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Friday, 5 July 2013

Chennai Salesman - Part I

Hi ISS i'm karthi from chennai gonna share some awesome moments of my life with u ppl.i'm a marketing professional i do door step marketing for some electronic company i give demo abt the products and convince pplto buy my producet the is my brief intro abt me

Lets go to the incident i forgot to describe me anyways i'm just 23 average built average height i'm not a cool dude or a funky guy but i can make girls to give a second look.this incident happened before two months exactly in mid November on that day it was raining whole day but i was struggling a lot to reach my target for the month i was roaming in the anna nagar streets to make sale. actually the product is iron box and some trimming machine usually we the salesmen take bulk orders in shops and sell them but in the during the time wen the sale is less or any promotion offer is there then salesmen are used to market them to the doorstep normally freshers are used in this kinda job as i'm a fresher it was my duty to market them so it was a dull rainy day streets are empty it was like drizzling whole day many people they didn't even open their doors and also some rude replies as a sales man i have to accept everything and finally i reached a hi fi flat there i got permission from the watch man the only reason he left me in is that always i wear proper dress even though it was raining but nike jerkin safegaurds me so i look good after getting some info from me he left me then it was a five floor flat each floor has six house in the ground floor it was dull with all aged ppl and few houses locked

In the first floor to my surprise third house was open i rang the bell a aunty came out and she was damn hot i was like getting hard on she was wearing a tight nighty it suits her perfectly i asked her is she is in need of any trimmer or iron box she said simply no without any expression it was a big bulb for me and she closed the door then i went till fifth floor there r some college going boys bought few trimmers so i reached the target for the day and the time is just 1 pm.i felt something i'm missing and then while crossing first floor the aunty came to my mind again i stopped the lift in first floor and rang the bell again and she came i said mam please understand i wanna reach my target for the day i think surely u will need iron box or a trimmer in future so y dont u buy now itself and it is not that costly also mam just try mam.

I didn't expect a green signal from her but i got she told me to come in now i scanned her from top to bottom she was chubby,dusky i love dusky and chuuby aunties much and she is short now i got confidence sure i wanna fuck her today the climate outside also makes me more horny i asked her for some water she brought me and forgot to tell abt her stats 34 28 36 she is super hot in that nighty she maintained her house clean and tidy i complimented her and she said that she will be in home alone whole day so she will always be doing some household work so it is always clean i dont know what is happening she is speaking to me like a old friend meeting her then mam your husband wil need trimmer mam y dont u gift hi this trimmer and these are cheaper then the market rate she said that he never trimmed at home and dont like spend time in these he do all these things in parlour only my mind started working fast then i asked a boldly mam y dont u try this trimmer mam i think u also need this i mean u have unwanted hair in your hands and legs she has very little hair in her hands she said but if we trim it will grow again know like this she asked many things then

I said mam i'l give u a demo so that u'l know about this trimmer after demo i'm getting her in to the mood she said ok with little bit hesitation but i showed how to plug in the trimmer and about the buttons and the fittings in it we were sitting in a sofa all this time then i sat on the floor and asked her to lift her nighty i was very decent till now so she has no prob in lifting her nighty i touched her body for the first time her leg skin also too soft my body temperature started increasing i touch her inner thigh to start trimming she is taken back while i was touching her thigh for the first time but she didn't show it in her face then i slowly started feeling her thigh while trimming and finally i trimmed both her legs now i dont know how to proceed further she is now satisfied with my demo and said she'l buy it now i made one more plan now u try to trimm yourself and tell r u feeling comfortable in self trimming she didnt expect that but even now she didn't refuse but she was thinking where to trim without wasting min

I lifted her nighty even more high and pointed on the hair in her inner thigh i handed over the trimmer to her she slowly started to trim it but she dont know in which angle she should handle the trimmer so i took it from her and i started telling her in what way to move and i was keeping my one hand very near to her pussy and other hand i'm trimming i didn't show anything in my face and even i didn't see her face too i think she is going high she didn't even speak a single word just looking what i'm doing the inner thigh is a sensitive area so she jerked few times i holded her thigh by putting my one hand between her legs and nearing her pussy slowly i was moving my hand near her pussy without seeing her face and my other hand was doing its work in a professional manner she was in silent mode i think without giving any reaction finally the heaven came i felt the pussy area it was dark and she was not wearing her inner wear also and more over IT IS WET the great moment for me immediately i turned my face towards her and she was closing her eyes and feeling the heaven it is a great green signal for me then i dropped the trimmer down and with both hands

I started feeling her thigh and massaging it slowly she opened her eyes and gave a naughty smile she was looking damn sexy in that posture i stood up and she also stood up i hugged her very tightly and our body was in total contact my cock was hurting inside my pants and it is poking her thigh area she dropped her hands down and touched it above my pants i was feeling so good and my body temperature is increasing its like boiling in side and i can feel my precum inside my pant then i slowly asked her shall we go to bed room without answering holding my cock she walked inside the bedroom and i was following her poking her ass i love her ass very much wattta huge ass she had then we hugged each other tightly while i see her face only vidya balan comes to my mind her body and face is little similer to vidya balan she is that hot and now i need a blowjob at any cost i was thinking but she started giving me the pleasure she removed my pant and innerwear and started taking my 6.5 inch cock in her mouth i also removed her nighty

Then their i can see the beauty standing before me just with her black bra watta moment for me she gave blow job for 10mins till then i was a virgin then i removed her bra also and massaging her huge black boobs they r like sponge bouncy sexy i was waiting for the moment to feel it with my mouth i crushed it very hard it hurt her in response she bit my cock omg she is cleaver i cummed in her mouth she splitted in the wash room and came back then without asking anything i pushed her in the bed and i jumped on her and started sucking her boobs and my cock was rubbing her soft thigh i wants my cock in but i delayed by sucking her boobs then i sucked her for 20 mins till i fed up then i massaged her pussy area and started inserting my one finger in

Then i in and out in and out then i dropped my two fingers and increasing the phase little fast she was moaning slowly i inserted my third fig also in ans making it in high speed she started screaming and i tried to put my forth fig in but she stopped me and said that it will hurt but without hearing anything i dropped my four fingers inside and moving it in and out very fast now her pussy is totally wet and liquid is coming out from her pussy then i withdrew my fingers at no time i inserted my cock in started giving fast strokes she started crying i was not at all listening continuously giving fast strokes then after 5 mins in slowed down then i was fucking her for 10 mins i was nearing climax her pussy lips also hugging my cock again i increased my speed very fast

Finally i cummed inside her she was shocked but fell on her ans i was like sleeping on her itself it was too tired for me and i was like that for 20 mins then she told me to get up we were sticky in out juice so i said we have to wash and went to restroom and took bath i was rubbing her whole body but her concentration is fully on my cock she was holding it and we r under the shower then we dried ourself and it was already 4.30 so i thought we finished it in the right time as i have to reach office at 5 pm so for the first time i kissed her in her lips then i said bye to her and came out but still i was missing one thing i dont know what is that so i rang the bell again she opened the door with shock what still u didn't go? my kids will come at anytime i said i think i missed something then i went in and searched everywhere nothing i missed so while going out i hugged her again and pinched her ass very hard which made he scream and i said that i missed this today and sure will get it soon then i gave her my phone number and went to office this is just the beginning after this this 2 months we both did many things will let u people know all those thing in the next part mail me ur comments to usual every author tells Chennai and tamil nadu girls i'm waiting for your comments.
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