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Friday, 5 July 2013

Meeting Up In A Cinema Hall - Part II

continued from my first part -

As the film started after break, I found a pleasing change in the back row of the hall. I couldn’t find the two people that where sitting on the last rows of the hall. Probably they might have left finding the cinema uninteresting, or may be they have moved some rows to the front for better AC. Whatever, that to me means more privacy for us and our actions. In the darkness I found my seat and sat next to her. This time we exchanged a more relaxed smile. This time I didn’t have any inhibition and I straight away held on to her. This time I decided to give more attention to her hips and navel. My hands held her curvy plumb hips from both sides. When my left hand massaged her fleshy left side, my right hand slowly moved from her hip and circled in to her deep fleshy navel. My index finger was the first to jump into the deep pit of her navel, triggering waves of pleasure into my body and cock. I kissed aunty for the first time on her neck, while my left hand massaged her body from her boobs to her hips in pleasure. She too was in pleasure while I moved my fingers on her navel in circular motion. She went for my cock again and started massaging it over my pants. This time since I had taken off my underwear, I felt like she was holding my dick in naked. From her expression I understood that she too felt the difference and was surprised. I whispered to her how I throwed off my underwear for ease of access. She gave a slight squeeze to my thing as if in appreciation. She then unzipped my pants, and my thing leapt out in its full size. She held my thing in its full length and continued with her massage.

She started raising my thing to new heights again. But this time I had other thoughts in my mind. I wished to give more attention to her watermelons and belly, not with just my hands, but with my mouth too. I wanted to kiss her all over. Earlier I didn’t have much chances to do so, and also I was afraid too. But now I weighed my chances. As she continued with her massage, I on a split of second raised her pallu a bit and took my head underneath it and kissed and sucked on her boobs over her blouse vigorously. I felt like I was inside the veil of a taboo of pleasure. For a moment I forgot everything else around me and only concentrated on her wetting blouse and protruding nipples underneath it. I sucked hard on it, while the surprised aunty tried to be in control of the situation. She hid my head well inside her pallu. The whole changes happened in less than a minute only before I took my head out to avoid any danger of being caught.

Well that gave me a life long pleasure to remember. But that was not enough with me. I wanted to take this to the next level. But the lack of any cover was the hindrance for me. I could do anything with my hands on her lower middle body. But anything over her boobs do really need some caution. When that is the case I wondered how I will use my mouth and face to my content, I wondered. But I understood that where there is a desire, there is a way. I just only have to go for it and take some risks. And with every passing of time I was ready to take more risks. And I got my plan ready. I suddenly parted from her body, and checked out the handle bar between our seats. Yeah, I got it right. I am lucky enough to be seated in a foldable handle chair. I raised and turned the handle and it slid between our seats. Now I got a free open space between us. The whole area, big enough like the back of a car is open for all plays. She looked at me as if in question as to what my plan is. I moved my but to the extreme right of my seat, looked once at the rest of the hall, then in a quick motion I lied down on her lap. I remained still for a moment and then adjusted myself so that I am comfortable wit my head on her lap and rest of my body partially on my seat and my legs extending a bit over to the next seat under my handlebar and partially resting on the ground. I looked at her and she seamed to be okay with the idea.

From that point of view what I could see the most is the chairs on the background, her protruding blouse under her pallu towering on the top, and the ceiling above that. I signalled her to be watchful of the surrounding so that she can give me warning if she sense any trouble. That was the first time I have to be off-guard and rely on her senses almost fully. In this pose I looked like a child cuddled on to the lap of his mother. Only difference is that I might look like an overgrown child. I turned my head a bit so that I have my face buried between her thighs. My hand clutched on her thighs over her saree. I inhaled her divine smell from close quarters. While I lay there enjoying the feminie sent, she patted me on my but, just like how mothers do to make their babies sleep. But the only difference was it was putting renewed energy into my unattended manhood. From the moment I stopped her from her massaging and made myself comfortable in her lap, my thing was lying unattended. The poor little thing was gasping with it’s head popping out of my zipper. Now with renewed energy, my dick has gone super hard again. It showed in its full size out of the zipper in the dim light.

My auntie saw it and brought renewed attention to it. She move her hand from my but and held on to my thing again and started shagging it for me. It felt good to feel her shagging me while I lay cuddled on to her lap. Only difficulty I faced is I couldn’t give more attention to her body, as my face is turned more towards the front seat and buried on to her leg. But I soon adjusted myself again. I turned my body in such a way that it lies in a twisted shape. In this position my feet was firmly on the ground, my torso lay flat on the seat, making my dick project out to the top like a rocket. My head was flat on her lap facing her and her boobs, with navel towards the side. This was the ideal heaven where I wished to live in. Though I felt a bit of risk to lie like that with my dick out and open like a rocket, still I was ready for it. Also I started to rely more on the cautious eyes of the aunty. After all more than me it should be her requirement that we should not get exposed like this. She continued shagging me, now with her three fingers. Strangely I felt this action like a mother’s care towards her child.

I changed my attention to her body which is in close quarters to my face. Her extra large bosome now appeared even more big with that cup structure clearly visible from the bottom. The conical shape protruding out from her tight fitting blouse is asking to be molested. Below her blouse, her fleshy deep navel is lying naked open in front of my eyes asking to be ravished. I couldn’t control myself any longer. I immersed my face on to her navel for the first time. Her plumb soft flesh made a cool cushioning effect on my face. I inhaled a deep breath to take in her feminine smell. I licked in on her navel deep inside, tasting her sweat and sweetness at the same time. She let out a gasp as if in ecstasy and grabbed my dick even tighter. My dick was throbbing in this action, accompanied by her strokes. I had gripped her belly with both my hands and was pulling it more close to my face. My head lay jammed between her lap and her bossom.

I slowly turned my attention to the towering boobs over my head. I circled my tongue over her navel once more and then dragged it up reaching all the way to her mounts. I went ahead licking and sucking on to her right tit, while my hand ploughed her other one. She moved forward in her seat, thrusting her boobs more into my face. I tried to mouth most of her boob. Soon her tit was wetted again and I really felt like getting some milk from there. I lay there like a child with my head under her saree and sucking on to her milk pots. She on her turn held on to my head with one hand. While her other hand, which should have patted my but like a mother, instead patted on my dick. I felt the same intimacy of a baby sucking his mother for milk while the mother patted the throbbing little baby to put it to sleep. It is strange that I felt this action like a mother’s care towards her child. I don’t know why I felt like that. May be it is up to the readers to explain this feeling. After we continued like that for some time, she moved back in her seat withdrawing her milk packet from my mouth. I couldn’t guess for a second as to what she had on her mind. Then I understood it by her next action.

She started unhooking her blouse. I became excited at her gesture to gift me with something I longed for. She removed the last three hooks from her blouse, revealing the white thin bra underneath it. The same bra that earlier restricted me proper reach to her nipples. The bra showed out the perfectly shaped boobs that it was carrying in it. Confirming what I already knew, there was no hard cup used in the bra. The conical perfect shape was the natural shape of the boobs that it carried inside. She didn’t unhook the top hook of her blouse, so that the blouse stays in position in the event any problem arises. Then she loosened the bra strap on her right shoulder and raised her right cup above her boobs revealing a magnificent virgin boobs in front of me. I stared at it for a moment in admiration, and then looked at her in gratitude. Then I plunged on her naked boob with my face completely buried on its soft curves. It had sweat on it and I was more than delighted to taste the sweat using my tongue. I mobbed her bare tit with my tongue and sucked on it like there is no end. As the mouth tried to suck in as much of her boobs, my tongue continued its abuse on her tits turning it in rounds inside my mouth. I slowly took my other hand on to her left boob which was partially hidden under her bra. I took my fingers under her cup and reached for her hardened bare nipples. I took her nipple in my fingers and kneaded it using my index and middle finger until she began to squiggle in her seat in ecstasy.

Her grip on my cock also increased and she began to stroke it in a bit faster and firmer strokes. It was a moment when we both as a man and women tried to satisfy the sexual arousal of each other as best as they can. While the aunty tried to give a tight fisted super stroke to my cock, I tried to play as much rough on her tits with my tongue and fingers. My cock, in the aunties expert massage very soon got itself readied itself for its second climax of the day. I bended like a bow on her lap while I reached a point of no return. I exploded into her clenched hand. Auntie who had kept her hanky ready for the occasion made sure that none of my thing spilled out of her palm. She continued giving slow strokes until I reclined in exertion. She then cleaned up her hand thoroughly using her kerchief and then smelled her hand for a second. I think she liked the smell. May be that is one reason why she may not have used the kerchief this time as the cum bag. She may have wished to experience how it feels to be ejaculated on her hands. She may have wished to feel the heat, the smell of it.

As I lay there relaxing for a minute, I clearly realized that I have no time for relaxation as the film will end in another half hour or so. I have a duty to return the favour she had done for me. I should try to make her cum for a second time. I should make it a double delight for her, making it a very wonderful experience for her. By lying down I could only immerse my face on her lap. I wanted to play much more with her pussy. With that in mind I got up from her lap. I knew how I could hide myself and my body from the rest of the public. I went on my knees before her in front of her seat so that I am hidden from the others by the seats in the front. With this her entire lower half lay open for me. And if required I can still reach out to her boobs with some caution. The only immediate difficulty in this position was that I couldn’t let her give my little dick any attention it deserved. It has to hang idle and unattended between my legs below the seat level. Nevertheless I brought my attention on to her body. She didn’t exactly understood what I am into. But she was ready for the game. Only difficulty here was that I don’t have much experience to proceed.

I rounded her waist with both my hands and pulled her closer to the edge of the seat. With this I had more access to her body. I gently kissed her navel and navel button once more and then slowly moved my mouth below her navel. At the same time my right hand went up on her legs pulling her saree and underskirt along with it. While I was busy sucking on to the baby hairs to the lower part of her navel, my hand went under her tucked up saree for the first time and then continued on its upward journey towards her knee. Her navel had started becoming wet with the mix of my saliva and her sweat. As my hand moved up above her angle, I for the first time felt her naked thigh using my bare hand. It was smooth and hairless and should be even more whiter.

My hand moved towards her love triangle. This time I was not going to explore her inners in a hurry. I wanted to take my time in gliding my fingers into her. My face was still immersed on her navel area, with my other hand holding her from behind to keep her as close to me as possible. While my hand inside her saree tested the brims of her love hole, my mouth pushed its way to the lower brim of her belly trying to find its path further down the cord of her skirt to meet my hand. My hand had started rubbing and inching slowly on its way to open up the doors to the heavenly chamber. My mouth had managed to suckle at the few baby hairs of the aunty from her pubic region. But still it was unable to go beyond the hem line of her stretched skirt and the cord that it was tied with. There was no way my mouth could have met my hand which was ploughing on the other side under the skirt. My hand through its mild pulsative rubbing had already opened up the outer lips to her chamber.

She was already excited with these development and I can feel it from the slipperiness of her pussy lips. I continued with my rubbing and pressurising until my fingers automatically got grooved and aligned with her love hole. My continued rubbing led my fingers into her already once deflowered pussy chamber. I instantly felt the heat and the fluid covering my fingers. I loved that sensation. I slowly inserted my finger completely into its full depth. Then I started to move my finger in and out slowly. Her breaths had become harder. My breath too had become more hotter, breathing fire on to her lower belly. Now I had started licking her just above her pubic region, while my hand pondered her from below under her skirt. It should have been another delightful moment for her.

Only thing that was left out of the fun was my poor little cock. But I could not have given more attention to it with my hands busy with the aunty’s body. Neither it could reach all by itself to the position of her pusy so as to get a free chance to fuck it. But all the excitement had started showing its sign on my cock. Because it had moved from its semi erect state to hard rock, throbbing all by itself in excitement. My poor little thing was slamming at auntie’s leg in excitement as my body was shaking up from the services I was giving for the aunty. Again my body taught me that where there is a need, there is a way. I realized that my throbbing dick is slamming at auntie’s legs in excitement and trying to relieve itself. I realized that my dick has found a comfortable place between her inner legs where it is trying to ram itself into. My but was automatically moving and helping out my thing in the ramming. I never expected that my dick will find a wedge like spot between her inner calf’s which remotely resembled a pussy for it. It was the space just below her knee cap curved inwards that would only give a tight small opening if her legs are kept closed. But that was enough for my poor little thing. It went like a snake finding its own hole to dwell in and out. My thing rammed at her legs which opened up and closed all by itself. I made this a comfortable arrangement for myself.

As I sucked on her under belly, and my hands dwelled in and out of her love hole, my dick fucked her inner upper calf. I made it much more pleasurable for me by keeping her legs tightly closed. Her plumb white legs made sure that the hole was small enough to squeeze out my rod as hard as possible increasing my pleasure points to many fold. Now I started working like a well oiled machine with my left hand massaging her hips by holding it from behind. The mouth sucking on to her pubic hair and navel as if it would make a mountain out of a mole (read it as boob out of a navel). My right hand fingering her pussy in full swing. And my dick fucking her sweaty lubricated love hole between her inner legs. I realized that she voluntarily had started squeezing my dick with her legs in harmony with my pushes. I fingered her pussy while she squeezed my dick with her legs.

For a moment I forgot completely about my surroundings and the dangerous situation if someone sees me like that. I can feel the pressure building up inside me for ejaculation. The piston like movement inside the shaft like calf muscles of her built up the cum in me. The mix of her sweat and my pre cum gave the best heavenly lubrication for my cock. Combined with the pressure from her calf muscles I felt like my thing is inside a fucking machine in the process of churning out cum from me. I felt like her boobs are working on my thing to milk me out. Or like her pussy trying to extract and squeeze out the love juice from my thing.

Her pussy too was getting superfluous as I increased the speed of my fingers inside her. With the one time experience I had, now I know when she is about to cum. By the looks it appeared to me that we both might cum together. And then it happened, in her tightest of the tightest squeezes with her legs I reached the no point of return. I ejaculated right through her legs shooting under the seat on to the floor. My cock pulsated in after effect ejecting more and more cum on to the floor. There was no mess to be seen, no tissue became necessary. Every mess was right under the seat away from the public view. It took some time for my excitement to subside. And then I fell on her lap with my nose on her well moistured navel while my hand is still under her skirt and my semi erect dick still held on by her legs.

May be it is the first time that a man had fucked a girl like this, between her under knees. May be if any of you had such an experience before, tell me, describe the experience to me. For the time being I should be credited for this. Have heard of tit fuck, boob fuck, ass fuck, oral fuck before. Had heard of hand job, foot job etc too. But nothing like under knee fuck or inner calf fuck or the likes.

Only when I was resting like that, I realized that she too had cummed in the process. My fingers where drenched in the fluid from her love hole. I had slowed down and stopped fingering her pussy. As I lay relaxed on her lap, she gentle released my thing from between her legs. It fell down in its collapsed state hanging between my legs. I took my fingers out of her love nest and slid it along her big thighs patting it in the process. I thought my entire energy had drained. But patting her plumpy thighs kindled new energy into my thing bringing it back into semi erect state. I wondered if I had energy for one more play. Though I loved to try, that was too wild a thought. I decided against any further plays as movie should be ending in another 10 minutes or so. Reluctantly I got up from my kneeling position and sat on my seat. I checked and made sure that no mess is seen outside of her under seat. She adjusted her saree and petticoat and soon we were back to our self like any normal cinema goers. She looked at me and gave a wide smile as if in gratitude.

We watched the move for a few minutes as it looked liked we don’t have anything else to do. But I was not willing to let away for free the last few moments that I can have with her. So my hands where still on her body, her belly, navel, boobs etc. Squeezing on to whatever parts of her body that I can. She never seamed to get annoyed with me. But then every good times will have an end. Soon it will be time for us to depart. I remembered that as per our agreement she would leave the theatre just before the movie ends and the lights where turned on. And that I should stay on and be the last man to leave the theatre. That was the agreement that I had with her, and I should keep it unless something happens to make her decide otherwise. I didn’t have much time left, and I fumbled in my pocket to get a small piece of paper that I have kept for her. I had written my phone number in it which I gave to her. It is not the first time that I had given her my number. While chatting too I had given her on few occasions. But she had never called me. Nevertheless I gave her again, just in case she changed her mind after our meeting. She without any inhibitions took my number with a smile, but didn’t commit to call or not to, just like all girls. But I was still happy. When I understood that soon the end credits will be shown for the film (I have seen this movie before, so I knew it) I told her she should leave soon. She adjusted her saree once more, then gave me a nudge on my shoulder and then rose from her seat and walked towards the exit door in the darkness. I had to wait for a few more seconds till the lights are on and the people started leaving. By the time I came out, as expected she was no where to be seen. Probably would have taken an auto to the nearby bus station. Any way I didn’t had any plans to follow her. So it didn’t matter to me as to where she left for. If she had any plans of meeting me again, she will get in touch with me for sure. Probably the only thing that I missed outside is a chance to see her in day light once more.

Any way I was happy with everything that happened. I was happy to have experienced everything, except for one thing. Though I did a lot of things with her, I couldn’t actually fuck her in the end. My thing could reach only till her inner legs and not her love hole. I felt like my dick should have been a bit more longer to have reached her love nest. Any way if her thighs itself could give me this much pleasure I wondered what my dick would have felt inside her love hole. Another thing I missed is I couldn’t give much attention to her buts. Though my hand caressed her from all sides and even her buttock, I couldn’t give more attention her buttock deserved. Because for the entire session she was seated all the time which restricted my asses to her soft plumb ass. May be I will get another session with her to explore on it.

Thinking about that encounter after a week since it happened, I felt like I was more than lucky that day. Lucky to have experienced all that pleasure in a matter of 3 hours. Lucky to have come out of it without getting caught. Though she had never contacted me by phone or mail till now, I am still positive at heart. At times my mind still played many scenes from that encounter. My senses still felt her big rounded boobs pressing against my hands, the hard nipples which I kneaded, the wetness of her love hole, the depths of her navel, and the tightness of her huge white thighs. I virtually fucked her every night since that day.

Hope my story was not too dragging and boring to you readers. This is my first story in English (previously I had written one named “Yathrayiloode Thandiya Puthu Puthu Vazhikal” in a local language). If you liked my story, do mail your comments and experience at If any of you girls would like to cam chat, phone chat can get in touch with me at If any of the girls like to share their mobile number and meet in a situation like this, do mail me at Before I Sign off let me share with you three small observations on incidents that happened around me recently.

#1 I got a chance to see my uncle for the first time in 10 years after his marriage. I had heard that he married the girl of his choice than the girl his relatives thought was best for him. Through relatives I had heard that the girl is not that rich and not fare too. But he still went for her. I too thought my relatives are right and that my uncle made a bad choice until I saw the uncle and aunty that day. I should say that the aunty is not even as fare as the uncle. But still to my amazement I liked the aunty and began to realize why my uncle liked her. Just one thing made her appealing. She had HUGE assets both in the front and back making my uncle a wealthy person by itself. She is offcourse bit dark but, but looks exactly like the erotic stone carvings of girls found in some temples. With boobs out of proportionate and pointing out like rockets and a buttock that is good for anyone to cum in 1 minute. She to me felt like the goddess of sex and I clearly understood why my uncle went for her. And the best part is I got to see her mind blowing shapes in close quarters in a day that I stayed with them! So the story line is don’t get disillusioned by the color or wealth of a lady. True wealth lies right inside, under her saree visible both to the lay men and trained eyes.

#2 I never thought I would see such a thing in my life. I am used to seeing women pull up the side of their pallu to cover up their popping out blouse on several occasions. I am also used to seeing women checking and covering up their bosome when they feel the intense gaze at them by men around them. But this was the first time when I saw an aunty showing up her assets in flashes and half hidden way by adjusting her pallu in open to reveal. She moved down the pallu from her bossom to reveal flashes of her asset. That too when she realized that some people are admiring her assets in open. That was the fist time I see someone doing that and I wonder if many women does that on purpose for their own pleasure from being watched. It is upto my women readers to give an answer to me.

#3 I always used to wonder what would be the feelings of those women who dress up in a way to project out their assets in a sensual way. This thought occurred to me when I saw a mother and a daughter in a textile shop. The daughter is just in her 14 or 15 with no special assets to talk about. But it was her mother who caught my attention. I wondered how she managed to dress up like that and dared to walk in open public with the attention of all male passer-by’s on her. What else will I ask about this huge asseted women in her mid 30’s in tight jeans and t-shirt?. Her huge boobs are pushing out the thin membrane of her t-shirt. It felt like it will pop out any moment if we don’t catch it on time. Does she have any idea that all men will be grabbing her shaking boobs and ass in their mind as much as they wanted? That everyone will be watching her each and every moves devilishly enjoying her sensuous curves and the shows that she might be giving. Whenever she leans down, it is a bonus for them. If ever she bends or raises her hand, her boobs will project out even more sending the men to cum in their pants. Now the question is, what is that she wanted to achieve with this voyeurism? That everyone deflower her virtually (or in real if that could be managed). I have no idea about the intentions of women. I can only see that her daughter is also dressed like her in tights, and it is a matter of time when her women hood shows up as prominently as her mothers.
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