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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sister In Law’s Dirty Panties

Hi, I am Raj. I am 36 years, old well to do business man from Bangalore. I am married with no children as my wife, Shobha is very career minded. Shobha knows how to dress well and can look sexy but isn’t the best looking when naked. Our marriage is alright and sex is satisfactory but nothing special. However the best part of our marriage has been Shobha’s sister Nisha, who has been living with us for past 1 year since their mother passed away. Nisha is 5 year younger to Shobha, aroung 5’6, with fair soft skin, silky hair, nice big milky breasts and even nicer and bigger round ass and has maintained a good figure because of regular gym. She is quite flirty and has, many a times, rubbed her breasts or ass against me when passing in the corridor.

It was one Friday evening in July and Shobha had to travel overseas on work for few weeks. After returning from airport, I saw Nisha sitting on sofa watching TV. She must have returned from Gym and showered as I saw her clothes in bathroom for wash basket. Something came over me and I looked in them to find her panty and there is was. It was white cotton panty, wet with her sweat, stained with her juices and piss and on the back there were also some little brown stains. Just looking at it made me hard. I put in on my nose and face and was immediately enveloped with the sweet musky dirty smell. I have smelled a few panties but her had a very strong sweet musky shitty smell; all arousing. I masturbated with the panties on my face and after I had finished, I kept it with myself.

I did this for next 5 days but on the sixth day there was no panty in bathroom which meant that she had run out of them. In morning I heard her talk to the servant. In the evening, when she got back from Gym and was about to go for her bath when she came and asked – ‘Jiju, have you seen my underwear ?’ , I appeared shocked – What ? . She replied; no I think the bai has been taking my underwear. Don’t seem to find any. I smiled and said; ‘ It’s probably not the bai but some secret admirer’. ‘Which secret admirer would want my dirty panties ? ‘Someone who thinks they smell like the sweetest perfume.’ She got a little angry ‘How can you ..? Please give them back to me.’

I replied ‘What if I don’t want to ..?’ ‘I will tell didi . ‘ I replied …’ Do you think she will believe you and even if she does . what’s the harm in keeping my Nishu’s panties when she is not around ? She thought for a moment and said . ‘ If you want to keep them . fine ..’ but give me some money to buy new ones.’ Well I can do that but on one condition; you need to keep the one you have got on for another day. But you are not have a bath or wash after you go to toilet for the whole day. In exchange I will buy you a set of most expensive sexy underwear’ is that fine?’ She thought and said …’Well have it your way…but don’t complain if it’s really smelly’.

True to her promise, she did not bathe that day or next and I did not hear her wash after going to toilet. And I got her a nice set to wear for the next week.

That, Evening Nisha came from her gym and said, ‘I want to go for a bath. you can have my panty, can you give the new ones’, I said. .’yes. but not this way…I need to smell it first’ . .’okay…I will remove and give it to you first’ …I said; ‘no I need to smell them you in them’. She just looked at me for minute filled with anger.’ ‘This is not what we agreed’. I said ; ‘You are very beautiful. And the way your panty smells is just heavenly. But it is just an appetizer; it just makes me want to really smell and taste you up close; can you do that for me ?

She seemed to want that as well; she blushed and said. I can’t strip in front of you …’ ..I said; well I have seen you up close in swimming costume; how is this different. Besides you don’t have to do any stripping.’

Why don’t you turn around and stand with your back to me . I stood behind her and removed her sweat filled T-Shirt and started smelling her and kissing and tasting her behind her neck and slowly moved to kissing the sides of her breast from back occasionally kissing and tasting near her armpit…her bra was filled with her sweat and I was waiting to have her large boobs in my mouth but first I wanted to go down.

I slowly went down and kissed her back…and removed her pants .

What I saw send me to another world . her 3 days old panties were ripe and you could smell her pussy juices from a metre…moreover she had not washed her ass and you could see a shit stain which turned me on even further. I put my face between her soft ass cheeks and started savouring her tastes and smells of her pussy juices and shit.

Obviously, Nisha was very hot by now and her pussy was throbbing with heat . .I removed her panty and started licking her pussy juices as they were dripping from her cunt while occasionally pushing my tongue into her dirty shit filled asshole.

Tonguing her asshole seemed to have turned her on even more and she bent more of give me more if it and her juices..I continue this till I had my fill and then asked her to face me …Now it was time to those large breasts in my mouth!!

I went up ; took her boobs, which were still covered sweat soaked bra, in my mouth . They tasted salty and soft and tongue her one nipple and squeezed and fondled her with my hand till came again. .

Now I wanted to blow my load. .I wanted to fuck her in her pussy and her ass. but that was for later. This time I shoved my cock into her mouth while still fondling her breast. I fucked her deep in her throat till she was gagging but I continued. I came in her mouth but then let a few drops fall on her ample breast; as I watched her lick them. I knew next she will be even more.

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