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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

At India Gate In The Evening

Hi all, this is my first story. I have been readingiss for almost 5 years. But I never contributed any story. So I decided to write something for fellow readers. I am Kumar (not a real name obviously) 36 married guy from Ghaziabad. My wife has a complaint that I am always hungry for sex. And I guess she is true. I like being real dirty while doing it. I like sucking pussy, boobs, and lips for hours and hours; otherwise I m very gentle with ladies. You can contact if you want at I am 6ft tall with good body. My younger bro is proportionately good. I work for a very reputed organisation (everybody knows it).

Coming to the story. It is true story. This is about one of my distant relative Sona. Her age 24 then (niece of my wife ). She was (doing some course in Indore related to my profession in 2009). I was in Mumbai then working for a leading media house without family. She started sending somes regularly. Good morning, good night , what have I eaten? And I liked them we shared somes semi non-veg jokes. I started liking her. Meanwhile I came back to Delhi in a new job. We still continued our msgs. My wife suspected me and later I was caught red handed with my phone. And we both had to listen a lot. We rather discontinued the relation. I still remembered her.

Luckily in 2012 I came to know that she is here in Delhi for her higher studies. I knew her bf. Through him if I wanted I could have contacted her but I never tried. Just wanted a someooth relation with her so on her b’day (in Jan ), I gifted her a watch. And that’s all. I never contacted her again. One fine day (in May 2013) she called up to meet. I was very excited (I had no bad intension then). I even got my car cleaned and washed. Put some new car perfume. We met in south x market. We had some food and bought some things for her. She looked happy for seeing me. Then we decided to go to India gate. On the way she asked if she can someoke ( I don’t someoke myself) . I told her go ahead and we reached India gate . It was just before sunset.

I parked the car in between stretches of India gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan. Meanwhile she lit second cigarette. Which she offered me and for the first time I someoked. I don’t know what happened to her. She gave a peck on my chick. I liked it. I requested her to come again. She came again and I turned a little. Then the unexpected happened. Our lips met for the first time. It was so juicy and soft, I didn’t want to leave them ever. We parted for a second; looked in each other’s eyes. Don’t know where from we got the courage, I just held her head in palms and kept my lips in her. For some time we were stayed in same state. Gradually I started sucking those juicy litchis. Ya it tasted like litchis. The day was still bright and lots of people passing by. It was dangerous to be caught. So we moved our car little further. We lowered our seats. And again we started sucking each other’s lips. Never experienced such a passionate kiss (wife is not interested in kissing and sucking. She likes only missionary style fucking). And it was she who was dominating she held my head and started sucking like the world is ending today. She put her tongue in my mouth and started encircling it. I started sucking her tongue meanwhile I put my hand on her left boob and started squeezing it slowly. Boobs were so soft. She closed her eyes and left a soft moan. All this we were doing we the sky was still lit. I was finding it difficult to reach inside her shirt. Then she opened her upper two buttons for my easy access.

I took her left boob in my mouth and started sucking it. She pressed my head hard to her boobs and yelled ‘meri chuchiya chuso’ suck them hard. Was just amazed after listening to those dirty words. I like being dirty. I sucked her both the chuchis one by one. She started rubbing my dick. I opened my zip and took my 7 inches very gentle tool out. She went over my dick and started licking it as if she is licking some ice-cream. I just can’t explain the feeling. (my wife hesitate in doing it. So I did not have much pleasure before). Then she took my entire dick in her mouth; and started giving me a blow job of my life. It felt like I would explode in her mouth then itself. But somehow I controlled. Again I reached to her lips and while sucking them I put my hands on her jeans near pussy; Started rubbing it gently. She sensed what I wanted. She opened her zip and I tried to insert my fingers there. Barely could I reach to her pussy area. My god; It was all wet. As if somebody has put a full bottle of cream there. But still I wasn’t able to put my finger inside the love hole. While I was sucking her lips, she lowered her jeans and panty for my easy access. For the first time I saw her naked pussy. Wow a clean shaven pinkish, lovely pussy. I tried to kiss it with great difficulty. She again felt it. Again I saw some people getting suspicious. I drove my car for some other corner in semi nude state. Meanwhile she removed her pant and panty completely; Stark naked from down. I must say she is daring. It was still evening and my cars glasses were not tinted. While lying low she spread her legs and this time I had easier access. I just sunk my head in her pussy and started licking everything that leaked. She was shouting almost ‘meri choot chato. Meri choot fad do’ I did my best what I cud do in cars front seat (going to back seat would have been dangerous) I sucked her pussy with my tongue in her hole. And she was shouting with pleasure. Choot phad do, chodo mujhe etc etc. She told me ‘ mujhe abhi chodo’ fuck me now. I too wanted it desperately.

But it was still evening and I can’t even go to back seat. But I too didn’t want to miss that chance. So I pushed my seat to back and lowered it to the maximum. With my cock erect I asked her to sit on my lund and fuck while holding the steering. Initially she hesitated but when explained that it would look like you are sitting on driver seat. She came and sat on my dick. The entire dick went inside her pussy in one go. (I understood before that she was no virgin and there is no harm in fucking her. Rather it would be a great experience fucking a young cunt) she sat on my lap with my lund inside. She started grinding her choot against my lund. She was shouting like hell. Saying aapki jhante meri gand me ragad rahi hai. Listening to these dirty words from her beautiful mouth I started pumping from down and she started jumping. We forgot if somebody is watching or not. We kept fucking. I could see her bare ass going up and down. Suddenly she shuddered and I felt lots of cream flowing in my groin area. As I was not wearing condom (who cared) I was hesitating to cum inside. She shouted cum inside you idiot. And I shot my entire load inside her cunt. We became motionless in same position for some time. She was resting on steering while I was lying on the flattened seat. Luckily nobody saw us. Then we put on our dresses and as was still not satisfied, (I wanted to love her) I hugged her tightly and laid cuddling her in front flattened seat for some time. I heard a knock on the window. It was a policeman. Initially I was terrified as if he doesn’t understand and again if my wife comes to know about it. It wouldd be bad. I tried my best to convince him that we are just friends. But he had a thought of exploiting some money. Then I told him where I work and what I do. (I lied a little) he left us by saying ‘kya sir aap bhi aise karoge to phir baki log kya karenge’.then I took her for nice dinner and then dropped her to her pg.

Please do write me if you liked the story. That would encourage me to write about my two more encounters. My mail id is
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