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Saturday, 14 September 2013

With A Woman And Her Daughter – Part Ii

Hi guys this is the second part of the story of ‘With A Woman And Her Daughter’
Fist part of story is available here:

This is the continuation of the previous one. Well you all know me, but still I give myself a brief intro and then carry on with continuation of the story. I’m Rahul from Bangalore. I’m working guy. If anyone wish to give suggestions or want to get naughty with me can mail me

Me and Kruthi completed our vacation and came back to our place. We had a nice time in resort, playing around as love birds; we got to know each other fully our likes and dislikes. We never wore a single piece of cloth for that week. We were roaming naked totally inside the suite which we had hired from resort. We were behaving like married couple who has come for the honeymoon.

We enjoyed like heaven. We fucked in every corner of the restaurant. All the time kissing each other and sucking genitals. We finished with our trip and we returned to our place by getting the car repaired and we were feeling very much sad to depart for the routine life which we were doing from past years, we used to meet up daily as usual in jogging track and we used to spend time together. Even I started coming back sooner and we used to hang out more closely than before. We never worried about others.

Once we had went to PUB in Bangalore & that was the time when Kruthi had her drinks for first time. She was having vodka. I was having beer. As beer is my favourite. She was bit high. Due to alcohol. The shyness inside her completely vanished. She was bold women now. As she was completely open. The effect of alcohol on both of us was taking us to some other place. We were aroused and we both needed a fuck their itself, as Kruthi was rubbing my boy under the table. I was fully hard. I just signaled her that comes let’s leave, as soon as we reached near the parking place. We got inside the car and started fucking like rabbits and I tore her t-shirt which she was worn that moment. Even she was equally aroused and was responding nicely for my strokes we had a quick sex and let the parking place. As we reached her she was fully drowsy and she couldn’t even stand properly. So I decided to her till her home. Then I got hold of her in one hand and carried her till her door way. I rang the doorbell, after sometime her daughter opened the door and gave me a weird look at me. I told her that her mom is drunk fully and she needs help till her bed to sleep. She took her mom and made her sleep in room and came back to hall. Where I was standing. Her daughter was exact replica of Kruthi. Same body structure and same body colour I like her boobs. She looked same as her mom.

She came and sat with me and started talking to me about her mom. She said that now days mom seems to very happy and she will be always outside the house most of the time. She straight away as me are you both dating each other? I told her yes we are. She continued her questions. From how long? Till how far you have been? I told her truth completely. She asked one question which made me shocked. Your interested in elder women that too married why you don’t like girls of your age?

I told her that I love both. As Kruthi didn’t sleep. She got out of bedroom in which she was sleeping completely naked and came to me a hugged me passionately and started kissing me, I and Meera were completely shocked with the behaviour of Kruthi and I was forced to respond to Kruthi as the beast inside her was arose at that moment. She started making me naked in front of her daughter and started kissing my body. I held her boobs in my hand started sucking the milk from her breasts which was very much tasty. We didn’t cared for her daughter, and we got into 69 positions we started liking and kissing each other genitals in front of Meera. I just saw Meera from corner of eye she was watching the love game deeply. & Kruthi got up suddenly and started sucking my dick. In middle she was biting my dick very hard as it was part of love game I loved it a lot. She was great partner in bed I loved the way she ignites the game. I bet her husband must have a great time with her before he passed away. She signalled me to get on track as her den is ready, I just saw her pussy it was pulsating with juices, pink in colour as she had cleaned the hairs for me, I kept me dick at the entrance of hole and started teasing her, I wanted to test and still arouse her for the game play, she was aroused that while I was teasing her, she pushed me aside and came on top of me started riding me completely. She was good rider.

I guess Meera had lost her thoughts and was keenly watching our sex game that masturbating silently. By rubbing her breasts. I was more concentrated on Kruthi then Meera because I loved her and then we changed the position to backstroking and continued this for 20minutes and then we came back to missionary position we were at the argue of Cumming may be a peak time and I left my seeds of life into Kruthi’s pussy and fell above her and hugged her deeply. I just saw her pussy and surrounding area it was completely red like hot iron due to continuous fucking, mixed juices were flowing from her pussy on her thighs and legs. And now by this time Meera was totally aroused seeing us naked, just like her mother she was openly masturbating sitting just few meters away. Kruthi saw her daughter and smiled to me. I couldn’t understand her eye signals at that moment.

Next what happened will tell you guys in next part of the story. Ok wait for the next episode. Now come on guys remove your hand from penis,. Girls remove your fingers from your hole’s and put a email with your comments and suggestions or any girl wish to get naughty on bed with me mail me
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