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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cleverly Planned Wife Swap – Master Plan To Convince Conservative Couple – Part Xv

This is real story of a two friends where we exchanged our wife with each other for bit lengthier live in relationship. Usually in swinging/exchanging wife with others, generally people will exchange partner for just a fucking session in just a week end visit or night visit to one of the couple’s home.

In our case, to make our life spicy and have more thrill and adventure, we have decided to do this for bit longer period of time, where my wife will be with my friend for 2 months and where as his wife will be with me for two months just living as husband and wife. We purposefully decided for this approach to enjoy a complete feel of living with a new partner 24/7 enjoying every aspect of life and not just only sex.

We decided that this will give more excitement and happy as we can spent time with a new partner sexually and non-sexually, like going out, trips, tours, new honey moon etc. It will also open the door for natural bond and relationship with new partner. Moreover we both couple knows each other for longer period and each other like other person’s wife so there are not much concerns/issues living with other person for longer time.

Advantage for us is that we are not in home country (India) where we need to be worried about parents and relatives. As we are in Canada, nobody is around to question/suspect us. This becomes as advantage for us.

First thing, I like to tell that this incidents though I term it as story will not be shorter one like many other fiction stories, this will be definitely lengthy as there are lot of things needs to described in detail. This is not a fiction story where in the first paragraph narrates about the beauty of wives and in second paragraph where one couple boldly tells to other couple and instantly they agree and gets into sex in front of each other without any logic and authentic. Last paragraph explains fuck and suck and put end to the story in one pager.

Everybody knows in real life swinging/swapping wife is near impossible thing, and one needs to have a lot of guts to open up this idea to his own spouse and convince her and then finding a polite way to communicate to other friendly couple without being spitted on face. That too with a moderate and conservative couples like us it is big challenge, we are not wild couple going to pub, dance etc. Our wives offer prayers, puja and god fearing.

In our real life, it took complete 2 months’ time from the date when this idea budded and slowly progressed and reached final stage of making it happen. In this course of journey, there are lot of interesting events, debates, conversations, planning, sentiments, seductions, threats, blackmails, crying, romance, sex happened. So it needs several pages to explain every bit of the detail so this story will be lengthy but truly authentic and surely arouse you like anything, and you will not be able to resist cum/masturbate at least 10 times before you completely read this story.

Events, emotion and planning we had in this wife exchange journey will exceed a thriller movie’s suspense, I’m excited to explain here in this story. I tried to recall every minor discussions, plans, conversations happen in real time and presented it here.

We want to share our experience here with concealing our identity, all the names in this story are not original names. This whole incidents are narrated from both the couple’s perspective. I’ve organized as logical episodes, time to time the story will be narrated by different person.

I believe that will be the best way to explain this story as incidents, debates, discussions happen in houses of both couples. More over our experience can be an FAQ for people interested in swinging and planning in future. You will see common challenges and solutions from our experience that you can be benefited from. You will also learn cunning and smart tricks/tips to convince conservative wife to agree for swap.

Kindly apologize if any grammar issues especially tenses

Please share your feedback to my email Your feedback will encourage me to write my few other experiences.

This is Multi Part Story – This is Part 15. Usually multi part story will be boring, but not this one. Take time to go to part 1 read and decide. If you directly started reading from this part also you will be able to understand.

Without boring further, jumping into the story.
I started enjoying her face expressions. I gently hugged her tight in side posture and put my legs on her and kept my leg on her with my leg I put preasure over the phone to press on her pussy tightly to send the vibration strong.

While phone is vibrating I started nibbling her nipples at the same time to tempt her.

She should have realized her mistake of asking me to utilize her while she sleep. She is really struggling to keep up her lie of pretending to be sleeping.

Further to tease her I said in husky voice to her ears. “mm I have a bad habit, I will usually start fore play one day in advance. If I want to do sex on Saturday morning, I will start fore play by Friday evening”

Mean while call got disconnected, so I redialed nokia multiple times to create vibration, and after few minutes I set the call mode to repeated dial so that it will call again after dis connect. I kept the phone side so that it will call in loop.

I see, she is swallowing within her to control her struggle. I pretended Yawning and said “let the phone ring for some time, I’ll go for a nap. I’ll get up later” without waiting I closed my eyes and pretending sleeping and pretended snoring

As my legs are on her pressing phone, I could sense the vibration on my leg. If my legs are feeling vibration to this extent, her pussy will be struggling for sure. I kept my eyes closed for 3 minutes and opened my eyes.

I see tears running over the side of her eyes, I know these tears are pleasure tears where she is crying in sleeping mode with pleasure. I gently wiped it off and kissed on her eyes and moved to her leg. She appeared to be relaxed as I went to her pussy area.

I removed the phone, and her pussy is completely wet and her pussy has oozed out her juices like anything. Phone is completely sticky with her juices on it like anything. I sniffed it and enjoyed the fragrance.

Her face turns eager to invite my cock into her. Without speaking I went to pooja room and returned back with a plate and camphor (karpooram) on it and a bell in hand and came back to front of her pussy.

I said loud, “see before constructing house, they will do boomi pooja. As this pussy is precious and I’m going to use it first time, let me do pussy pooja before inaugurate.”
She was enjoying my naughty comment

I lighted camphor and in one hand circled it over her pussy like showing camphor fire to goddess, and on other hand I started ringing bell as if I’m sincere devotee to her pussy. She couldn’t control her internall laugh and it appears in slight vibration at her lower abdomen.

After a minute I kept them away and kneel down and used two hands to touch her pussy and took them to eye as if sincerely praying.

I’m also completely aroused and my cock is very hard and stiff, I want to pierce her entry and enjoy now. I widened her legs and took my strong rock cock head and gently brushed over her entry. Just kept it touching there and started looking at Harini’s face.

She is shaking her head left to right and right to left with expectation of me to insert. I enjoyed her thirst and with a great amount of preasure I made a full thrust to insert my tool into her pussy. Though it is lubricated it was tight and it slided tightly and hit the complete inside edge of her pussy.

Heartbeat of cock tip I could hear and as I my balls are hitting the pussy outside, the wetness sticked to my balls. I bended completely over her and put my head on neck and started breathing there. My Bare body completely spreaded over her nude body. I lifted her and inserted my both hands to her back. And I took her both hands those were flexibly hanging and put her hands on my back and started aggressively fucking here.

Wow what a wonderful fucking session after an hour long foreplay. I violently moved my body in fucking posture. After 3 minutes and 33 seconds I blasted my cum deep inside her vagina.

Oh sorry, I should be precise in my story and detailing. I was wrong, it was not 3 minutes 33 seconds. It was 4 minutes 22 seconds.

I felt a deep relaxation, I could sense the 10 times of my relaxation on Harini’s face as she was struggling with my slow torture all these time. I get off from her and came to her face. I deeply kissed on both her eyes , cheeks and hugged her and slipped into sleep after such wonderful fuckperience.

I don’t know how long I slept. I distracted by some devotional song sound and got up. I notice that It is dawn and quick clock glance showed time as 9 AM.

Oh goodness, It seems I’ve slept for long time. I searched for Harini, she is not around. I slowly walked out of bed room and entered kitchen hall area. I saw Harini is completely fresh after taking bath in a fresh new saree like a flower and she is humming song and baking dosa on kitchen.

I stood there and looked at things around. Pooja rack goddess photos are cleaned and I see she has lit up deepam there. Devotional album is playing in music player in background.

She noticed me and smiled “Good Morning Rajesh”

I smiled “What is it? Got up? I see deepam lighted, playing devotional song, baking dosa. What is going on? You could have took some good rest right?”

She smiled “No Rajesh, I won’t sleep long, I usually get up early and do prayers. So got up early and lit deepam and played devotional songs and preparing breakfast for you. You take bath and come, I’ll serve you hot dosa”

I looked at her “What a lovely girl, I got the thought all the things I did to her last night”

She looked at me and she got shyness on her face, probably she could have also thought of the same. She gently asked “mm Rajesh, did you realize the truth I said”

I got what she meant, but wanted to tease her “No Harini, what you are asking for?”

She blushed “Nothing, I said right. I’m deep sleeper, you can utilize me during my sleep. Did I rendered cooperation?”

I laughed within myself and decided to tease her further, I kept my face sad. She is surprised to see my face sad and asked “What Rajesh? Your face is sad”

I said “Harini, I was anxious yesterday night to utilize you while you are in sleep, but unfortunately what you said is not true”

She is shocked to see my complain and asked “What happen Rajesh?”

I started lying “Harini, you said you will be deep sleeping and your body will be flexible. I came to you midnight. You kept both your legs tight together. I tried to separate them hard, but they are very stiff and you are not ready to allow me to widen your legs. So I tried hard and failed. Similarly you have kept your both hands across your boobs and slept. I cannot even open your hands too. So I mastubated and slept disappointed without doing anything. I not enjoyed anything last night.

She is literally shocked to my lie, she very well know that I did all the naughty things last night and had a wonderful fuck. She clearly knows now that I’m teasing her. She cannot tell that I enjoyed because that will break her lie (deep sleep).

I liked teasing her and looked into her eyes. She got shy and started saying “ohh no way. I really sleep well and body will be flexible. You would have definitely used me and telling lie now”

I said keeping my face serious “No Harini, not at all. I never got anything from you at all last night. You cheated me”

She started seriously thinking how she can prove me that I enjoyed, her face become bright and said, you cheater, you really enjoyed last night.

I asked “Harini, how you can say that?”

She blushed and said “I took bath this morning and I notice that you have …….. shaved my ….”

I (Rajesh) not expected this twist, she got an evidence that I enjoyed.

I defended “No Harini, no way I never shaved you..”

She in urge, you cheater, let me prove it and show you and she tried to lift her petty coat to show the shaved pussy and all of sudden she realized what she is doing now and her face turned red and said “you naughty cheater, I won’t do this. But you have shaved me for sure. I will not show you”

I strongly said “You should either show the proof, or accept that you not cooperated”

She said in false angry “Ok leave, I agree. I not satisfied you, you have not shaved me. I put you in hungry. I agree that. What you want me to do now?”

I utilized the situation and said “So you know that you have not given you to me. Please do it soon. See my wife Swathi slept with Vinod, you are not giving to me. This is un fair”

I know this time it will not hurt her as she knows I’m teasing her.

She thought for a minute and said “Ok now I have no way. We will do it today”

I jumped and hugged her and said “come let us go to bed room ” She pushed me and said,” no no not now Let me check for auspicious time”

She took a calendar and started seriously scanning things and said to me “Rajesh, let us do this by tonight after 11 PM”

I asked disappointedly “Why Harini? Looking for auspicious time? And pushing it to late night?”

She said “Rajesh, when our blood mixes for first time, it should be during auspicious time”

I out of curiosity said “It is only for first time right? Today will be second time right, why…..”

I got my mistake, I spelled out that today is second time.

She came caught my ears and said “Now you idiot trapped, how dare you are lying. I purposefully put this trap to get the truth out of your mouth. Now you agreed”

We both laughed out loud like anything………

Readers, Hope you had a tremendous journey of a romantic, erotic, action packed love story. I like to put the story to an end with this. I know if I write, it will go nonstop that much of incidents and situations are there. Logically want to put an end here.

If I narrate details each of such incident it will take another 15 parts. So let me put a stop here, but with quickly giving bullet/summary of key things. Instead of detail narration, just to explain it quick.
Harini’s First blow Job
As she promised, while I was on sleep, she crawled to my leg and tried to pick my cock and she operated it like a baby handling a toy, in an innocent way. She is not hard core person, so she played with it like baby and put it into her mouth. I don’t know what she felt, she rushed to rest room and I could hear vomit sound there. I came out of pretended sleep and went to rest room to see her. She is vomiting. I held her head to help complete vomiting.
I felt bad and pity for her and scolded her saying that she should not done this if she is not comfortable. She cried with inferiority complex that she is unable to do things where other girls do easily. She is adamant in doing it even after repeatedly insisting to not do it. So I didn’t had any other option than educating her.

I sat next to her in bed and gave a banana to her and taught her to practice Banana for blow job. Teached her how to suck the tip and how to take it wholly inside mouth. She slowly practiced with banana, Keeping my hands on her shoulder and watching her erotically she sucking banana was awesome feeling.

After few days of learning, she made an debundant, maiden blow job with my real cock. I helped her by coating my cock with honey so that she don’t feel disgusting.

Molesting in Air – Parasailing
Another super incident. I forced her to go for parasailing, She accepted after hesitation and fear. Both flew in air in parasailing hugging each other in a single flying session. As we went height where nobody can see clearly from ground. I started squeezing her boobs while flying. Ignoring her resistance, I inserted hand into her pant and rubber her clitoris hard to make her reach orgasm in air. That was an wonderful experience. You people also please try it.

I can go listing like this 100′s of events. So now putting the end to story.

Ending the story now and I want to speak more about this story, Harini, Swathi and Rajesh.

Firstly, I like to thank you all for your tremendous support by your emails.
When I decided to write first. I was very much skeptic if people will read this. I know this will be lengthy in a novel kind of writing style, where one have to read 100 pages before seeing a nude boob in story .

Contra to my expectation, there was good number of readers liked this story and wrote to my email with their feedback. I’m happy for those wrote to me. I responded to everyone. If I missed to reply to any of you, I’m sorry that was not intentional.

Coming to this story characters Harini, Swathi, Rajesh, Vinod. Let me break it. All of them are fictional and fantasy except me Rajesh. No characters exists in real life. I’m not into swapping. This entire story, incidents, conversations, emotions are purely creativity. Nothing from real life.

I started all episode introduction with “real story” note, just to engage the readers. Erotic story will be appealing and more arousing if the reader finds it as real one. That is the only reason. Not to fool you , so don’t feel offended. Tried to maintain authenticity up to the extent possible.

I know people are crazy on Harini and Swathi. I see lot of emails from readers asking for pics of these girls and asking say “hello” to them. Few in a gentle way “please convey my Hi to Swathi madam” and few went wild on desires with these characters.

A girl mailed saying that she want to have lesbian relationship with Swathi, if Swathi agrees. It was a wonderful time pass for me to read the emails how people are crazy on these characters. Thanks for your support.

One gentle man has created abbreviation for these character names

SWATY – S.Sexy, W.Wonderful, A-Action Packed, T- Tasteful, Y Yummy

HARINI – H-Homely, A-Affectionate, R-Romantic, i-interestin, n-naughty( inside), i-Inviting too

I know it will be hard to digest that these people doesn’t exists. I’m proud that I’m able to write well to create interest on these characters. Mm Hope if IELTS has an exam for erotic story, I will get 9 band. Just for joke.

If any of you interesting and curious in not letting Harini, Swati, die. You can borrow them from me and continue your imagination and write your version of how they enjoyed their two month of swap life in a new story title.

It was very much interesting for me to read all your emails, comments, feedbacks. I loved it to the core.

I’m fond of romantic love/sex/erotic stories. But I never found anything that suited my Interest. My definition of “story” is different. A true advantage and power of sex story is the story line. A good story should tell more about lot of things that lead to the final action sex. Story should focus on narration, conversation, situation, emotion, characters and finally action. Instead of that if the story directly jump into sex like “I spreaded my legs, he inserted his dick” there is no excitement in that. Instead of reading this text, I can go to porn video site and see it in live visual action.

Stories comes in hand to fulfill the gap that porn video cannot fulfill. That is power of “Story”. Without showing boobs or nudity, story has the power to arouse a person to a peak.

As I couldn’t find a story that I look for. So I thought imagining something within me. This imagination slowly created a story line. I used this imagination to kill time during work outs. If I focus on clock ticking while doing workout, I get tired. SO I started imagining things to kill my time. To my surprise after I started imagining things, I never realized how time passes out. 1 hour easily passes like 10 minutes without any strain I was able to do work outs. I increased the frequency of my work outs. So this helped me to increase my fitness.

I decided to document those imagination as story to post it on ISS. Finally did it.

I have mentioned about “Short film” in end of my story, Many has asked about it. Let me explain.

As I mentioned that there is no story of the kind I look for. Similarly there are no films in this genre. Porn is available in two category. Extreme xxx porn which goes very wild, and other end soft core films. Which goes bit soft. But big thing missing is strong story line and especially conversations/dialogues that are erotic or arousing.

I don’t find a single reason, why people are not making short film/film which focuses on sexy and romantic conversations. These conversations to scenes will add lot of spiciness and arouse the viewers to greater extent. The maximum dialogues in current stories are moan sound , haa hooo, sounds nothing more than that.

There could be dialogues conversations of a boy describing the boob of a lover to her and dialogues can be around their plan of first sex. Where she asks him if inserting will be painful or not. Dialogues can be made in a way not vulgar but highly arousing.

Take an example of this story, Teaching Harini for a blow job using banana will be a classic scene for highly erotic content without nudity. Innocent girl trying to learn blow job curiously where a friendly person training her with banana. Think of how it will render in screen and bring heat to the scene.

Take this whole swap story and imagine how it will appear in a film with such a conversations and dialogues like swap oath, etc in movie.

I just want to let the aspiring short film maker to know that there is a blank empty space in this genre. If someone is interested they can fill this gap and get fame and earn a good revenue.

Let me explain it clearly

There are several thousand viewers daily search for adult only short film in indian languages in youtube. But there are not many, just very few. Even they are not rich in story content or dialogues. Even for this existing very few films, view rate is in millions.

There is a short film named “House wife” just for the film title and the thumbnail clip, this got 5+ million views, but in fact this is not a “hot” film at all. That much craze people have on this kind of films.

So if you can make a movie like the one in this story, you will easily score several million hits in youtube easily. If you professionally dub with multiple language (e.g hindi, tamil, telugu, etc). It will draw viewers from all language and easily It can 10 to 20 million views easily. If you professionally subtitle and dub in English as well you will draw huge International audience.

More over, unlike theatre release, you will not face any problem. The content can be made completely adhering to the youtube standard but still can create lot of interest.

At the minimum you will have minimum 5 million views for each video. Another advantage of this kind of video is repeated views. Same viewer will see it multiple times.


You will have a question, Ok fine viewers are there, but what is benefit for me in making a such movie and putting it on youtube? Man It is money, money, more money . Hope you know Youtube shares his revenue with content owner. Approx youtube pays 3000 to 5000 USD per million views (disclaimer: not an officially confirmed amount by youtube. Youtube has a policy of not disclosing it directly). If I take minimum of 3000$ x 5 million views. It will be around 15000$ which is around 7.5 Lac INR.

Your single short film can rake you 7+ lacs of revenue which is a pretty decent money. These kind of movies can be made indoor with least expense and control your expense in 50% and make a net profit of 3+ Lacs per film. If you split as multiple episodes, you will make more money.

Please remember this is not cheap xxx blue film, this is with subject line, theme, soft erotica. So you will have a good respect from viewers.

More over this is not one time income. Once you have a setup of a team, you can continuously make movies with new theme, faces, and concepts every month and make same revenue again and again. Creating a solid regular income.

Additional plus is the enjoyment from the actress (if they cooperate with you )

I hear your question, hey man why you itself don’t do this? Seriously if I’m bachelor with no commitments I would have done this. I cannot do it because of my other commitment.

If any of you have passion in doing this please do it. 100′s of adult only face book pages are there, that will make your video viral.

I just look for this content material as a viewer. Hope some time somebody will do this. I can discreetly help in dialogues, conversations and engaging story line.

I need to reduce writing for one reason. My mind is getting dirty. I wrote an official email to my manager where I spelled “butt” instead of “but”, and once “cunt” instead of “cant” goodness I found it before sending it out. Writing porn story has spoiled me to this extent. I should cum out of this hang over soon. Oh shit “come out” 

I see writing story is taking much of my time. If any of the female authors interested, we can pair up and write together it will reduce work load. It will really spice up our life. I’m open to work with. Please drop me a note if you are interested. Respect and discreet guaranteed.

Thanks for your time reading this lengthy story. Be friend with me, send your email to Let me know if you have any questions.
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