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Friday, 5 July 2013

Best Sexperience With Gorgeous Aunty

Hi All, its been wonderful reading the exciting personal experiences of so many people. I am kind of shy person generally reluctant to share my personal experiences with others. But this is a wonderful platform and I couldn't control sharing my first and best experience.

It was in my 10th class at the age of 15, when I first masturbated. Since then it happened many times. I have a great passion for aunties. Beautiful aunts in saries used to be my dream 'girls'. But I never dared to take a chance with any lady until I met with Radhika aunty.

Radhika aunty, oh God my dick is getting hotter pronouncing her name. She is my diva. I first met her in one of my cousin's marriage. I was doing my 3yr engineering then. I was very known in my family circle. I used to enjoy the full limelight during those days.

I was just about 21 years, 5.10'' height, fair complexion and medium built with athlet body. I used to get many complements from my relatives about my good looking figure. :) seriously, I think that was the age when you feel like a hero.

When I was first introduced to Radhika aunt, it was a wonderful day for me. She is a stunning beauty about 32yrs old, 5.5" height, very fair complexion and in good shape. I don’t know the sizes, but as far as I know she is perfectly carved to kill the men with her beauty.

She wore a red sari on that day and I stole couple of glimpses of her milky white stomoach exposed in between the sari and jacket. She has one kid and he is around 5yrs old. For some reason she spoke to me for a long time during our first interaction itself and we shared some lighter moments and jokes. She told me that she likes the ones who do well in studies and she asked me to visit their home in Vijayawada (a town in coastal andhrapradesh) when ever I pass on that place.

As the place where I did my graduation is nearer to that place, I told her that I will surely come to their home. Uncle also asked me to visit their home. During the evening time they left from the marriage. I didn't feel like staying in the marriage.

I immediately went to toilet and masturbated. Oh…! That was a real fun masturbating imagining the aunt whom I have just seen and adored for a moment. I had all the day dreams of fucking her wildly in different angles. I thought of going to college immediately the next day.

But as I had some other commitments to go to Hyderabad it was not happened for 20 days. Then after 20days I started to return to college. All my thoughts are on the aunt. Luckily uncle made a call to my dad and during the conversation uncle insisted me to come their home.

I was in cloud 9. I went to their home. Uncle work in a private bank. He leaves to office early in the morning and comes back during the night. Initially the plan was to visit their home stay there for some hours. But because of their insisting, some bandh and other issues I stayed there for 3 days and I could notice theirs was a routine family life. Uncle was always busy in planning for so many businesses. Initially I didn't dare to talk to her anything more than few lighter things and jokes.

First time I realized practicals are tougher than the theory and imagination. But seeing her so closely I couldn't control myself. I stole some glances of her round boobs through the low neck jacket. I tried to use all my mathematical skills to measure her sizes.

I was not in a position to control the excitement of my dick. I wore a sporty night pant. Though the underwear was in the erection was clearly visible. I doubt she noticed it couple of times. All through the day I was very much close to her.

Many a times I used to sweat when I speak to her. She asked me couple of times why I am not so ease. I gave some lame excuses. She gave me many naughty smiles. I had experienced the little touch from her in the name of helping her at the work.

It was so wonderful feeling to describe. But I noticed one thing. She is very horney and I thought I could melt her easily if I am tactical enough. I would be going to college on the third day morning. On the evening time around 6 pm uncle suddenly called from the office and told aunt that he is going to Hyderabad on some work. He told that he will be back in 2 days. He asked me for an excuse as he is giving me trouble. I told that's okay. But inside I was feeling very lucky. My sixth sense hinted me that it’s the end of my virginity.

Night at 10pm me, aunt and uncle and their kid went to bus stand in the car and drove back at around 10.30pm. By the time we were coming back the kid got in to sleep. I was driving the car, aunt sat next to me. We were talking about Murari movie, the latest telugu release.

Aunt was a big fan of that hero. Suddenly aunt asked me who is my favourite heroine. I told her that nobody and laughed away. But aunt insisted me saying in this age you should be having a dream girl. Though there are some heroines I really like, I didn’t say anything.

Now the exposing from her is clearly visible. I saw her stomach area many a times and in between I told her she is looking really nice. She gave me the same naughty smile again. That was a bomb on me. Then she asked me if I loved anybody. I told I didn’t.

She told she wish to be in my age so that she could enjoy the college life. She told the college life is the most beautiful life in ones life. I again repeated that she looks more beautiful than many girls in my college. I slowly started advancing step after step.

I don’t know where from I got that courage I told her that had she been my classmate I would have fallen in love with her and immediately I told her that I was joking. She stared at me for some time and then told, she might have accepted my proposal and laughed aloud.

She told me that I look very smart that any girl would like to be with me. This gave me real confidence. I understood that we are getting closer. I didn't want to lose the momentum. Things went like that and we reached home by around 11pm.

She told me that she is getting sleep and went on to her bedroom. Suddenly all my dreams were shattered. I thought she will be spending some more time talking to me. I was really enjoying the talk. More than I used to enjoy during the masturbation.

Theirs is a 2 bedroom beautiful home. Really aunt has a beautiful taste. I sat in the hall watching TV. After 10mins I went in to my bed room to changed the dress. I found a book there. I took it in to my hands and it was with 'Khajarahoo' sculptures.

There are somany KHAJARAHOO sculptures on that book and I think all the angles in sex are covered in those sculptures. For a moment I appreciated the aesthetic taste of our ancestors, took the book with me and went to hall.

I was watching the TV and looking in to the book to do a research on various angles I never known. Suddenly after 30 mins aunt came out saying she is not getting sleep. Seeing her I tried to hide the book under the sofa. She noticed that and asked me what it is.

I told its nothing. She came and sat next to me and took the book forcefully from my hand and stared at me for a quick while. I could remember the sexi smile on her face at the end. She was in her blue nighty. Loosen her hair and looking damn good.

She told me that her husband got that book and asked me how did I lik the book. She was looking very natural. I frightened to open my mouth and found it was already dried. Finally I managed to told that I didn’t see it fully.

She gave the book to me and kept her hand on my left thigh. I felt the 1000wt shock passing in my body. I could smell the perfume on her body and could hear my heart thumping away. She is giving me a regular touch with her fingers on my left thigh.

The touch of her fingers and the fragrance of the perfume were really turning me on. It was amazing how a touch can arouse you and the fragrance of perfume kick you on. The nightly was of a different kind I have ever seen her wearing.

It was nicely exposing her beauty and curvy shapes. It has got very low neck with a designed out lining. She started talking on some or the other issues but my concentration was all on her round boobs. She noticed it couple of times but never bothered.

In fact the finger touch moved towards my dick. Almost touching mine. My God, I am blowing out. Slowly I took her hand in to my hand and smoothly touching her. My hands were trembling and my palms are sweating.

She moved close to me and told in my ears that I am looking very attractive. I looked at her face and she gave me a smile. She asked me what am I doing with her hand. I told nothing. She then took my hand. Now both her hands on my thighs with my hand.

She started rubbing my palms. She told that my palms are very smooth unlike they used be with gents. I smiled. I suddenly asked her that I am getting sleep and I want her to spend some more time talking to me. She agreed and gave me enough room to lay down on her thighs.

She pulled me slowly on her. I could feel the touch of her boobs. She is often bending nearer to me to give me that touch. I closed my eyes and enjoying that feeling. Now I turned around so that my face could touch her stomach. Hugged her tightly.

No resistance from her. She was touching my shoulders and pulling me closer to her. I was not in a position to miss that thrill. It was first time in my life. After some time I told her that I am not comfortable on that sofa and to we will go in to my room.

She agreed and told that she could only spend time until I go to sleep. I tried to smile and look at her. I don't know what feeling were on my face. She made a move towards my room and I just followed her. She was trying to switch on the fan.

Suddenly I hugged her from back. All my body touched her body so closely. A sudden jerk came from her and asked me what am I doing. But the smile was there on her face still. I told her that I feel very close to her.

I was not able to control my feelings and took her hand to my dick. It was already heated up ejecting the fluid to control the heat. She immediately hugged me and kissed me on my lips. I hugged her and tightened my arms around her back, that made her boobs push on to my chest.

My cock got hard in a second. I hugged her and bent my neck to have my lips touching her neck. I kissed her very mildly on the curve of her neck and hugged her tight. She liked it and responded back giving more room to go down and kiss her on her boobs.

I told her 'Radhika Aunty I Love you'. That worked like a mantra. She responded saying she cant miss the night wasting with words. I observed she was also breathing hard as me and she also started moving her hands on my back.

I moved my face all over hers kissing her neck, her lower neck, cheeks and forehead. I moved onto the other cheek, took the soft cheek into my mouth and sucked it. I loved sucking her lower lip. I know its like a red apple.

We had a lip to lip kiss for almost 5 minutes. I tasted her saliva and even she responded with the same. She bit me on my chest, shoulder, and back. She took my fingers in her mouth and smoothly sucked them. The touchy feeling of her tongue was so happy.

I removed her nighty by now. She has nothing on her body now. Completely nude. I could see her body in the dim light. By now she removed my T-Shirt and the pant. I am on my underwear. She touched my dick softly and tasted the liquid on the underwear.

She is giving all the beautiful expressions on her face. She is tempting me. She is a master. I asked her to lay down on the bed and started sucking her whole body. I started kissing her from fore head, kissed her nose.

I took her head in to my hands and slowly moving all around the face kissing on the ears, cheeks, lips, chin, neck and then slowly moved on to the two round balls. They are very beautiful. She told me to hold her tits.

I was trembling since I have never had an experience like this before. I slid my hands down her shoulders and cupped her breasts in my hands. I was amazed to see how erect her nipples were and the wonderful feeling it was to have another woman's private parts in my hands.

It appeared she was enjoying this fully. My hands are doing magic on her body. I have started applying all my theoretical porn knowledge on my diva. I was enjoying her getting excited to my movements. She took my dick in to her hands and told 'an young dick..!' and smiled.

I cant forget the look on her face when she saw it. She held it with her hand and began stroking it slowly up and down. I smiled back. She asked me to lay down on her with my dick on her face and my face on her pussy. I did as she guided me.

I think she has just washed her pussy. For a moment I thought She got ready with a perfect plan. The hero arose in me. I kissed her stomach, abdomen and went down to her pussy. Started with slow kissing I almost ate her pussy. I touched her thighs.

Mean while she is fully busy in giving all the pleasure I want by sucking my dick in and out. She is sucking it like a little kid sucking the ice fruit. She took my balls in to her mouth and I got a feeling she almost ate it. Completely in to her mouth.

She is a wild sucker. I don’t want to give any less pleasure. So I took my center finger in to her cunt and started giving her smooth strokes. The real fun started now. For every move of my finger she was almost jumping on from the bed.

She was sucking my dick yelling out 'Subbu I Love you…. I love you rascal. You are taking me to the heaven. How sweet are you… I want to be your girl friend come on fuck me ra….!!' Oh she is on top of the excitement. Many times I asked her not to shout.

She told she cant control. I removed my finger and started to lick with my tongue, she was in heaven and screaming, I just spreaded her legs and kept my mouth on her pussy lips and put the tongue inside of her pussy, it was so wet and she was just stroking me on my buttocks.
She is just moaning loud. I can hear her screaming sound loudly… subbu… please … come on ra… I cant miss u naanna….I will die with this happiness… please hold on.. I am tired,, I cant control like this, I did not listen her,

I just bited her clit and put my 2 fingers in to her pussy and shook all over insider, she was like jumping on the bed. I now turned towards her kissed her tightly. I hugged her tightly. She took my dick in to her hand and guided it to her cunt.

I have put my Big Penis to hear pusssy, and Fucked her very well. Initially we were in X shape. Then turned up and down. During the strokes I sucked her boobs. I asked to turn to one side. I stood on my kneels and started giving her strokes.

This time she is almost crying. She told me she never had this much of fun. Finally I asked her to lay down facing her boobs to the bed and me still inserted in to her pussy, giving her strokes from the top. I gave the hard strokes. I don’t want to loose out soon.

I was giving the strokes with little gap in time in between. Finally when I was almost out I took my dick out and ejected the lawa on her back and she immediately turned around and brought her face exactly opposite to my dick.

My little rascal with all proud ejected his sweat on his heroine. Her face was fully wet and my cum was dropping out from her face…She ate the semen and took my dick in to her hand and kissed it. I laid on her for 15 mins and slept for some time.

I had a wonderful 15mins of sleep and then she woke up kissed me all over and took me to the toilet and cleaned my dick. We had a shower bath and she sucked me dick again there. I too sucked her boobs. We finished our bath after 10-15 mins of mastin in the bathroom.

We came out shared a long kiss for minutes… None of us wanted to leave the others…but we know we are going to have the same fun on the next day…. And we actually had couple of times and the next day. I can never forget those wonderful days in my life. Pls comment me on I am from mumbai.
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