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Friday, 5 July 2013

Hide And Seek To Sex

Sanjida is living with her joint family with few servants in Dhaka. She is a 5 feet and fat girl which is why there was drastic change of her body after her puberty. Because of her bigger boobs she became envy of girls and started getting guys attention. One of them were her family servant Rashu, he is 5feet 6 inches and thin guy who is just few years older than her.

Sanjida, her cousins and some servants including Rashu always used play in the yard inside their house boundary. Their favourite game was “Hide and Seek”. One afternoon while playing the game she hid in the garage. Rashu saw her going inside and a naughty idea came to his mind. He decided to follow her. The place was dark and the whole place was occupied by two cars leaving a little space for people to go inside. Rashu went near to the space and with blur vision saw Sanjida sitting down in a cramped position on a corner. He went near and touched her. It sent shiver to her, she thought it was waste of her time to find a place to hide and being found by the seeker made her upset because she always wants to win, in quick reaction she tried to jump and say something. But he kept a hand on her mouth and he whispered “I am Rashu. I am hider not seeker”. It gave her a sense of relief, she sat back again in same place and Rashu also joined beside her.

She: “How did you find me?”

He: “I saw you coming here. You’re the best at finding the good hiding places.”

It made her proud. She started to think how smart she was compared to other. After that they became silent. Rashu didn’t want to lose this chance. He kept his hand on the belly. It was usual for her as they were both friendly and he tickled her before. He thought “this is it” and kept his hand on her left boob. She had no knowledge about sex so she didn’t knew what to do but she felt kind of strange being touched by him. Although her mother touched her boobs but this time she felt different. Many scenarios of reaction went through Rashu’s mind which made him nervous and was sweating. Seeing no negative reaction from her, he started to slowly roam his hand on her boob.

She thought he was trying to tickle her in strange manner which would have cause her laugh out loud and lose the round. She looked toward him to tell him to stop. In the mean time he found her semi-erect nipple, took it in between two fingers and started rubbing it. It let out “ahhhh” instead of “stop”. He got up and sat facing her so he can give attention to both boobs. She thought whatever he is doing is not tickling but it was giving her a new feeling which she never felt before. She started feel that she is going to pee. Before he could go any further he heard people shouting that seeker found a player and the round is over. It brought him to senses, he got up and also pulled her up. Before coming out of the garage, he told her that this is their secret game and nobody should know it as more people there will be less fun.

Days passed by as Sanjida got busy with her school and coaching centers leaving Rashu with no time to spend with her. One day Sanjida’s family went to a friend’s son wedding. Left one car for her and other cousin to attend the wedding as most of them went for their coaching. Rashu told the driver that he is going to pickup Sanjida and her cousin who is studying in the same area. He went there picked up Sanjida and took her to a nearby abandoned house. As he knew the other cousin’s coaching will finish in 1 and half hour. She was going to a house which was infamous for being haunted in the area.

She: “What we are doing here?”
He: “Do you remember the secret game we played? We are going to play this here.”
She: (Blush) “I want to play but this house is haunted.”
He: “It is ok. I will protect you if any ghost comes.”
He found a dirty sack nearby and shrugged it to remove dirt and dust than lied it on the floor near her.
He: “Lie down.”

She lied down on it. He went near and held her head while caressing her lips with his fingers. It made her lips apart waiting for something unknown. He knelt forward and gave her a gentle kiss. She saw kissing scene in movies and thought something special is going to happen today. She replied back with a wild and long kissing which most of us do when it was our first time. He started pressing her boobs. It felt bigger to him than that day; he thought maybe that day there was not enough space in garage that was the reason. This feeling is new for her and being compliant to him to get more of that feeling. He started lifting her t-shirt to expose her boobs and was amazed to see her small watermelon sized boobs in pink bra.

He started kissing her throat, shoulder and slowly stopped near her cleavage. He started blowing winds on the cleavage to tease her. She couldn’t hold anymore and grabbed her head pulled it down on her cleavage. He didn’t need any more signals he unclipped her bra and started kissing her boobs. Then took one nipple in mouth and started sucking it. The first touch of tongue on her nipple made her moan loud. He came up and started kissing her and playing with her boobs.

She: (Angry) “Why you’re not sucking my breast?”
He: “First show me what you have got down there.”
She: “EWWW!! That’s a dirty place and I am shy about showing it”
He: “If you don’t than I will not suck your breast”
She: “Ok” (Opening her jeans)
He: “Open your panty”
She: “Nooo!!”
He: “Don’t forget we made a promise”

She removed her panty. He touched her pussy with little pubic hair. It sent a electrifying sensation throughout her body. It didn’t take him long to find her clit and started rubbing it. It was too much sensation for her making her move her head in every possible direction while gripping the sack. He saw the girl was getting wet and orgasm is nearby which will bring her back to reality. He opened his zipper and took out his 6 inch dick and putted one condom on it. Slowly made her spread her legs and positioned him in between and started sucking her nipple sending her to ecstasy keeping her unknown of his intention. Rishu already had sex with lots of prostitute so he knew how to position himself for a good penetration. He kept one hand on her mouth and gave a big push which helped to enter half of his dick inside her tight pussy. Tears rolling down her eyes and before she can push him of he gave a big push burying his dick inside her.

After that he waited until she relaxed than he started thrusting slowly at first. There was no words spoken the whole place was filled up with moaning. He started thrusting faster and deeper when the pussy wall started to tighten and he also realized he can’t hold any longer. They climaxed together. After he gave her long kiss and said “I love you”.
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