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Friday, 5 July 2013

Dil Vil Pyar - Part I & II

My name is Aarti . I am 30 years old.I am married to a doctor.i decided to meet my parents in my native place. My husband said goodbye to me at the airport. When i reached my home alone there was something parents as they were old had kept a couple to look after them.The husband is a taxi driver and the wife does work in the house including cooking and cleaning.I was was not happy about seeing strangers in home.

They used to behave properly with me.I was going to stay for two weeks and without my husband i was feeling lonely.strangely even the wife left for her father's home taking a few days off. as i was home i helped my mother in cooking.i used to wear sleeveless blouse all the time as it was summer season.i found the driver staring at my breasts all the time.When he used to eat he started tp praise my cooking;saying you cook better than my wife.when i used to serve him he got the courage of touching my buttocks without my parents noticing it as they were on the opposite side.

My parents used to eat early and sleep. he used to come home late,but i didn't have any problem with that as my husband also used to work late.when i used to serve him food he used to stare at my cleavage when my pallu would drop.we used to eat together and chat. gradually i started to like day when my parents were asleep he told me come to his room.I dressed smartly wearing only my sexy nightgown which exposed huge cleavage.

I closed the door and told him i know you want come on. he pulled me towards him.i was over him.he touched my breasts and kissed them over my gown.he removed my dress tearing the sophisticated silk. and my naked breasts were hanging in front of him.i was a educated woman from a rich family giving myself to a lower class driver.I thought about my husband but i was immoral at that time. he held my breasts and kissed them one by one. he kissed my lips. then he made me completely naked. he kissed all over my naked body.

He messaged my breasts and pulled my nipples. he twisted my nipples.

He made me lie on his dirty bed and kissed my thighs and then fingered my vagina.when my juice came out he put his cock in my pussy. he inserted full and then started to have sexual intercourse with me.he told me how beautiful i am and he always wanted to have sex with me from the time he saw me first.he went on to ejaculate inside my vagina. i didnt mind him sucking my breasts all the time. after that when his wife came we felt bad and waited for the next opportunity.

Part II

After having sex with pratap for few times i told him that i want to enjoy group sex with drivers and helpers.he told my parents that he would take me to the market and it would be late when we come.

That evening he told me to look as good as i can and said he is going to earn lots of money as he is sharing his rich girlfriend with his friends and colleagues.i asked him how many friends do you have.he said fifty,I was scared;i told him i cant take fifty in one day.cant they have patience.look i want some fun with poor guys and you want money.He said i could have earned more money by bringing rich clients but you are not a professional want fun with lower class men.Thats why i have a plan.You will cover your face and we are going to film it.You are right,we wont fuck you all the time at once.everyday a new group and new location.then i will sell this film to a adult film director.

Dont worry apart from me nobody will know your name or see your face.;And so listening to him i went in this adventure of a lifetime.I know all of you are thinking all this as a lie and i am imagining.Maybe something is imagined but those who have watched indian adult films where the face of the girl is not shown and she is wearing costly jewelry then think again.

I dressed up in my best i wore a silk red bra and panty.then i wore a pink silk saree and white sleeveless blouse. i applied perfume and and did good make up.I wanted them to feel as if they are fucking a queen.

I went with him.he took a narrow lane and stopped in front of a face was covered and we walked a few meters and went inside an abandoned building.he closed the broken door with a chain and lock .inside 5 rowdy looking men were sitting. all of them were so happy to see me. then the action started. all of them became nude and were sitting on the wooden stool. i removed my saree and lifted my hair and let it fall over my shoulders. then i opened my blouse button and they pressed my breasts one by one above the bra. i was smelling good..then i removed the petticoat.i felt my scarf covering my face was about to drop. at that time i held my scarf and tied it and the petticoat fell. then i removed my bra and went in front of them asking them to suck my nipples.

I sat over his erect dick and inserted his penis in my pussy. i started to move. two came and started to suck my nipples. they kissed my breasts heavily.they gently bite my boobs. the fourth on came from behind and his rod went inside my butt-hole.all at the same time fucking and boob press made me crazy but i made sure my face dont get exposed. even though they wanted to see my face.but i was clear about protecting my identity.I recognized one of them as the driver who brought me home from the airport.after that they took turn and those who were kissing my boobs made me lie on the dirty floor and inserted their dick in my pussy and gaand hole. on lie below me other above me. they were competing to hold my breasts. i was fucking the person below me and the one above me fucked my anus.when they threw their their juice the fifth driver came to enjoy the rich housewife.i looked at his face

He seemed familiar and he brought his face close as if he was recognizing me looking at my eyes. he tried to remave my scarf and i slapped him. he pinched my nipples which i liked. he then slapped my breasts abusing me which made me laugh.he wanted to see my face.but his friends told him to calm down as they promised not to do anything against my will. i pulled his penis .he wanted me to suck his penis which was not possible as i cant show my face. he was drunk and they way he talked i remembered him.he was the guy who took all the wrong turns to reach my home to increase the metre rate.he even adjusted his mirror to see my breasts.i hated him but now i am having sex with him .all these thoughts of having sex with the guy whom i hate made me ashamed but i wanted to fuck him and make him remember me as the best fucker he ever met.a wild desire came in my mind.

I told them to switch off all the lights.then i told all others except my boyfriend to leave.we could see only our dark figures. in the darkness i removed my scarf and asked him to kiss me. and then i swallowed his dick. i started to masturbate it and i gulped all his juice. then he was unable to have erection again. i didnt listen i held his face and made him suck my nipples. he bit my nipples so hard that tears came in my eyes. i then slapped him hard and made him lie on the lover was helping me. i told him to suck my nipples like my baby and he kept his face over my lap and i breastfed him. then i rubbed my breasts all over his face. then i started to pull his dick making it erect again.this time i went over him and fucked him hard taking his load inside my pussy.he was tired after second ejaculation.i wore a strap on dildo and fucked his anus.he cried in pain. my boobs pressed on his back as i held him.i was laughing mad and fucking till my pleasure was satisfied.

When i came back home i saw my fair breasts full of love bites.
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