suddenly she put her wet fingers into my mouth and wiped the fingers into my tongue with a kinky smile. In slow voice she asked how was the taste? For the first time I sensed the taste of my pre cum , it was sweet and salty. Again she grabbed my dick out of jockey and started rolling her palms around it. Junior growing harder and harder I tore off her bra to grab the silky boobs. I grabbed them in each hand and started crushing them as if I am going to squzze them to make juice out of them , she closed her eyes and started moaning like come on do it , make me cum m I am waiting for you inside me , hearing this my mind became mad and I left her boos at once and removed her panty by both hands. She lifted her hip to help me doing it. She was keeping wide open her legs to give a clear view of her pussy to me. I got elated by seeing a juicy pink pussy with a week’s hair around it. The pussy lips were hiding in and not visible. I went near her pussy and put my fingers to explore her by spreading the lips, and for surprise her tiny clit was erect to the maximum. I touched it with my finger and she shivered in shock for few seconds. Suddenly she slapped me and shouted fuck me daaa, by hearing this I didn’t wait for a moment. I put my dick in her pussy and pushed it hard. She screamed in pain and it only went in half. She tightly held my shoulders and asked to put inside slowly, I pumped slowly for few more times and my junior went completely into her hot pussy. She was gasping heavily.

I slowly started pumping my dick with slow and strong moves. For every stroke she started responding well. In the mean time I again started kissing her in her lips. She opened her mouth and I was playing with her tongue. Our saliva got mixed and flowing out of her mouth and her juices were leaking out of her pussy. We started sweating out. The scent of pussy ,sweat and the taste of our saliva were making me feel like I was floating in sky amidst the clouds. Here moans for my every stroke was like a song in my ears. She widely opened her legs for some time to raise her hip for the strokes of mine later she put her legs around my hip to pull me even closer to her. I was sucking her nipples harder. For every bite in her nipple she was making a moan, hugging me by my neck tightly and pulling me closer with her legs. I sensed that she is going to cum heavily after some fifteen minutes of fucking, I increased the force of my strokes. She started moaning loudly and started scolding me to fuck hard. I increased the speed as I am also about to cum. i thought of pulling out for releasing it but she hold me tight and asked me to seed inside her. I finally sprayed all my cum inside her. I was having some erection more so I dint stop the stroking part , it was giving a nice sound with our mixed cum juice leaking out of her pussy.

After few minutes my junior completely became shrunk. I lay down on her. We both exhausted and slept in each other’s arms for some one hour time. She woke up for the phone ring. I too woke up when she was talking on phone. I heard that she was having some appointment with her friend to go to a spa for massage in the afternoon. My junior woke from sleep in the mean time.

After the call is over we went to the bathroom to clean ourselves. After bathing we had a fifteen min kissing session. I saw a satisfied glow in her face. But my junior was not satisfied yet. So I told her to come soon in the evening. She pat on my back and kissed my dick once and she told my dick that she will not leave him alone.

Rest in the next part. Girls if you like to comment or contact for this kind of relationship mail to
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