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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fun Turn In Life

Hi im Ano Im going to tell my experience about a year ago when I used to be in Chennai, India. Let me introduce myself to you, am 5’7″ tall, Quite chubby, wheatish complexion girl. I was brought up in a very well off but conservative/traditional family that had almost settled in Chennai before moving abroad. I was very studious, once had a puppy relationship too that ended long, long ago. My college days I wasted too much on my books before I landed as an IT professional and regretted my life.That I had missed out so much of fun in life. By the age of 25 at that time I could not change myself from that person who I was, to any romantic, no matter what, I cannot even imagine of loosing this reputation that I have with all the people I know, nor was I in any position for any serious relationship because my family was out hunting for a groom. Got so confused with myself because I wanted ‘It’ But dint want ‘ how ‘.

Things seemed to change when I met this much younger fellow (but a major only), now lets call him Timmy. He is a little bit taller, dark, cute fellow. I have seen him chatting and playing around with his friends (most were girls), I had the impression that he’s a playboy, But later learnt he is just a playful , bit muscular , overgrown b a b y . We got introduced when I bumped my car on to a part of broken wall, which really happened because I was in-fact focusing on timmy on my rear view mirror. He ran to me to ask if I was ok .I could see that he fancied my car very much, we both along with one more guy who was with him, inspected the scene . We said thanks and left.

Later was a series of bumping into each other most planned by me…. I found this guy really fun to be with, but so well behaved and so much different from other boys of his age. I found that he was badly in need of pocket money as he is just a college student and, I badly needed some harmless no strings attached company. We made a deal that he would drive me around and I would help him out with filling his pocket and nobody is going to doubt me because of the reputation I have already. Soon I was taking him shopping, cinemas, clubs and places I only dreamed of.. his built masculine outward appearance kept off all unwanted nuisances of men .It was so much fun and I felt perfectly safe.

I could hug him just anytime, caress him whenever I felt like. Sometimes just to lean on his shoulders and cry. A live teddy bear, sometimes even on my bed. It was all innocent first but the work stress got me a little bit horny, a few ‘A’ movies made it worse, and timmy’s body was setting me on fire. A few condom packets I found in my cousin sister’s closet got me determined that I won’t go lagging behind like this anymore. I couldn’t just stop starring at this fellow which was sometimes scaring him too. I just enjoyed talking dirty and playing physically with him. I took care to keep his mind clear regarding me so that none of us get emotionally attached and get hurt, but my lust just kept burning worse. I started to wear fitting clothes , intense dieting and soon I could notice timmy starring my back and boobs , boy I got so exited he was ready and waited for opportunity.

Soon my family planned for a 3 day trip for a marriage for which I agreed but backed out in the last hour purposefully, my family had to leave me alone without a choice. To my delight I was left behind at the care of my old neighbour aunty. Before I waved them goodbye I planned my vacation. I remember going to the other part of the city to do buy ‘the stuff’, back home, I downloaded the best porn I could find and put it on a disc and kept it in my office cd pouch. Immediately, I called that fellow but he said he was unable to come the first day but promised to be home late afternoon next day and he did. I took him shopping and bought him some things and back home I thrust some cash into his pocket saying that our family was soon relocating and I have been a good boy.

He was just speechless and couldn’t see those horns on my head. We got to my room I myself got nervous and dint know how to start, so I slipped in a few pegs of vodka , then I started off like saying am so lonely and sore and need some comfort from this stressful life with no romance no boyfriend and life is sad…. “Hey you have me” he said smilingly. We laughed over some jokes and later I opened my pouch and told him someone had mixed this porn cd with mine , “guess what”. Both started watching those movies one after another. With the vodka bottle in my hand soon I was just staring at this fellow. I loosened up my tops and positioned so he could see my cleavages. Finally, ‘I made it’ when I saw a huge bulge in his thick jeans but I never expected his to be that much . This live cock turned me sooo on. I understood that he was in so much pain with the erection constrained by the thick jean.

So I asked him to feel free to let it out, he din’t, I pleaded, then I growled a bit, it dint work. But he brought forth that conservative philosophy I had once ..’blah blah blaah….. ‘I went “Shut up shut up” I hate advises and this baby was annoying. It was so sweet of him though, I had always felt safe with him but now I felt authority over this overgrown baby. I switched off the tube light and put a small night lamp so the room was damn dim and perfect.( ‘ Then for what did I spend so much money on him Hahn’) More than that the way he ment ‘what can u possibly do’ chauvinism struck me so hard. He was now rolling with laughter, so I took a dupatta and tied it around his mouth, and I made it tight. I asked him to stretch out his hands front together, he did, I tied them together ,then pushed him back onto the bed’s carved head rest and tied his hands onto it , he was still shrugging with laughter , it drove me so much madder. So in my fit of fury I just sat on his legs and ripped opened his pants and underwear, out springed a slightly curved thick cock.

He was wriggling, he was in such a shock I guess, because he could have easily thrown me off, but and so I caught his balls, he slowed down. I just bent over tightly hugging his legs as strong as I could and i thrust that cock thing into my mouth and bit it midway. Ohh that smell still sets me wild. I bit and sucked it, his legs rested and i got up and he saw me putting my hands under my skirt as I took off my underwear, he knew what next and he was” umm umm ummm” with his nose. I caught his balls again and whispered in his ears “don’t shout” gritting my teeth and loosened up his mouth. This time he seemed so serious and whispered “Please, please u ll get pregnant , u have to marry another person and if someone finds out…., its painful!!……… ” very concerning , ha soo sweet…. so it struck me and I got back a hold of myself that its very painful for him too. So I just caught his face kissed on his lips and then all over face and chest. I reached for ‘the stuff’ that I had brought the previous day kept nearby. I quickly got that condom packet put it on his thing. Poured lots of lube on it.

As planned. Now it was all perfect. I turned up the music and I got upright and sat on his thing thrusting it inside me.. It was so painful that I bent and bit his chest, both were moaning. I came for a smooch which he resisted. I started moving up and down and soon I was riding him like a cow girl holding his chest. I was enjoying it and I remember him staring at my wide opened nose high up. I was in the height of pleasure till I climaxed so loudly. Thank goodness I had turned on loud music… Only after all this I noticed the tears in his eyes, I thought he’d just enjoy it, ‘what hell maybe he’s not grown enough to this’. Then I quickly got on his chest loosened him up. I started saying ” No Baby I’m so sorry I..” he stopped me by saying “sshhhhh” as a tear rolled down, I thrust the back of my palm to my mouth and was in a big mixture of feelings, I fell to his side and lay next to him shaken up.

Suddenly I felt his hands on my knees, he had sat up on the bedside. I dint know what to do, I just can’t explain the mess my mind was in. I just went next to him and hugged him tightly, he turned toward me and he hugged me back. Slowly I could see his trembling hands on my back moving around. In a shaken up voice he said “Please do me, please, again” and . I was like “what’s there baby, u just scared me” he replied “nothing”. He kissed me , and I kissed back, next he started to move his kisses on my neck , I just got so wild that I got back down on my legs and removed everything off me, by then he had removed his tops and was getting off his half down bottoms off his and I pulled them off. Next we were both standing naked facing each other. We tightly hugged each other. He started kissing all over my face and neck and I jumped on him and clamped my legs on his waist he hugged me and sat on the bed. I caught him behind his head and pulled it towards mine .We dry lip kissed like 5-6 times before I guided his thing into my love-hole.

I placed his hands on my breasts, which he squeezed and sucked wild. He then rolled over placing me on the bed and he pumped as best as he could, and soon I understood he was about to cum, so I asked him to bring it to my mouth, he couldn’t believe it. I grabbed some tissues and grabbed the condom off his dick wiping it. Then I asked him to put his tool in my mouth gently, in a few minutes, I drank his warm cum. After a brief rest of hugging, next we laid side-wise facing each other. I lifted my leg on top and guided his thing into mine, then I rested my lifted leg back on him, like two scissors cross fitted. This time both of us sucked, bit and fucked each other. We both came together. The music and the sex was so so wild ! What happened was not even a fraction of what I planned the day before and ended so short too, but the emotions I felt during that time was just so many. Later he told me that it was a dream come true for him actually and then I felt much better and good . We went out for heavy dinner and sneaked back into my house but soon fell fast asleep.

I kept alarm at 3 am and woke up. Now his cock was a puny little thing which I just put into my mouth just to feel it swell inside. We both decided to do a tiny mouth gargle before our next session. I tried to do it in the bathroom but it dint go well, so I dragged him out and pushed him on the sofa on the way back to my room and we did it there. By 5 we were cleaned up and dressed. He said bye and left before the neighbourhood woke. We met the next day pretending nothing had happened at all. After my family came everything was back to normal except a little guilt though. Soon time for relocation came closer. At that time a friend of mine (a white girl )was there, who wished to try an indian dick. So we both along with another close friend of mine, decided to take timmy on a trip to a resort in pondicherry .

We made him to accept too. Everything went perfect till our parents converted it into an inter- family retreat. There we went grumbling with ourselves. Soon it was busy pack up time. We gifted and parted with those wild memories and wilder plans we had in mind but nothing worked out, so off we went with our lives. Yea but here I am stuck in a foreign country now and other two stuck elsewhere, and am doing this silly story writing to u all (in-fact I feel a lot shameless) . I have a boyfriend now, gonna marry him , but he is no match for our boy, whom I cherish. We keep touch in face book. He was a good friend or say ‘paid- friend’, what ya, everything in life has a price to pay….

A few months ago my friend, who was in a situation and having her stress time just begged me for him, and I asked him to help her out for a paid-date and he gladly agreed. I sometimes wish that I would switch places with her, but I shouldn’t, for these things should have a limit, or things would get out of control. Then it’s all, just a part of our deep dark secrets. After all what a short, life this is….. Bye .. do send me ur comments at
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