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Friday, 5 July 2013

Neighbour Mr.Vinod

Hi, this is Unnati Shah from Mumbai I am 36yr old housewife of a business man. Here I am submitting the story of my life which has not been revealed yet. My husband is into clothes business he is mainly into his business 12-14hrs a day or visits different places to explore business opportunities. Our marriage was an arranged one. Though we loved each other but there was something missing between us. First couple of years went smooth thought it takes time to adjust between two new people but somehow things were the same after that too. Same routine continued and I was getting bored of daily chores having usual five minute of undesirable moment with my husband during night. Things went as usual. As per my previous story The story of my life an episode with my neighbor manisha which took place about eight to ten years back it was an moment of my life which changed my thinking and a part of my future.

This story is about six to seven years back. As I was now close to manisha and her family I used to frequently visit her place. It was summers. Manisha and her kid went to visit her native while her husband was here due to business purpose. Manisha had requested me to take care of her husband as she had to rush to native urgently due to personal matter.

My Husband leaves usually at nine in the morning where as Manisha husband Mr. Vinod leaves at 11am. So after my husband departed for his business I used to inquired about vinod if he needed my help .Regarding vinod he was in his early thirties average looking but quite charming and an interesting person.

That day was Friday and my husband left early at 6am that day as he had to leave for Pune due to business commitments and will return by Monday. I completed my daily chores by 8am itself so thought to help vinod to complete his chores. I rang his door bell but no one answered. I again rang after 5 minutes this time he opened the door. I was amazed to see him in just towel wrapped around his waist. He had just come out bathing. I inquired about his health and asked if he needed some help. He told he was not feeling well from last night due to climatic change. I asked him to rest that day and I will be with him to take care as even I was free couple of days.

He asked for a hot cup of masala tea so he will feel fresh and as per his request I prepared 2 cups of tea for us as soon as I turned taking the cups in tray I bumped into vinod the tea fell on both of us. As vinod was into towel he suffered major burn patches near stomach and adjoining areas beneath even I suffered burns though I was not that burnt due to saree vinod requested me to change quickly. I went and changed into a night gown and took an ointment to apply on vinod. Till then he has washed off and changed into loose cloth. I inquired about his burns he said he was ok but I knew he had severe red marks around his stomach.

I told him no your wife has told me to take care of you and as I will do whatever I can. I took him to his bedroom and told him to lie on the bed and take his T-Shirt a bit up so I can apply the ointment. As I was applying it I saw his body he was well built than my husband and was friendly with me. I was a bit aroused by this as I had lost all pleasures in my life. I started to apply this ointment on his stomach. We were feeling awkward as we were not so close before this. While applying I saw there were red spots around his thighs. I began to apply the ointment there he shivered a bit as my hands were approaching towards the upper part of his thighs I suddenly felt his tool begin to get stiff. Even vinod was getting aroused he was feeling great as I was approaching him I could get it from his facial expressions.

I had worn a deep neck night gown and I forgot to clip the top hook. My cleavage was visible clearly to him while massaging. His erect tool was hitting my body. I was out of control and took his tool in hand which was better in size than my husbands. I gave him a blow job and he ejaculated within five minutes. I took the entire load in my mouth. It was just awesome.

He removed my gown and we both were in our birth suites. He was massaging my boobs vigorously and playing with my pussy. I was aroused and asked him to enter my pussy as I could not wait longer, he took the tool entered slowly, I was in heaven… n moaned... aahhhhhh. Aahhhhhh... Put it slow and steady. He increased the intensity and was ramming harder. I was crouching on the bed and had ejaculated twice by then. I was hugging him as tight as I could. I asked him to put as deep as it can go. And he loaded his cum deep inside me and we lay on bed for couple of hours hugging each other.

We had tea after the session and we hugged each other shared our fantasies and one of my fantasy was to feel how anal would feel like. He smiled and inserted one finger in anus and another into pussy. Anal was paining but was pleasurable at the same time. He got up and bought some oil and poured it on anus. He again started fingering deep and applied some oil on his tool and now started entering his tool inside me. It was so painful the moment it started entering inside i pulled the pillows and was on verge of tearing it. As he started ramming the hole i was feeling the unexplored pleasure. He again came inside me and the juices were flowing out. we both were sweating and had rest for few hours.

It was one of the fantastic experiences I have ever had. We had couple of instances after that. Feel free to give your feedback and suggestions on
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